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Everyday Rewards - Boost Now to Top up with up to 2000 Points @ Woolworths (App Required)


Woolworths Everyday Rewards - Boost now to top up

Check your Woolworths Everyday Rewards APP to activate the bonus points

Mine is 1600 points :)

Terms & Conditions:
*Offer runs from 00:01 AEST 17/06/2021 until 23:59 AEST 20/06/2021. Offer is available at Woolworths supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and Woolworths Online. Offer is not available at any Ampol Woolworths Metro. This offer is personal to you and will be available only on your Everyday Rewards Card. Registered Everyday Rewards members must boost their offer to participate in the promotion. 1600 points will automatically be added to your balance when you spend $0.01 or more in one transaction and scan your registered Everyday Rewards Card at the checkout. This offer can only be enjoyed once during the promotional period. To enjoy your offer in-store, you must scan your Everyday Rewards Card before completing the transaction at the checkout. To enjoy your offer online at www.woolworths.com.au/ you will need to ensure your registered Everyday Rewards Card number is linked to your online account prior to completing your order. For all Woolworths Online transactions, orders need to be delivered or picked up by 23:59 AEST 20/06/2021 to qualify for your points offer. See www.woolworths.com.au/ for full terms and conditions and delivery areas. Your points will automatically be added to your balance when you shop and scan your registered Everyday Rewards Card at the checkout. There are a small number of purchases on which you won't collect points. For details, see woolworthsrewards.com.au/support.html?id=231 . In addition to the above T &Cs, by participating in the Everyday Rewards program you agree to the Everyday Rewards Terms and Conditions at www.everydayrewards.com.au/terms . Campaign Code: CVM-4806

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        • +1

          Same. Nothing to boost in New Offers, nothing in Ready to Shop

  • 1400 for me

  • 1600

  • 1200 points top up capped at 900

  • 1900 points - only one account.

  • Two accounts received.

  • +2

    Not seeing anything in the app. Damn. Checked boost offers and only seeing things like "Collect xx points when you buy yy"

    • +1

      Yeah are we doing something wrong?

      • You can check your email to find the link.

  • Scored 1800 … not bad.

  • Is it everyday rewards app or the Woolworths rewards app?

  • Got on all 5 accounts in household from 200 to 1800 taking each to 2000 points, so near extra $50 for groceries in total. Great offer, much better than anything from flybuys

  • 200 points, had 552 points.

  • +2

    1600 - sneaky hiding it in the app…

  • Sweet FA!

  • What's the cheapest thing you can buy ? 1 piece of fruit ?

    • No, fruit's free from the kids' bin ;)

  • Beauty! 1100 points

  • 1800 for me.
    The boost was not showing until 1 hour ago.
    It just showed up now.
    I think people who haven’t received it yet should get it soon.

  • Did anyone get any emails about this offer or have to login to the app to check?

    • Have to check the app.

    • +3

      I got the email

  • Found offer just before shopping in app … 1300 BP to 2000 points and got it with the shop thanks Woolies

  • +1

    Which app is everyone finding this on?

    • As it states in Title - Woolworths Rewards
      Received mine in email.

  • 1700 and 2000 for me. Got 3700 points in one transaction.

  • Has anyone else noticed lately on the app, when you boost one offer it automatically boosts all available offers? Very handy.

    • Not for me. Which app? Woolies App or Everyday Rewards App?

      • The rewards app.

        Woolies app has very limited rewards functionalities baked in.

  • Nothing for me

  • Mine is 1200.
    It doesn't say anything about how much money I need to spend, is that mean I just need to spend $1 for collecting these points?

    • Read the Deal Description - It's 1c
      Stated in t&c of email & app (click on offer).

  • +1

    only 300. useless

  • I wonder if this promo is timed with this story hitting the press:
    Woolworths sued by Fair Work for underpaying its salaried managers

  • +1

    Got this on my Everyday Rewards Card. I had ~ 300 points, got a 1700 points Boost by purchasing a 35c Bakery product. It was on Quick Sale :)
    Got boosted to 2000 points on my card.

  • 1400….

  • got 1900 for 152 already in the card.

  • I got 2000. Been a while since my last visit to Woolies so I guess it’s their algorithm to get you back.

    Not bad for a little bonus for this tough time. Thanks, op.

  • Woolies must hate me.. Only got 200 points… However.. Got free porterhouse from bunch..happy days!

  • Wollies are generous this week. Got 1800 myself PLUS the 3600 for using Scan & Go (required 3 purchases no min spend). Across two accounts pays for a nice portion of the weekly shopping!

  • 8300pts for boosting & buying 5 items🎉

    • 5000 (3100 spend $50; 1900 spend $0.01). $50 of points for spending $50.01!

      • Ah mine is 5c min spend for 8300pts… (5 small cheap fruit)
        The points to spend ratio is very good in this Deal!

        • Sorry, 2000 = $10, so 5000 is $25. Happy to help Woolies make a profit ;)

          • @strangeloops66: Happy to take Woolies points offerings for 5c min spend!

            Am spending $50 with Coles this week to finalise 10000pt offer.

            I have so much credit with Rewards & Flybuys. So haven't spent money at Woolies for a while.

  • How long until the points are awarded? In the app it shows 2000+ but it has an exclamation mark next to it.

    I might hang around the woolworths store until it's processed? I know in the past people have managed to lose their points because someone spent them and there is no pin number.

    • Awarded instantly. If at self-checkout they should appear as soon as you have scanned 1 item and your card.

  • Do the purchase of SIM cards come under the mobile recharge exclusion?

    Mine is minimum spend $50 for 3100 points and I have nothing else to buy this week. :/

  • Back on, got a 1600 point offer today for $0.01 spend. Have 420pts in my account.

  • 1700 points on one account with balance of 322 pts.

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