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iolite Portable Vaporizer $108.18USD Shipped From Amazon


I think the price is pretty good considering stores in Australia are selling around $200. (Fishpond has it for $204)

$108.18USD Shipped to Melbourne. (was about $120 I bought the end of last year)

It sure can't compete with expensive vaporizer like volcano etc but this is portable. I got one and I'm impressed with the quality.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • what's this thing do?

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      It's a HERB vaporizer. lol You can vaporize any type of herb :D

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      • What is the benefit from vaporizing the herb?

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          Has it got a Stun setting too?

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          Means you don't get all the carcinogens released when you burn the herb instead. It's almost like steam instead of smoke.

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          Vaporizing doesn't produce smoke, so it is a lot easier on your lungs. It also has next to no smell meaning you can toke away fairly discreetly in places you may not otherwise be able to.

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          To get high?

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          So just to get things straight, this device is for smoking pot, and not adding herbs/spices to cooking?

        • It's for cannabis but you can use it for other herbs like sage etc…

          The vape high is a clean high and I would compare it to a asthma puffer. Good for people who want to use it for medicinal reasons.

  • looks interesting. I've been looking for an egyptian waterpipe for a while (can't be sold in SA though!). Would this do the job?

  • Still unsure what is the purpose of this device.
    Do you put Marijuana inside?

  • best purchase ever! plenty of information online. i paid $250 and dont feel jibbed by this price :)

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    I'd recommend the magic flight launch box, it's cheaper and honestly just a far better vape.


    • It's not cheaper since Amazon doesnt ship that to Australia I think.

      I remember seeing it in australian based website for $120 plus shipping. Not bad.

      I will try it.. I like it because it uses battery instead of butane.

      Need another one anyway since my partner likes to use it at the same time which is annoying lol

    • I've heard great things about the mflb too - do you have any experience with it? How does it go on battery use?

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        I've only used it a couple times so I can't give you much details.

        http://www.australianvaporizers.com.au/store/magic-flight-la... has 71 reviews, check them out

        • I'm going to get one :D

          Actually I dont understand why iolite is so expensive in Australia. It is $230 on that site.

          At least MFLB isn't much different from the US.

          I looked at that site before but closed it after seeing iolite price.

          If I had known about MFLB earlier than iolite, I would have got it.

  • would this thing work with juice you put in ecig?

    • Yeah it does. I seen a video of it being done but the author of the video said it really hit the throat. he used a cotton pad in the vap and soaked it with the juice

  • Never seen these before lol

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