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Samsung Laser 4K Smart Projector & Bonus $1500 EFTPOS Card $4045.50 + Delivery @ The Good Guys


This 10% off Goodguys with the $1500 payback card make this the cheapest price for a good projector.

Purchase a selected Samsung Premiere Projector from 2/06/21 to 30/06/21 to claim a $1500 PAY LESS Payback card. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/631818

Currently Goodguys has 8% cash back Capped at $50 per member as well.

So effectively around $2500.


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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • This is a good deal.. I brought from JB with their deal and used a bunch of bigger denomination gift cards - but also stuck with the $1.5k JB gift card though (when it finally gets shipped)!

    • further 3% off using Goodguys giftcards from Shopback!
  • I was wondering if this or the xiaomi 4k is better bang for buck?

    • This I feel on paper as the built in apps will work.
      I have the Xiaomi since Nov last year. While it's awesome you need a media player attached

      • +1

        The Sammy also has TV tuner and also a much smoother interface and much better app support.

  • Wow, now that's a deal

  • Thank you. Always wanted to buy this one. Could not afford $4K, $2.5 is much more reasonable. Have bought!

  • +3

    you need pay full price to get $1500 payback card as per bonus payback T&Cs, so worth checking with TGG if you want to buy

    • Really??

    • I was going to say that. T&C:
      *Pay the full ticket price for the product at point of purchase
      *Offer not valid in conjunction with any other The Good Guys offer

      • +1

        Yes, better to change the deal heading if its true as you cant get both offers.
        buy at $4495 and get payback of $1500
        or buy at $4045 and no payback

        • +1

          I doubt they are going to remove the gift card on a purchase with today's 10% off.
          If you are genuinely interested in purchasing just call them and confirm, their website states that their call centre is open until 11.59pm AEST.

          • @ezza: Yes, online sale support manager confirmed, only one is eligible ..

  • +1

    Can someone who's got one of these EFTPOS cards previously explain how they work?

    Sorry for being dim, is it as simple as it sounds? Just $1500 on a card that can be used anywhere? Or is it bound to certain shops/retailers etc?

  • +1

    I have a feeling that It won’t be valid as that’s what i was told by TGG. You can’t combine with another offer.

  • Can anyone confirm if we can get the 1500$gift card if we use the code? Thanks

  • -2

    why is it only 120" ? might as well get a tv for that size….Its a brighter than average projector - can you not place it further back and get a bigger image ? ceiling mount ?

    • +2

      Please share which 120" TV is for $2500-$3000.

    • Ceiling mount >>> Response from Samsung
      The Premiere 4K projector utilizes short throw technology and is designed to be placed on a stand in front of a wall or screen big enough for the desired size viewing experience. The projector has screws on the bottom allowing for a bracket to be attached, as well as the ability to flip the screen within the settings allowing for a ceiling mount solution if desired. If using a screen designed for ultra short throw projectors, make sure the screen is installed upside down as well for optimal quality.

  • Do you get the Bonus HW-Q870A/XY soundbar I wonder. It’s part of the Samsung promotion. Listed on the Samsung website can’t find the t&c.

  • Can anyone confirm if you can stack the two promos?

    • Just confirmed with online sales (after 35mins hold), only one is possible..

      • Thanks chutibuti! We should close this deal then..

        • About to pull the trigger … but now… will wait :)..

  • Says $4495 before payback where does the $4095 come from

    Edit: nvm u get 10% off didn't see that

  • Has anyone had this shipped or delivered from the deal?

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