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iPad Pro 11" 2020 Wi-Fi 128GB $744 + Delivery or Click and Collect @ The Good Guys


iPad Pro 128GB on clearance at TGG
There's no M1 goodness, as it's the 2020 model
Items are still available for pickup and possibly delivery depending on your location

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  • +52

    M1 power is totally wasted at the moment anyway. Good price as is IMO..

    • +15

      Don't know why people are giving you negs but anyone who knows about apples iPados developments will know that this is true. Besides thunderbolt, there isnt anything else worth the while for the 11inch at this point in time.

    • So true, I was expecting they'd announce fcp for the m1 ipad in wwdc but nothing. Such a waste.

    • True, just upgrade to the M1 iPad Pro from iPad Pro 10.5 and the experience and use case is almost exactly the same for me

      • but it might be compatible with macos in the future

        • +13

          I doubt it. macOS has a native calculator app and Apple are staunchly anti-calculator on iPads.

          • @mister_snrub: This did my head in when I actually went to use the calculator after having my iPad for more than a year.

            • @WhyAmICommenting: its to do with apple training us to pull our iphone out whenever we need to use a calculator apparently

              • @Jimothy Wongingtons: If Siri can calculate for you, I think Apple have screwed up their anti-calculator vision of the future.

          • @mister_snrub: Funnily enough I watched a video on this the other day. Not sure I’m convinced, but didn’t see too far fetched.


            • @[Deactivated]: Kinda interesting but doesn’t really answer the question IMO. Maybe they just want people to buy iPhones 🤷🏻‍♂️

              • @WhyAmICommenting: Yeah it’s just a opinion piece I guess. But you can download free calculator App Store so maybe some true to it?

    • if they make it more usable they would just be cannibalism there own laptop market. They want you to buy a computer and ipad.

    • -1

      iPad OS is very limited OS system. Scaling up was not envisaged. Privacy/Security was more important marketing strategy.
      Google Fuchsia should address that soon.
      Amazing how much functionality/features are in the Lenovo Duet that I was curious to buy for just $320. If it had better processor it would have been more functional than iPads, without extra (Apple) strings attached. I was able to open 10 movable windows on the 2 screens (4K attached, but only supports FHD on non-Intel processor).

  • is this a good price??

    • +1

      This is an amazing price imo! Wish I had waited for a bit to buy at this price.
      If you're looking to buy the Air, would definitely recommend to go for this instead, way better value and more features.

      • Agreed, mum just got a standard ipad 128gb for $625 for the niece's birthday. I would have suggested this for the difference.

    • -6

      Maybe, maybe not

      • “I’m sorry Dav3, we cannot agree on that.”

    • +1

      Bloody good price. It's still an extremely good tablet with 120Hz LCD screen, 2nd most powerful SoC (after the M1) and all that features the new iPad Pro has.

  • Really Good price for new old model of iPad Pro which is more productive than other models

  • Gen 2

  • +1

    great price for 2020

  • -8

    FYI The iPad Air 4 is basically the same or better than this - worth considering, it's a great Air model. A lot of 2020 Pro owners were not happy when they saw the Air 4 specs. Even works with Pen and KB

    • +16

      No pro motion display on air, huge difference. There’s no going back once you use pro motion.

      • +4

        Second this, it’s actually a huge difference going from 60fps (air) to 120fps (pro)

        As an ex owner of the the iPad Pro 11 2019:

        Easier on the eyes
        Navigating through the interface feels 50% more responsive to the touch
        Games that support feel SO much better

        I will note that I’d highly recommend anyone buying either to get a glass screen protector to actually help with rigidity of the device as they have been known to bend easier than previous design iPads (before the flat edges)

        • +4

          Yep agree.

          I have a 2018 iPad Pro 11" and wife has the new iPad Air 4 and I'd also say the FaceID is a pretty big missing feature on the Air 4, it's so seamless to use FaceID instead of reaching around trying to find the fingerprint sensor all the time.

      • That's funny, I have an iPad Air 9.7 and 10.5 and I 'upgraded" to the Air 4, by going back. It took about 5 minutes to get used to it.

        I have a USB-C capable iPad now, with a larger screen, new warranty. Surprisingly good sound and sick processor.

        Also, I got it quite cheap, like $750 or so.

        • Why do you care about getting a new warranty if your old one isn’t broken or did it break?

    • +3

      Camera and screen on the 2020 blows away the air 4

    • +1

      so u saying the ipad air 4 at 899 for 64gb is better?
      or 256gb for $1129?

      • +1

        The main thing going for iPad Air 4 is the better CPU (but not necessary better GPU though… due to A12Z having more GPU cores). iPad Pro (2020) does have 120Hz display (vs 60Hz on iPad Air 4).

        • +7

          CPU's arguable.
          A14 has the edge in single core, but the A12Z beats it in multicore because it has 4 big cores vs 2.
          Ipad pro has 2GB more RAM too. And, i can't stress this enough, is cheaper from this deal

          • @Lief: This ^^^^

          • +1

            @Lief: Price is the biggest factor as these are basically on clearance. If you are happy with the price, this is a better buy than iPad Air 4.

            However, if you really care about the multicore performance or performance in general, then you might want to go M1. The slight minor down side of iPad Pro 2020 is that it doesn't support WiFi 6.

    • +3

      The main thing going for iPad Pro 11" 2020 over the Air model is the 120Hz refresh rate. It matters if you use the Apple Pencil a lot. Cameras are better on iPad Pro 11", but do most people use back cameras on tablets that often?

      • so does this translate to better viewing experience say on Netflix or disney plus? more soap Orpah effect?

        • It's more for reading (including Web browsing), gaming and using the pencil (coz. even slightest delay, lag is noticeable). Netflix and Disney Plus - honestly I don't know. Most TV shows and movies are at 24fps or 30fps. Even if they are played at 60 or 120fps, you probably get duplicate frames, rather than true 120fps worth of contents. Furthermore, is your NBN that fast to handle 4K/120fps consistently?

          • @netsurfer: No streaming content is available at 120fps, at best 60fps (mostly on Youtube where you can verify this is resolution settings). The extra frames are duplicate always, so you don't have to worry about internet speed.

      • +3

        I'm gonna go against the crowd and say that I see basically zero difference when illustrating unless I'm concentrating on finding a difference. I've used and own iPP 12.9, 10.5 and now iPad air. And I've done quite a bit of illustration on both

        YMMV but for those who are wondering the merit of the higher refresh screen: check them out side by side. If you have to concentrate to notice the difference (like I do) then chances are it won't make much of a difference.

        For me the biggest benefit of iPAir was touchid since faceid has always struggled with me due for some reason. That said at this price I'd definitely go the iPP11 instead of the Air. It's a phenomenally good price!

        • That's why I mentioned the biggest noticeable difference is when pencil is used. I know people who raved about 120Hz is going to mention reading and auto scrolling at 120Hz is much smoother. That's a fair point.

          Frankly, neither touch ID nor face ID is perfect. My brother was getting some special gloves for my parents so they work with touch ID. Anyway, frankly, for tablets, my parents just use no security. These WiFi tablets are generally for home use.

          It's difficult to get an objective view. People who have iPad Pro 11" will tend to tell you why it is better and people who opted for iPad Air 4 is going to tell you otherwise. Honestly, at this price point, if you can afford it and has a need for one, just get it quick. They will be sold out soon.

    • +1

      Dont forget the speakers. Better speakers on the Pro, I compared Air and Pro together side by side and the difference is huge. I use my Pro as portable speakers when I am travelling, etc.

  • +11
    • sorry to hijack this:

      I bought the wifi+cell version for $894, I really just wanted the wifi version, whoever bought the wifi version and want the cell version can exchange mine for $120? i am based in sydney

  • Silly question but will ask anyway.

    How would this compare to Galaxy tab S7.
    There was a deal on that last week for $719 and i got one, however havent opened yet.
    Im an android user, but have heard great things about ipad pro

    • Colours will be better on the pro, both have 120hz screens and both have really good gaming/productivity SOCs. I would probably lean towards the tab, but that's because I'm more comfortable in Android. Oh the camera will probably be better on the iPad. Also consider if you use any paid apps on Android that you would have to rebuy on iOS.

    • +1

      iPad has better resolution, camera quality, better app support

      That being said I'm going to get a tab S7+ because of the 120hz AMOLED display and I'll be watching movies etc on it, simple as that

      Google ipad black bars. Because the iPad is square not rectangle the black bars on movies are much bigger

    • +2

      I went from a Tab S4 (so not specifically comparable) to the 12" 2020 iPad Pro - honestly the build quality is there, the speakers, the stylus is much better, the screen is fantastic. The only thing that took a little while is the environment over android, but a lot of the iPad OS changes have made it quite comparable. The addition of a file browser that actually allows you to do things like extract zips or remote storage has made this actually a close laptop replacement.

      Edit: as other users have said, the app support is also a big deal. A lot of apps are made with iPads in mind, which is awesome and refreshing. Android tablets are limited and their specs are wildly different from low to high-end, so some apps just don't support them

      My tablet journey was the nexus 7 > xperia z2 > tab s4 > ipad pro 12 2020, so i've been an android user for a while

      • +1

        I don't think Tab S4 is fair comparison though - the S7 is a much more polished device. I mean, would you be comparing a 3 year old Galaxy phone to the current iPhone?

        • I understand what you mean, but I am an android user and have not had any issues with the migration over to the pro for artwork and general day to day, that was my main point. The updates to the OS have basically made a lot of the issues android users had to be not really there anymore.

        • +1

          I compared my tab S5e against my old iPad Air 2, and it isn’t a fair comparison at all for the iPad. The screen and speakers are considerably better on the newer cheaper Samsung. Funny that newer hardware gets better. Even midrange vs flagship.

    • +1

      I bought the Tab last week for $679 using the Afterpay deal. The tab comes with the pencil, while the Apple pencil is another $200 or so. I got the keyboard book cover for the Tab for $185, while the iPad Magic Keyboard will be another $400+. The Tab is also much better for productivity than the iPad and has finger scan on the power button (in addition to FaceID).

      The only drawback of note on the Tab is subpar table-specific app support compared to iOS, otherwise, it's not only a competition, even at this price.

      If you don't need the pen or the keyboard, or are already deep in the Apple ecosystem, then this deal is very attractive indeed.

      • +4

        Don’t forget the endless years of update. iOS 15 is coming to a bloody 7 year old iPhone 6s. Albeit with some features removed cuz the processor can’t support it.

        • +1

          Good point, but the savings on the accessories alone (I haven't even mentioned the cables) is probably enough to buy a brand new Tab in 3-4 years time, if you're so inclined.

          Btw, I haven't been able to update my 3 year old Apple Watch 3 for some time, due to not enough available storage space (this is after offloading all apps from the watch). I know this would not be the case with a 128GB device but just saying.

          • @elektron: Yeah word about the Apple Watch. I own a series 3 and every time I have to update it, the watch has to be reset to make space for the update.

        • +2

          Not to mention IOS 14 running on the 2014 iPad Air 2! Mother in law has our old one and she still uses it everyday, now that's longevity.

  • +7

    its a great price but I really dont need it as my ipad is still doing fine without any lag.. we should start ozbargain anonymous for buying addiction

  • +1

    I assume this is overkill for Netflix and Plex? Are there any other 11" or larger tablets that are good for just Netflix, Plex, Youtube etc?

    • +1

      i used to watch netflix in bed only on ipad for years but since i got a tv mounted in front of my bed, with bluetooth earbuds, i no longer use the ipad.

      • +1

        i use oculus quest ..
        so wife and kid can sleep …

  • +4

    Aside from the form factor & lack of bezels, does anyone think this is actually notably better than the 2017 Pro 10.5? It's still running stupidly well for its age, but often wish the bezels weren't there.

    • It is better than the 10.5. Better screen, way better processor and graphics.

      I prefer touch ID but other than that the 11" leaves the 10.5 in the dirt.

    • I prefer having some bezels. One thing that annoys me about my cheap Samsung tab S5e. Maybe it’s just me.

    • +6

      Just upgrade from 10.5 pro myself to M1 iPad and can say that the experience is almost exactly the same, just slight bigger 11” screen

      • Depends what you use it for. In terms of specs (ie raw power) the 2018/2020 blew the 10.5 out of the water.

        • +3

          There's nothing you can use that will take advantage of the new specs. Apple doesn't want to give their version of the Samsung's DeX to iPad users, as this would allow iPads to cannibalise sales of Macs. The iPadOs 15 announcement has confirmed this.

          • @elektron: Would you characterize the company as typically prone to telegraphing their intentions?

            Never one to drop a curve into a rail straight trajectory. Believe what you like but if you think they’re as dumb as you’re suggesting it’s weird how they’re as successful as they are.

            • @0jay: Apple are not dumb, but the people buying M1 iPads, expecting software to be updated to match the hardware to become an all-in-one MacBook replacement (and rightly so), may have felt stupid after the iPadOS 15 annoucement at the WWDC21. That's why so many have returned their new iPad Pros after the announcement before the return widow closed.

              • @elektron: I’m not particularly interested in playing defense, also not really that interested in making predictions.

                Having said that whatever complaints people have had about the iPad pro line have been reasonably well founded up to this point.

                Not trying to say ios is up to scratch only that everything’s lined up at this point for a turnaround to be both necessary and feasible in so far as hardware capabilities and developer incentives.

                Right now apps coded for Mac are trivially deployable for ipad and vice versa. Intel compatibility is only a concern for legacy customers. That’s true for both the mammoth developing houses and for the independents.

                If someone’s writing an app for Apple platforms currently there’s nothing stopping it being equally as performative on Mac or iPad, that’s a hugely increased market and use case. Forget Catalyst, it’s M1 all out from here. It may not come off for Apple but given their popularity and the quality of their silicon there’s no reason that it wont.

    • Depends what you use it for. Wife still has a 10.5 Pro, and its basically as fast as my A12X equipped 12.9 Pro for browsing/youtube etc. Maybe if you use productivity apps or gaming, you might see some improvement in the 2020 Pro.

    • +3

      The 10.5 Pro is a great iPad, don’t you think? I don’t mind the bezels at all and for light use like Safari and Netflix, I can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to get a few more years out of it. Having said that, I also get FOMO when seeing a deal like this, with so many upvotes. Glad it’s sold out, in a way!

  • Is it Better than galaxy s7+? Hows the screen aspect ratio for watching netflix/youtube?

    • +1

      Bigger than normal black bars top and bottom

      If it's just for movies etc keep the tab S7+

    • -2

      iPads are considering to be the best tablet you can get, any Android tablet is terriable unless all you do is just watch netflix you won't get a quality experiance with apps on an android tablet.

      Android tablets have never been good, google has tried to make it better but it pretty much failed with only samsung trying to keep it alive for some reason.

      • +3

        iPads are considered the best, I have both Android and an iPad and DeX use has pretty much left my iPad to collect dust nowadays. Just drag out my old iPad to see the latest update. I disagree on Android tablets not being good. They do plenty of things better than iPads, just comes down to the individuals use.

        Also it should be noted that the Android tablet market share has had big growth in recent times and Samsung aren’t the only one taking advantage of this market.

        • -1

          What use is a tablet if most apps on it are not optimised for the tablet?

          • +3

            @chankaran: In my experience using the iPad the majority of apps are still just blown up iPhone apps. I still find those applications useful irrespective that they don’t utilise the full screen real estate efficiently. Actually Apple does worse at this than Android too, the blown up phone apps on Android usually make use of the entire screen.

            I use my Android tablet over my iPad for various reasons. Proper desktop browsing experience, yes you can force safari on sites to use desktop view but it doesn’t work well on all sites in my experience. DeX mode allows me to have applications open in a windowed mode while being able to view websites, one app I use in such a manner won’t work for multi tasking on my iPad and the iPad version is just a blown up phone app too. I do like to emulate games now, and it’s very easy to do on Android tabs but not so easy to do on iPad. In general multitasking is just generations ahead on my Samsung tab because of DeX mode. Apple really need to improve on multitasking. Occasionally might download a torrent and this is very easy on Android. Ignoring the better multimedia experience. I find the Samsung experience for viewing video in Picture in Picture to be better too. Still can’t figure out how to get Picture in Picture to work on YouTube on my iPad with the YouTube app. Android just better for me on tablet. Each to their own. ;)

  • -1

    Thanks bought 2

  • -5

    yeah I would skip this and go the M1 model for one the iPad pro 2020 model was a terriable version of the iPad pro many people were disappointed with it.

    • because?

      • the biggest issue was the iPad pro 2020 had the worst battery life to any other iPad pro to date.

        • -1

          other than that?

          won't bother me as it would be for parents watching videos at home

          • @HD9990: if I had to decide between this and the new iPad Air which is about the same price or less then I would go the iPad Air. over the olders iPad pro 2020 since the new iPad Air is more powerfull with way better battery life. I would never buy old tech its not worth it.

            • @kungfuman: have you tried 120hz?

              • @HD9990: yes I have a iPad Pro 12.9 inch M1 I draw and take notes on it all the time.

                you didn't mention you would be using the apple pencil. Because you do know it will only go to 120hz when it is needed most of the time you sitting at 60hz to conserve battery. It auto adjusts framerate accordingly.

            • +3

              @kungfuman: Mate, they are NOT the same price. You cannot compare a 128GB model to iPad Air 64GB model. The 120Hz display, better speakers, cameras etc… Also, multi-cores, which I am guessing matters, iPad Air 4 doesn't come out on top. Is single core performance THAT important? If yes, could I state iPhone SE 2020 with A13 has faster single core performance than iPad Pro 2020?

              Honestly, if this price point fits into your budget, get it quick. They will be gone soon. The main question is really whether you need a $744 tablet.

              • @netsurfer: My understanding is that the ipad air 4 has touch ID where as the ipad Pro has Face ID.

                • @huey: So? iPhone 12 has face ID and iPhone SE 2020 has touch ID. Does that mean iPhone SE 2020 is better?

                  • -1

                    @netsurfer: I'm actually agreeing with u =)

                • @huey: again its something most people don't give a crap about in terms of he is giving it to older people like his parents.

                  I know my Mum has an iPad Pro doesnt' even use face ID or any of the addtional features

                  • @kungfuman: You spoke about never buying old tech and now you give me an example where it's okay.
                    You sound like you are back peddling. =)

                    • @huey: the ipad air from member has a A14 processor and the old 2020 ipad pro is on a A12z

                      so yes the iPad pro 2020 is old tech.

                      • @kungfuman: Oh man, the one thing that is better vs 5 others that is old.
                        So your parents can tell the difference in speed now? Haha

                        • @huey: no but it will pave the way for future iOS updates and App updates on the newer processor for longer than it would with the olders proccessor over time apple will drop support for older models of iPad and iOS devices like they have in the past.

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