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$25 off Your Order (Min Order $15) @ Doordash


$25 off your next order still awaits! We were so excited for you to try us again but we're having some issues with the promo code we sent you.
Please use "MISSU25" instead at checkout to claim your discount, this promo has already been added to your account.

We'd love another chance at serving you soon.

Offer will remain valid until 11:59pm on 24/06/21.

PROMOTIONAL DETAILS: Promo is valid only for users who received this email directly from DoorDash. Offer valid until 24/06/21 11:59pm AEST. Up to $25 max value. Promo Limit one per person. Other fees (including service fee), taxes, and gratuity still apply. All deliveries subject to availability. Must have or create a valid DoorDash account with a valid form of accepted payment on file. Qualifying orders containing alcohol will be charged a $0.01 Delivery Fee. No cash value. Non-transferable. See full terms and conditions at dasherhelp.doordash.com/offer-terms-conditions.

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Referee gets $5-$15 off first 1-3 orders over $10-$20. Referrer gets $12-$20 credit once referee places an order over $20. Keep clicking to find the best offer for you.

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      Could be. I got it across 4 accounts after trying to apply the $25 off code poster on ozbargain that was not applicable in this location.


        What was the code that you tried entering? I can't find the post from yesterday that had it.


    It's 50% off, up to $25 discount.


      I think that's what i got but its different from ops offer


    Had problem after problem with DoorDash. I received this and may hope for the best and give them another go.


      I stopped for the same reason, last time was last year when they simply would not process payment "Fine I guess, if you literally don't want my money, ill go elsewhere"

      No surprise I got this email today. Even if they still suck, at least you can get this one last meal free.

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        Yeah, I'm not touching them unless I get big discounts because they (profanity) up big time for me. Their support is utter shit as well, just passed from incompetent agent to another incompetent agent, and I've even had agents who just ended the chat abruptly.

        My problem was that my new account (literally first time using it) was being flagged as existing. A chat rep told me to remake the account with a new email (but same phone), and place the order (despite being the new account also being flagged as existing) to get the credits. And to contact support again to get the credits manually applied, if it didn't work.

        Guess what, placed the order, never got the credits, and the support reps I talked to refused to give the credits. (profanity) em.


          Bloody awful mate, time to leave them in the dust of history.


        Yep and they proceeded to charge me after I very clearly clicked to sign up to DashPass on a free trial.

        If you're not eligible for something, Uber and other services block you from being eligible and do not proceed to charge you. DoorDash should follow a similar process vs having a free for all to someone's card if they later deem you to be ineligible.


    thanks OP, found it in my email too

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    I get lots of these promotions but I'm to scared to use them as I don't trust the delivery process.
    How can u trust a total stranger to deliver your food. How do u know they don't eat or tamper/touch your food.
    Also when I buy a burger by the time I walk to my seat in the food court its already cold , so I can't imagine the quality after 20 or 30mins.


      just choose iga or reject shop pick up


      They put a sticker to seal the bag half the times to show the rider/driver has not opened it. I'll take the 0.01% chance someone has played with my food


    Just FYI its not actually free. The system will only process the order over $0.50USD


    I managed to contact them and get $25 credit. I just told them the code was not working for me and they told me to place an order for $15 and they'll credit $25 on to my account.

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    I had an order this past weekend where the food just sat there for an hour with no driver allocated. What's worse is it appears that doordash does not update status that the customer sees until a driver is assigned which makes it look like the food vendor hasn't started cooking or accepted the order when that is not the case. Then trying to get in contact to chase up where the hell your food is a convoluted process of online chat and Filipino call centres.


      I'm yet to see good service levels from Uber Eats, Menulog or DoorDash (haven't encountered Deliveroo).

      It's a sad case of offshoring leading to bad outcomes I think. I use these services less as a result of poor service. I wonder how many others do which results in less sales.


    My referral link seems out of date. I tried to update it with the current one and I get the error message:

    Error: Verification error - wrong format

    Can anyone help?

    And thanks OP, I received this offer. I haven't ordered in ages.