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Edifier R1280DB Speakers $99 + $13.99 Shipping ($95 Delivered for Kogan First Members) @ Kogan


First post here.

Edifier R1280DB Speakers $95 (delivered) for Kogan First members, $99 for non-members (not sure if there is a delivery fee).

Also available in the black version at the same price:

Cheaper than the prime day deals and according to 'priceme' might be the cheapest ever.

Hope this helps someone.

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    I wonder how much better are these then the Edifier R1010BT Black Bluetooth Speakers which were on Amazon for $55 now back too $69 http://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10636978/redir?

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      R1280DB vs R1010BT
      Power: 42W RMS (21+21) vs 24W RMS (12+12)
      Frequency Response: 55Hz-20KHz vs 70Hz-20kHz
      Input: RCAx2+Coax+Optical+BT vs RCAx2+BT

      Theres also some differences in design, materials used, overall quality and minor differences in the size and type of drivers used (silk vs ceramic-paper).


        Cheers so almost double the RMS wattage would that equate too double the loudness or one just assumes there louder, well frequency range is better so better sound quality I guess, thanks

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          A better way to think about it is higher RMS value means they will go louder without distortion. Freqency response is a bit harder to explain, it is the range of bass, mids and treble, its the sound stage gamut the speakers can reproduce, essentially how high the highs are and how low the lows are.

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        Plus remote for the Edifier R1280DB 👍😁


    Remember an extra 4.5% off with kogan gift cards through auto clubs, and perhaps suncorp?

    Also, kogan has no way to delete your account, so id advise using a burner email address, and just 'corrupting' your data once your package has arrived if you're not impressed with their spam.


    Posted link back too this deal for my post for the Edifier R1010BT Black Bluetooth V4 Speakers which are at $69 Plus Delivery @ CATCH AU

    Edit: Thinking if I should cancel my order I did on Amazon for the Edifier R1010BT, well are these worth the extra $30 for the Edifier R1280DB, decisions decisions lolz 😁

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      The important question is what you intend to be doing with them, some simple youtube, etc. or are you intending to be listening to music? & if so what sort of music? & for that matter, do you intend to later upgrade to expand with a subwoofer?

      The R1010BT are fine 'starter' speakers, they're just 'okay' with nothing remarkable to note. Whilst the R1280DB is a big upgrade it isn't a huge upgrade though either; without a subwoofer input like the newer R1280DBs you can of course use a splitter or make use of the 'black' port on your sound card if you have one for subwoofer out, requiring an active (self-powered) subwoofer. These are both 'adequate' bookshelf PC speakers but I wouldn't be using either for connecting to your home theatre system on their own. However with a decent active 100ish RMS subwoofer connected though (I recommend checking your local gumtree/marketplaces as new can be prohibitively expensive as compared to other speaker package options), the definition from the R1280DB will blow Logitech z623's out of the water in terms of clarity. I've discussed these points and others on a earlier post a few weeks ago here.


        Originally I was after cheap louder speakers too beat the 2x 2.5 watt speakers builtin my monitor, though I've just cancelled my Amazon order for the Edifier R1010BT speakers well theory spend a little more get better speakers and a remote control is handy

        Seen these also which I've posted on Ozbargain for the Edifier R1580MB seem too have the same frequency range and output wattage as the Edifier R1280DB speakers and also includes a remote control though are also designed for commercial use as they have microphone inputs (though I'm sure work as PC speakers also), not that I care about the microphone inputs as I'm mainly chasing price and bang for buck, and I'll be using these directly through wired inputs so won't be worrying too much with bluetooth issues (strange all Edifier reviews from owners states issues with bluetooth on most models I've been chasing) anyway so might give the Edifier R1580MB a go if my cancellation goes through
        $88.91 including delivery,..

        Edit: not too worried about having speakers that will blast my ear drums, just want them louder and clearer too my current monitor speakers and I don't expect small speakers too have deep base either, yupz like you've mentioned can add sub woofer later on


          Ah, so it's a karaoke party at yours next weekend then?

          In all honesty though, be aware that between these and the R1280DB you lose optical/coaxial output in favour of 2x mic inputs. You also sacrifice the slightly higher frequency range gained over the R1010BT; the R1580MB has the same frequency range as the R1010BT @ 55Hz-20kHz but with a reported ±12dB deviation, honestly this isn't great, the deviation relates to how far the sound deviates from a neutral/flat response, hence the lower the better (an excellent deviation would be around ±3 dB but anything under ±6 would be considered good). Some reviews on Edifiers in the past though have seen half the quoted deviation (±4.5 - 5.1dB), I couldn't find a stated deviation for the R1280DB but postulate that its the same as the quoted ±9 dB on the R1280T being almost identical in most ways despite being 75Hz-18kHz.

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            @sk3iron: Ok was wondering what your PM too me was all about, all good appreciate your input even though were discussing speakers in the $100 range lol though that's the fun off being an Ozbargainer

            Edit: One moment let me research the 1280s and 1580s, I should be sleeping lol😁


              @Italkdigital: Price doesn't always equate to quality, regardless of the model you pick, you'll be happy, but getting your moneys worth here on OZB is far more important ;)

              See below post about potential for these being $75 for the R1280DB :O


                @sk3iron: Yeah I tried applying for LatitudePay but yeah declined, might try again (thought since I have there Latitude credit card I'd get easily accepted) though and I'm not a Kogam member either and couldn't be bothered trialing them lol


            @sk3iron: Yupz 1280s frequency range is: 55Hz-20kHz and 21W+21W RMS output
            I get the same for the 1580s,.. 55Hz-20kHz (+12dB) and R/L 21W x 2 output
            Going by this review
            I'm assuming there identical speakers going by the similar model numbers and frequency range and wattage outputs just they have different inputs (I'd say the 1580s tuned more too midrange for voice as these are commercial I.e. PA system, karaoke etc) , ok handy to have digital inputs though I'll be outputting from monitor but analog
            Also the R1010BT have frequency of 70Hz-20kHz and output of 12W + 12W, well I'll see if I can make happen the LatitudePay deal, thought since I have there Latitude credit card I'd get easily accepted


              @Italkdigital: I apologise! I had read these numbers backwards, between the 70hz and 55hz of the R1010BT vs R1280DB. What I failed to illustrate is that the lower number here is better, not higher. In which case the R1580 has the same frequency as the R1280 which is fine however with a notably higher deviation.

              edit: I asked for a mod to modify my original specs post above not to confuse others.


    LatitudePay $20 off $60 spend for new customers


    just watched this vid, and now I only want the R1280DBs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah4NpDO6dK0&t=3s

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      I certainly agree 1280DBS the one too go for over the older 1280DB

      Now were do we find one on a special price 👍😁


      Come across the upgraded 1280TS on Amazon $149 but no Bluetooth or the 1280DBS priced $180ish
      Problem there not Black in color

      I'm just gonna wait for a deal too happen 👍😁