Recommend Me a Tablet (or iPad) for Reading Eggs

Needing to buy a tablet, preferably iPad as it's just easier for kids to use.

Have a very old table at home which is really laggy, dont really need the latest and greatest and hoping not to spend too much on one.
If the price is right, might even consider buying two.

Hoping to keep it around the $500-$800 mark.

What would you suggest?

Realised I missed out on this deal:
(always the case!)


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    For Reading Eggs / Mathletics / Scratch and most other school apps the below would be OK.


      Was looking at that but a bit worried its under spec'd.

      But even as an Android user myself, I think the kids would prefer iOS.


        The kid's preferences should be almost irrelevant in this situation ie if it is only for reading eggs.


          Good point :)


            @EpicDNA: I am I the same boat almost, i think I've narrowed it down to between a lenovo chromebook duet or the cheapest ipad…although (embarrassingly) my kids watch a fair bit of youtube/netflix…both have pros and cons…decisions decisions.


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              @John Kimble: Same my kids watch a bit of YouTube and some occasional gaming.
              Do they need they keyboard?

              I just find the overall UX on ios better for the kids, they just get it more. Android is so fiddly


                @EpicDNA: They don't really need a keyboard, but good to have in case as they get older I thought?

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        Lenovo Chromebook Duet - $337

        That's what you want

        And with Chrome OS, you can easily flip between Google accounts, which is good for a tablet which is shared between kids and adults

        And the physical keyboard for kids learning


      Do you know the main difference between the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019) 10.1" vs the Galaxy Tab A7

      This deal is $279


      Not sure if the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019) 10.1 will cut it with 2GB RAM. While the Reading Eggs website technical specs do say 2GB RAM minimum, we have run Reading Eggs on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) 10.1 with 2GB RAM and it's laggy from about level 50 onwards. One of the exercises was basically unplayable and after 15 minutes of frustration, we finished it on a laptop.

      We've also tried with an Apple iPad Mini 2, and something goes wrong there with the sound not playing at certain times which makes some of the exercises impossible to do.

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    As a longterm Android fan, the best tablet is still an iPad.

    Optus used to have cracking deals like the $30ish iPad plan including data, but not seen any recently. If you're buying outright then refurbs could definitely be viable