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Xiaomi Mi Night Light 2 Motion Activated Dual Light Sensor $23.36, 2 Pack $31.90 (OOS) Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


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Buy 2 cheaper.

-Innovative magnetic structure
The independent lamp body is firmly adsorbed on the base and can be removed with a slight effort when needed.
-360 degree rotating
The combination of hemispherical lamp and magnetic absorption structure brings 360 degree freely adjustment, illuminates every darkness.
-Dual brightness adjustment
The low gear is suitable for getting up at night, gentle and not glaring; the high gear is suitable for dim lighting and easy to illuminate the surrounding environment.
-Stick or stand, multi-scene placement
Suitable for home, bedside, wall, desk, living room, stair, kitchen,etc.

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    Better off getting the 2 pack for $31.96?

    • that's what I just did. These night lights are great

    • Given that I bought a single on off eBay the other day for $22, yes.

  • Thanks op bought 2

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    Power Source: Battery

    • +1

      That's a shame. I love the rechargeable version of xiaomi lights, they are awesome. I have an older generation of this light and the batteries last a long time, but I just like not having to take the batteries out to charge them.

      • +3

        ozbargainers should have a lot of eneloop like me, with eneloop still last very long for me.

        I have the bluetooth version bought from aliexpress.

      • +1

        Replaceable batteries are better in this case; because you can just swap out the flat ones with charged Eneloops and it's fine.

        If it has a built-in proprietary battery, and that battery fails, you need to tear the thing off your wall and repaint where the glue was.

        • you need to tear the thing off your wall and repaint where the glue was.

          Even with build-in battery i reckon it will still inside the light not the magnetic holder.

          • @superforever: Ok - so if the battery dies, where will you buy a replacement that fits that exact mount?

            (I bought the Xiaomi Mk1s three years ago, and they're no longer available. If they had non-standard batteries, I'd have to rip them off and re-paint. As it is, I just swap out the Eneloops every year or so.)

    • +1


      This will give you at least 6 months of usage.

    • 3x 1.5v batteries is 4.5v
      You can probably permanently power it from a USB charger (which is 5v) without to much work.

  • +2

    Brilliant lights, I have one for nearly 6 months and still haven’t changed the batteries. It’s on close to 5-10 times per day on an average so pretty efficient.

  • -1

    Is it possible to set it so it only lights up (based on motion) when it's dark?

    • +1

      set it so it only lights up (based on motion) when it's dark?

      This is what this light for.

      • Ah, that's pretty cool. So assuming I have it placed at a corridor, it won't be light up when I walk pass it in the day, correct?

        • Light up in dark with motion sensor.

        • +1

          If the corridor is well lit during the day, then these will stay off.

  • Is there a three pack?

  • +1

    Looks likes it’s gone

  • +1

    tried to buy 2 but said there was only 1 left.

  • +3

    2 pack oos :(

    • +2

      yes would have done x2 but not x1. Shame.

  • +6
  • +3

    No tupac anymore

  • +1

    2 pack oos - I came too late.

    • +1

      That's what she said

      • Better than "too soon".

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    2 packs available here directly on this website for $34.73 with free shipping

  • is it a Bluetooth version?? how can I check battery level?

    • +8

      When it doesn't light up anymore the battery level is 0

    • +1

      yes, confirmed with Gearbite, it's the bluetooth version

  • I have couple of these for 1 or 2 years, few of my opinions
    I use eneloops x 3 on these, I guess it can last over 6 months every fully charged.
    If I remember correctly, the base can be magnets or glued (double sided glue), the light magnet to the base and light angle can be adjusted.
    I recommend them for the quality but The light will turn off pretty quick if no motion detect which can’t be adjusted.

    • The light will turn off pretty quick if no motion detect which can’t be adjusted.

      That is why I bought the bluetooth version which can adjust.

  • Once activated by motion, how long does it stay on for, before needing reactivation?

    • +1

      Depends on whether the person stays near the light or not. If the person remains in the sensor zone, it remains on until the battery runs out. If the person moves away from the sensor zone, it remains on for a few seconds.

  • -1

    This is crap 1 star poor Motion detection.
    17 dollars on Kogan

    • I have no problem with motion detection.

      17 dollars on Kogan

      That is why most people bought the 2 pack.

  • +1

    Might be a bit of a gamble, but ended up getting 2x BT version of this for $33.46 delivered (inc. tax) on AliExpress. Seems to be the cheapest one on there, hopefully it's not a fake.

    • not sure these ever came with bluetooth

    • what does the Bluetooth do?

      • you can control with phone and set up like if the light turn on then turn on something else.

  • +3

    its cheaper on Amazon:

    and kogan (slower shipping)

    the single item price should be removed from the title as its not a deal.

    • (*) Prime needed for free shipping I think.

      • actually showing as cheaper Inc shipping without prime for me $20.67

        prime price is $22.95

  • Urgh, missed the 2 pack.

  • Assume could mount this with double sided tape onto a tiled wall?
    Otherwise would be handy having something that doubles as a sunrise alarm to help wake up in winter

    • +1

      Yes I have done this on the wall

  • +3

    If you want to wall mount, these are a lot nicer. $17.50 at any Bunnings: https://www.bunnings.com.au/arlec-motion-sensor-battery-oper...

    Xiaomi stays on for 5 seconds, Arlec stays on for 30 seconds

    • +1

      Good call, look a lot better for that application, mount at knee height or below.


    • Is the Arlec magnetic?

      • No it’s not. It has a picture frame type mount on the back so you can mount with a small 3M hook

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