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KFC Bucket Hunt: Multiple Prizes (in-Store Redemption) @ KFC App


KFC just launched their Pokemon like game, you can go hunting KFC prizes and most likely get a free ultimate box for your first time, some got slushies etc :)

The first bucket will be available around you with first play. Just pan your camera around to find the red big spot, tap tap tap it then spin spin spin for a free win ^_^
Can stack up to 3 prizes at a time and each will expire in 72hrs: gonna do lot of walking for free KFC prizes lol

Prizes include (see FAQ):

  • Food
  • Cash
  • Experiences
  • KFC EFTPOS Gift Card
  • Merch

Prize quantity and value

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      The answer you seek is in the FAQ section.

    • As per their T&C, buckets appear at the "same place" for everyone and have a timer associated. The timer is 5 minutes, although the T&C stated 10 minutes. Buckets would disappear, if someone else reaches that spot and clams (spins the bucket). So you have to be fast enough.

      Buckets are mostly found in populated areas (such as CBD) or other suburbs where there are prominent places like Shopping Centres. Buckets are also placed "near" KFC Stores so that you may redeem your prizes once won.

      The good part about this game is there are too many buckets around, and you are most certainly likely to get one. I've been in situations yesterday when the bucket disappeared (someone else claimed), but I was able to get the next one placed just few steps away.

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    Got 15 PC's original recipe chicken not he first free spin.

  • Did anyone get the hoodie? 🤔

  • No buckets in my town, what a shit app

  • Can you redeem all 3 prizes or only 1 per day?

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      Take a guess…which is more likely?

      Or maybe read the FAQ.

      • +1

        Thanks, got it in FAQ (to benefit others: Only 1 per 24 hours)

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    YOOOOO just scored 15 chickens

    • 135 pieces?!

      • +1

        15 pieces of chicken*

        sorry, fat fingers

    • -3

      Better hope they don’t means test your assets with that win. 15 chickens will very quickly be 7.4 after you start paying your alimony.

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    Has anyone had an issue where you try to redeem a food item and it says 'Pending Redemption' in the stash, but it never shows up in the app and I can't place the order and everything is locked out due to the 1 per 24 hr rule?

    • Yes have the same issue

    • +1

      Yep had that issue yesterday, now it is showing in my app but it’s attempting to charge me $ for it.


      this is really poor form.

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        Same thing happened to me for a free Zinger burger. Hopefully you didn't go through with it, you will get charged (like I did). Try a different store if you can, seems like it's working at some and not others (not sure why)

        • I got charged for my free item (was only a $1 Freezee), said discount would be applied at checkout but charged me anyway.

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            @tonka: Lucky you. I got the first free item when you open the game for the first time. I 'won' a reg chips. Then flipped the coin and got some pepper mayo thing that normally costs $3.95 instead. Next I ran around trying to get some buckets but the stupid app doesn't work. I'm standing right on buckets when I zoom in but it never gives them to me.

            Anyway I'd also received a $4 off email for a $10 spend. So I started an order, activated that $4 off email, added two items I wanted, then redeemed the pepper mayo thing which said its discount would be applied later in checkout). Finally I go to checkout and the $4 discount was listed but then it charged me for the $3.95 pepper mayo thing I won (which was TITLED in the order list as being for free)!?

            So KFC get can stuffed. I'm not wasting my time with that game again. Not only can't I get any buckets but it charges you for things you win that are supposed to be free. It was something I would never have bought for myself too!

            Luckily after it not picking up any buckets I was expecting more faults. So I'd taken a screenshot of the checkout screen. I'm going to blast them tomorrow.

            Oh and I queried staff about it before finalising the order. They got all shirty with me saying I couldn't play the game that it's only for staff!? They pulled a large A2 sized red poster from the wall next to them that customers can't see from their side of the counter. It does indeed mention the game is for staff only. So I told them the app was upgraded a couple of days ago, people are talking about it online, and showed them the game button on the app. They still didn't believe me, acted like I was trying to steal stuff, and said no-one else today had mentioned the game. Then while I waited for the order I noticed a stack of pamphlets on the counter advertising it! LOL. So I held it up with one hand and pointed to it with the other and they're like… Duhhh…. Shrug, dunno.

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      Yes, same issue.

      Here's what happened to me:
      * Redeemed item, it went into cart.
      * Because store was closing in <1 hour I couldn't proceed. Cancel order.
      * Item now "Pending Redemption", can't swap it.
      * From page of KFC says I have an item to redeem, but specifies its expiry date as yesterday.
      * If I redeem it again, it adds to cart, but if I proceed to checkout I get billed for it (tested as it was only a $1 item)
      * After proceeding with checkout it is still in stash as "Pending Redemption"
      * I can't redeem another item because of 24 hour rule (I suspect this will time out 24 hours after the first time I added it?)
      * I suspect/hope the "Pending Redemption" item will delete from stash after 72 hours. In the meantime i have have 2 slots

      I suspect this error condition will come up if you attempt to redeem an item and cancel the order and then don't redeem before the next day.

      Sucks, but not a big deal. I considered logging a job, but whats the chance CS would listen & do anything (instead of blaming me or 'glitches' and 'try again later'). Whats the chances the problem would make its way to the dev time to fix & roll out a patch before the comp ends?

      • I was going to rip into them on Farcebook. Where do you 'log a job'? (See my post just above.)

  • upon redeeming today, it charged me credit card, so i cancelled the order. It was fine yesterday, i wonder if they've changed something?

  • I couldn't even get the first free spin prize to work.

    • It might error out but after 2 errors you can return to app and your prize will be in your stash

  • Can someone explain this:


    Definitely not applying the discount. Guaranteed if I click pay it will charge me $$. Then I’ll have to fight KFC to get it back.

    • Have you gone beyond the 'checkout' button and up to the final payment screen?

      • Yep. I’m literally on the double tap my power button to pay and it says charging money to my card. Check the screenshots there is two photos in that link.

        • Ahh I see. On my partner's app it showed $0 at that point so it must be a glitch. Once you click 'checkout' the discount should apply with a star next to it, before you choose the payment method.

    • Seems to not be working at some stores

    • See me comment just up above

      • Cheers. Just read.

        Oh well.

    • Grrr same thing happened to me and my card ended up getting charged! Regular chips don't taste as good when you've got to pay $2.95 😂

  • +2

    Anyone stuck on the three dots when pressing Redeem from your stash?

    • me :(

      • Yep me too

    • +1

      To anyone trying to spam it until it works, if it doesn’t go through basically immediately, just tap somewhere else and try again.

      In the background you’re getting a 401 Unauthorised straight away so you’re waiting for nothing.

    • So frustrating. Guess I'm not having KFC for lunch.

  • +1

    Flipped a go bucket for a zinger stacker, lets goo

  • +1

    Two KFC stores nearest to me have disabled app orders. What a coincidence…. Hopefully just a temporary thing.

    • Probably to spread out orders during peak lunch hour- giving preference to paying customers :)

      • It's only 11am here but that would be a fair reason.

    • Did they reactivate? Same thing happened here in Toowoomba.

      • +1

        Yeh, they did.

  • Stash is not letting anything happen right now. Can't swap anything and its stuck on that so can't redeem. That's great

    • +2

      seems to be backing working on mine now.

    • I was having the same issue before but just tried and it works now

  • I couldn't redeem today, waited 15m with the redeem 3 button loading thing. I was looking forward to a box for lunch…

    • Issue with failing to redeem prizes appears to be resolved

  • +3

    I accidentally press redeem and did not proceed yesterday and now I have to wait 24 hours to redeem!!

    • Ah bummer! So the 24 hour counter is based on one clicking 'Redeem' and not on actually successfully placing the order. Sad.

  • +1

    Redemptions not working for any burger or box for me :(

    • No! I wasted my stacker singer burger 😭 pending but i never got to order

      • +2

        Just make sure to stop app then after a few hours login and will be redeemable again happen to me also

        • Thanks for the tip, i will try it and report back

        • Yeah, just don't leave it til tomorrow or you will lose it.

        • my stash has completely vanished

        • Okay it was still there the day after. But when i went to claim today. I was charged in full to my paypal lol

  • +3

    Can't even login.

    Not receiving any emails with my verification code.

    • +1


  • +1

    been trying for two days to redeem my price which was the 3 piece box but everytime I tried to checkout it tried to charge me $7.95 instead of letting me have it for free.

    spoke to an in-store manager and was told the app's been having issues.

  • +1

    Won a 15 piece bucket woohoo thanks opp

  • Waste of time. Too buggy, tried to claim something nothing happened and the item is pending.

    On the plus side saved my diet.

    • Even their main website isn't loading properly or just producing 504 gateway errors for me. Looks like they really bungled it.
      Also if you log out and try to get back in they're not sending out verification codes too.

  • +1

    Can't find a store around Sydney CBD where the 15 pieces of original chicken deal could be used. The app only shows a discount of $4.

  • Seems to be a lot less buckets around the place compared to yesterday? Anyone else notice?

    • +1

      See comment below yours, people doing this are why. Only one person can get each bucket. None anywhere near me for the last 2 days. It says near KFC and high population areas, but none of the KFCs and shopping centres have any buckets at all.

  • -2

    After spinning a little over 4000 buckets, this is how my prizes have been distributed (no non-food prizes yet):

    Prize Wins Percentage
    Free 15pcs Original Recipe Chicken 17 0.41%
    Free Ultimate Box 23 0.55%
    Free 3 Piece Box 37 0.89%
    Free Zinger Stacker Burger 41 0.98%
    Free Large Popcorn Chicken 48 1.15%
    Free Large Chips 68 1.63%
    Free 3pcs Original Tenders 95 2.27%
    Free Zinger Burger 105 2.51%
    Free Reg Popcorn Chicken 114 2.73%
    Free Original Recipe Burger 117 2.80%
    Free Double Tender Burger 192 4.60%
    Free Pepsi Freeze 420 10.05%
    Free Mountain Dew Freeze 454 10.87%
    Free Nugget Go Bucket 734 17.57%
    Free Original Pepper Mayo Slider 747 17.88%
    Free Reg Chips 966 23.12%
    • +1

      how long did it take? lol

    • +1

      4000 spins? How ..?

    • Guessing you used a spoofing app to get 4000+ spins??

      • -1

        Probably need some kind of automation app too or he's been doing this non stop since yesterday. Taking me 5 minutes from start to finish just to spin one bucket, the app and browser is slow and laggy af.

    • Are these the results without flipping or after flipping?
      I have been unsuccessful flipping a 15 piece chicken for a better prize so far, but have flipped a boxed meal to a 15 piece a few times

      • No flipping - but interesting. Maybe I should try flipping the 15 piece buckets given it’s the most valuable food prize

        • yeah try it and good luck…im sure you will hit one of the 17. Let us know how you go

    • It's in the terms you can't spin a food prize into a non food prize I thought

    • How did you do the 4000 spins? There is no way you did it legitimately or with GPS spoofing.

    • +4

      Please stop doing this, you are ruining the game for other people who have yet got a chance to win a prize…

      • -3

        Literally every spin wins…

        • +1

          Hopefully you are swapping the areas around a bit so as not to have a single neigbourhood missing out and chasing phantom buckets though.

        • +1

          Some of the prizes/wins are just discounts like a $2 slider (normally $2.95)

          Don't be a dick and leave the people genuinely playing this comp with the shit prizes.

          • -1

            @pennypincher98: Discounts aren't being handed out now. Free items only.

            • +1

              @cooni: Source? This still has another 25 days.. even so, don't leave the shitty free items (like slushies) to those playing fairly.

              • -3

                @pennypincher98: Source is the 10000 odd spins with no discount vouchers (for now)

                • +2

                  @cooni: Maybe because they're giving out the free items first?? There's a lot of free food items yes but remember this promotion lasts 4 weeks and you've so far managed to burn through 10,000 food items in just 3 days.

                • +2

                  @cooni: Terms do say unclaimed food items are forfeited and not re-issued. So I guess you are handing KFC a big budget win with 10,000 unclaimed prizes (so far).

                  • +1

                    @tonka: Does that include when you've got a full stash and don't add it? Or just when the time expires or even replaced in the stash?

                  • @tonka: This is indeed very sad and unfair as well. Do the unclaimed food items mean the ones that "expired" or the ones that we won, but chose not to add to stash or chose not to redeem at all?

  • +1

    Tried redeeming a free item and I was charged! They need to fix this asap

    • Did the discount show on the final checkout screen? Should show balance of $0 owning?

      • It just said discount applied at checkout. I added a frozen drink as well so that must have removed the promo? Such a horribly implemented system.

  • +3

    GPS Spoofing doesn't seem to work anymore, it worked yesterday for me. Keep getting a message to allow location in app when i enable mock location on Android. Message will not appear once i turn off mock location app.

    • +1

      I've been using it just fine.. Change your mock location app

      • -1

        can you pm me the app you're using? :) I'm just using the top search on google play.

        • That's your mistake, they would obviously detect the most popular spoof app