[Kogan First] Google Pixel 3a XL Just Black 64GB $359 Delivered (Direct Import) @ Kogan


The Google Pixel 3a XL available at Kogan for $359 including delivery with Kogan first. Great camera and battery life on this phone. Keep in mind we are starting to approach the end of guaranteed updates date which is May 2022 but I believe this is still a great option at this price point.

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    I've got the 3XL (not sure what the differences are, so ymmv) and one thing to mention is that the speakers are super loud. Between about 80% volume and 100% volume you lose a bit of quality, but if you want to be able to hear a podcast clearly over the tap while you're washing up or running a bath, it's great.

    Also large bright screen which is great for watching stuff on a bedside table where your head isn't too far from it. The notch takes some getting used to, but that's one of the compromises at this price.


    wouldn't the Samsung Galaxy M31 Dual SIM (6GB RAM, 128GB, Black) - International Model
    Samsung be a better buy at the same price point?

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      It's a great alternative for sure. NFC is a must have for me, I also prefer the pure android experience and find it far less prone to deteriorating performance as the phone ages.


      Not really, no. Exynos 9611 is fair bit slower than Snapdragon 670 in Pixel 3a XL, though the screen is much brighter and better than the one on Pixel (only from Pixel 4a, 4a 5G and 5 that Google starts allowing automatic brightness boost beyond measly 400 nits). 3a XL will ends at Android 12 (May 2022) while M31 may get Android 13 (not sure if it's eligible for Samsung 3 years OS update, I'm fairly sure only A51 and above are).


    Looks so dated now with the thick top and bottom bezel.