Logitech G512 Carbon RGB Tactile Keyboard - $99 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Big W


Mechanical keyboard with decent reviews.

$129 @ Centrecom and Amazon

Full-spectrum RGB combined with LIGHTSYNC technology takes the lighting experience with your games to a whole new level. Aluminum alloy enables a bladelike chassis with a beautiful brushed metal finish
Product Features:

Choice of Mechanical Switch
Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy
USB Passthrough
Full Function Keys

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    Looks like office works have it for the same price also. Woolies staff remember that you get 10% off on top of the 5% bigw discount cards from nrma..


    picked up one a few months ago from EB , love the tactile feel but I had to buy a keyboard rest as that is how I type

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    I own both this, and the G610, and personally the G610 is the much nicer keyboard. Its also on sale at mwave for $89 right now ($101 shipped for me, so pretty comparable to this price).

    Cherry Blue: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/logitech-g610-orion-blue-me...
    Cherry Red: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/logitech-g610-orion-red-mec...

    Personal opinions on Romer-G vs Cherry may differ of course.


      Do you mainly use it for gaming, or office work?


      G610 no RGB


      The original g512 are romer-g, but newer g512 are using cherry style key, you can see from the official website


      From the keyboard photo you can tell from the key cap, cherry style the letter is on the top part of the key cap, where romer g is in the middle.

      However in this listing the big photo is showing cherry style, while the close up is the romer g style. Just be warned.

      I used the romer g one, is all right. I also use the cherry brown before, romer g feel a bit more mushy but the actuation point for romer is shorter.


        Thanks for the heads up humbala. My G512 is the Romer-G, so doesn't compare as well. Good to know they switched over.


          I reckon it's cheaper to make cherry copy than romer that's why they changed.

          I hate company change the product but keep the same name though, confuse everyone.

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          switched over


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    have this keyboard - it is awesome.

    would grab this in a heartbeat


      Same here, picked mine up at EB for $89, didnt realise what a bargain it was at the time. Excellent keyboard.


    Tempting given my 2 1/2 year old G910 has been having a lot of issues with keys double typing.


      Ive had two 910 spectrums in 15 months. Both double typed and the shift and space started to not respond.
      Switched to the 512 a couple of months ago, love it.


      might be a common problem with older logitech keyboards, ive got a g510 and it too double types. i have had this keyboard since 2013 or so.


      I had a G413 which is basically the non-RGB version of this, and it was double typing too.
      I think this happens on all old Romer-G switches as the keycap stems are pretty flimsy and mine were breaking off and getting
      stuck in the switches.


    I have one (and am typing this comment on it). Have had this particular one since 2019, but I originally bought in 2018. RMA'd the first due to 2 of the keys having dying LEDs (both losing much of their ability to project blue) within a year. Same thing has happened with this one, but I couldn't be bothered contacting them again. This one also has developed a couple of dodgy keys (occasionally double typing, other times not responding), one of which I rarely use, so it's not like I've been banging on it too much.

    Also on a note of personal taste, not a fan of the Romer-G switches. Also impossible to get custom keycaps as I'm not a fan of the fact that these aren't painted by default and are hard to read without the lights on.