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[eBay Plus] Lenovo IdeaPad 3 (17) - AMD Ryzen 5 5500U 8GB RAM 512GB SSD $763.62 Delivered @ Lenovo eBay


Battery: Integrated 38Wh
Display: 17.3" FHD (1920x1080) IPS 300nits Anti-glare, 72% NTSC
Finger Print Reader: No Fingerprint Reader
Graphics: Integrated AMD Radeon™ Graphics
Hard Drive: 512GB SSD M.2 2242 PCIe NVMe
Language: EN_AU
Memory: 4GB Soldered DDR4-3200 + 4GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200
Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64
Optical Drive: None
Processor: AMD Ryzen™ 5 5500U (6C / 12T, 2.1 / 4.0GHz, 3MB L2 / 8MB L3)
Screen Size: 17.3
UNSPSC: 43211503

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  • -3 votes

    Wish it had win professional..for this price


      It's a $2 upgrade if you know where to look.




          eBay. Dodgy license I assume.


          I've been using software-codes.com for a couple years on Win10/Office without issue.

          Edit: Looks like they don't have any left, they where good and cheap.


            @Jimbuscus: They were also illegal.

            They will be volume license keys not legally allowed to be resold.

            • +1 vote

              @knk: Not illegal, OEM keys out of contract, illegal and terms are completely different things. Like buying overseas Steam keys that aren't region locked.


                @Jimbuscus: Fair call - Semantics though.

                Selling of these keys voids the license agreement and if found out would result in MS trying to reclaim / penalize the seller.

                Use of them in business would involve the business being non compliant with their licensing and they'd fail an audit and subsequently have to be brought up to scratch if found out.

                Main thing is though that these keys, since they're voiding the license agreement will eventually be rendered unusable / blocked. Seen it happen here and there over the years (work in IT), when I've come into a business after items like these have been purchased.


                  @knk: That's the case with all grey market keys, the cost is a risk/reward with the price. I've been using Win 10 keys from that site for a couple years now, Microsoft gave the vast majority of Win10 keys away as free upgrades, Win 10 runs without a key.

                  They aren't spending the man hours deactivating key by key, full price is for everyone who's willing to pay that much. Office is A$99/y or free at Office.com.

  • +1 vote

    That's a really small battery for something this size.


      Up to 7 hours

      • +2 votes

        It's a 38Wh battery. An IdeaPad 5 with the same R5 5500u CPU, smaller 15 inch 300nits display and a 55wh battery gets ~3.5 hrs of Youtube playback or ~5hrs of Excel use. The up to 7 hours is likely the idle time with the brightness turned way down.


          Yes. My use case is sitting on a desk.

          MobileMark 2018: 7 hr (38Wh)

  • +1 vote


    Can add a 2.5" drive
    No USB-C video/power, only 1 HDMI, so no dual external monitor.


    Non-backlit keyboard,No fingerprint reader and small 38Wh battery on a 17 inch screen are the downsides for anyone planning to buy it!

    • +1 vote

      With this price, if the Laptop is sitting on your desk with power plugged in all the time, this is a no brainer

  • +3 votes

    Hard to complain for the price, but the biggest future-proof killer here is the soldered 4GB DIMM.

    Right now it's configured with another 4GB DIMM (user replaceable) which gives you a nice 8GB Dual channel configuration, but adding any more than that and you'll lose the dual channel advantage (essentially, you will reduce the graphics memory bandwidth by 50%).

    This means you need to either accept the 8GB configuration with pretty decent graphics capabilities (but not a lot of RAM for the applications), or increase the RAM to improve application performance (but severely reduce graphics performance).

    It's not entirely uncommon to find Ryzen laptops from around $600-$800 without this issue, but most of those are not 17" screens, so it's one of those things you should think about very carefully before leaping into purchase!


      How come most laptops posted on ozbargain come with 8 GB RAM and can't be upgraded?

      • +7 votes

        Because it’s cheaper, and this is ozbargain.


      Graphics card on this isn't that good that it would matter I'd assume though.

      Good enough for some things, but I doubt anything intense enough that the memory would come into play much


        It is ok for casual gaming:



          I agree, I have the older 4500u, my question is would the memory make that much of a difference in casual gaming


            @Boioioioi: 8GB is fine for most tasks.


              @boxall: My point is that the graphics built into the APU are actually pretty decent, and you can play quite a few games with it. With 8GB of system RAM (4GB of which is soldered to the board) that means performance will be pretty lackluster, since you'll likely have to set aside bugger all for the GPU (meaning its artificially slower than it should be) or allow it to take more system RAM, which will then cause issues for the application (or game) itself. 8GB in 2021 is bugger all, even for pretty casual gaming (noting that you don't get to access all 8GB anyway, so its less than that in real life).

              Either way, its slower than it should be in either case (which is my point)

              In most laptops, you can simply take out the RAM and throw in 2x8GB DDR4 RAM and you have the best of both worlds, good graphics performance and application performance. This laptop, however, requires you to leave 4GB in the system, and throw in another stick of RAM, which increases the overall size of the RAM for the GPU and the system, but actually cuts the bandwidth for both in half. This is not always super noticeable from a CPU perspective (though it is in some applications) but it is VERY noticeable for the GPU, which is already artificially constrained by DDR4.

              Basically, if you are buying this laptop it's not going to last a great deal, unless you are doing simple web browsing and office work. That being said, it's an artificial limitation, since the actual CPU and GPU SHOULD last much longer, if it wasn't for the mind numbingly dumb implementation by Lenovo. Note that while soldering the RAM is much cheaper (which is why they did it), it's not a massive saving by any measure (further reinforcing the dumb).

  • +1 vote

    Despite people here all commenting negatively, it’s OOS lol


    Great laptop! No complaints at all. Screen is magnificent!