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Apple Watch Series 5 44mm Gold Stainless Steel Case GPS + Cellular $463 + $9.95 Shipping @ JB Hi-Fi


For those that missed the aluminium model. The stainless steel ones are available. Silver now sold out. updated deal to Gold.

Few other models are also on sale in the link below:


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    You need the @store in title OP :p

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    Excellent Price for the stainless steel model!

    • Yeah stainless steel is usually the premium material for Apple Watch.

  • Worth paying the extra $30 for the Milanese loop band?

  • https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/apple-watch-series-5-44mm... - for $30 extra. The band itself is more than a 100!

  • (profanity) Silver is sold out. I only bought one gold and about to buy silver. I needed 2

    • Bugger, me too.

    • One with GPS turned on and the other off?

      • No for two people, for the ecg function.

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    I want to get this but I need less screens in my life not more #tryingtobehave

    • Just close your eyes and pretend you haven't seen it.

    • Fortunately, its only the gross colors available. Made the decision easier.

  • Did anyone buy a silver and changed their mind and want a gold.

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    Got a 40mm silver with milanese loop. This a good price, barely any difference between s5 and s6

    • actually quite a bit but not worth the price difference

  • Noooo! I bought the aluminium and received this on Tuesday!

    Anyone want a silver 40mm aluminium watch that's been worn for only a few hours??

    • I just ordered one today but I feel your pain.

    • What deal was that? How much did you pay for yours?

      • It was the silver aluminium GPS 40mm and I paid $409 ($5 was postage). Received it on Tuesday, I've worn it for about 4 hours, and now seriously spewing….

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          The aluminium is a bit easier to match with different bands in my opinion (being less shiny), it's also a little lighter and scratches on the case are less noticeable vs the glossy ss one. And you paid less for it. Hope this will make you feel a bit better!

  • how much was this new?

    better than the current SE model?

      • thats but i'm looking for comparsions between the 5 and SE, found an article suggesting the 5 beats it due to its always on screen.

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          Yes plus these are stainless steel with sapphire glass and cellular too. Was an easy choice for me over the SE.

          • @Slave1: I'm going to see if paying Telstra an extra $5/month for this is worth it. Have no idea what to expect but if it means I can leave my phone at home on certain occasions (beach?) to give myself a break from my screen addiction, that would be great!

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          Yes, just click on the link at the top that says "compare all models". You'll be able to compare the SE and 5 side by side.

        • most "experts" say SE is a watered down 5. I got the SE due to price a the time. If I was choosing right now with this deal I would get 5.

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            @Wombatstew: The summary diff between the two:

            Apple Watch 5
            - always on display
            - ECG

            Apple Watch SE
            - always on altimeter

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              @airly: and SE is only available in Aluminum

              • @Wombatstew: Oh yea :)
                Just curious, any idea whether the sapphire glass display is more durable then ion-x glass? (after some real experience)
                I have to say my ion-x glass model does get scratch a little (not a big one).

                • @airly: My OG apple watch sapphire display doesn't have a single scratch 6 years of heavy use later

                  • @vodamerc: Oh man … I am seriously consider getting this one now LOL

                    • @airly: Do it, I’ve had a couple aluminium Apple watches & always scratched the screen within months. I’ve now got the series 5 stainless steel and it’s never scratched & I’ve had it since release.

                  • @vodamerc: Do you use a screen protector? If so, which one? It's hard wading through internet reviews that aren't totally biased.

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                      @Belts: No protectors, I've smashed it against hard objects multiple times.

  • What was the rrp on these?

    • The stainless with milanese band was just over $1000 when it came out, by memory.

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      • Catch still sells them for $850 so good price!

  • Snagged a gold one for the wife. Just wish I could have gotten a black or silver one for me.

  • Thanks OP picked one up!

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    Dangit. Missed out on the milanese band one by the sounds of it. Oh well. The alu one I ordered hasn't arrived so i'll be returning that and getting this instead. :)

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    Thanks OP. Nearly pull the trigger to upgrade from my Apple Watch 4.
    But the SoC S5 + Always On display is the only thing that holding me back, the battery life is not going to cut it. (If I disable the Always on display to save battery life, it is not enough justification for me to upgrade)
    The price is so good tho.

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      I’m actually in the same boat replacing a Series 4 Ss model. I did pull the trigger cause I could sell the S4 for $400 meaning it’s a $100 upgrade. I’ll do the same when s6 becomes available like this offer in the near future

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    Thanks OP. Bought 1. Missed out on milanese band. Any recommendation on 3rd party band?

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      in the same position. I had been looking for bands over the last week for the alu one… tricky to know what's decent or not. So if anyone on OzB has recommendations would appreciate them!

  • Excellent price!
    I gifted the exact same watch with the Milanese loop for $849 a few months back.
    Had to snag this for myself as it's too good to pass up. Don't imagine it lasting very long.
    The Milanese loop is nice but not worth the extra $400 that I paid.

    • I remember playing $1400 for the ss4 with Milanese loop and apple care. To have it for $500 is unheard of

    • No it’s not, especially since Apple sells the Milanese loop for $139 from memory.

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    I'm…. replacing my AW6 with this… Because it's Stainless Steel Case, and I can open a 4G for this.

  • Wish they have 44mm Silver Stainless Steel available … or maybe I am too late as it might be sold out ?

    • Sold out.
      I think gold looks the best anyway as gold watches are common.

  • Do jbhifi provides split card payment option instore or online?

    • Should be fine in-store

      • Cool thanks

  • Do JB send tracking info through? My order is showing as shipped on My Account but no emails received since the confirmation.

    • Apparently they do, yes.

    • So mine too has shipped without tracking.

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    Pulled the trigger :D

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      Too hard to resist.
      Great hardware for the price.

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        Yes, especially in the non-tech meaning of hardware. It doesn’t have the latest internals but the sapphire glass, stainless steel body and Milanese loop all give it a bit more of a premium feel than your typical smart watch.

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    Bit the bullet and got it. The price is too good to ignore even I do not need it,

    • I’m surprised they’re still available. I would have thought they’d be snapped up within the hour. I hope they won’t get canceled.

      • People are cautious these days, they spend their money wisely. Don’t fetch things which is required even the price is good.

      • Lasted a lot longer than I expected.

    • Now that’s the right OzB attitude :)

  • Looks like it's all gone now.

  • Yeah, looks like all gone.

  • Has anyone received a shipping confirmation yet? I only got an order confirmation straight after placing the order yesterday morning.

    • Same here.. Got order confirmation. No shipping information yet.

      • Guys, I got mine delivered on 30/06.

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      Just got an order cancellation:

      Thank you for choosing to order APPLE WATCH MWWF2X/A S5 44 SSWHTSPTCL through JB Hi-Fi Online.

      We regret to inform you that the suppliers have contacted us regarding this item and unfortunately, they have advised that it is no longer available. As a result, we have been forced to cancel this item from your online order and our product team will be deleting this item from our database.

      For credit card and PayPal transactions, please allow three to five business days for the funds to appear back in your account.
      For gift cards, please allow one to three business days for a replacement card to be issued digitally to the email address linked with your order.

      We understand that this sort of thing is extremely frustrating, and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

      • Mine got cancelled as well. I’ve sent them an email about my thoughts on this situation. I can’t comprehend how they wouldn’t have a live feed of stock when orders go up.

        The watch I purchased was still on there website about 8 hours after purchasing. How can you have it that wrong?

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          Let us know if anything comes of it. I'm bitterly disappointed. I bet they do have stock, and perhaps a pricing error. Oh well.

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      My order status change from processing to shipped this afternoon and received tracking in AUSPost App.

      I got the order confirmation (ss 44mm rubber band) around 1pm yesterday not sure if this helps.

      Looks like their online stock stuffed up somehow.

      I had the same issue with ordering an Sonos from another retailer lately but they kindly fulfilled the order at the end but I had to wait a bit longer ( 3 weeks) as they ordered more stock from supplier.

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        Lucky you! Here it’s a bit different compared to your Sonos example because a) JB’s pricing has been all over the place with Apple Watches lately and b) the S5 was discontinued by Apple with the introduction of the SE so there won’t be much stock to back-order. Also, the pricing was well under what Apple products normally sell for in terms of discount level.

      • Mine was 12.09pm. SS with white band, 44mm.

      • Mine shipped as well today with AP tracking.
        I had a strange suspicion it lasted too long.
        Sorry for those who missed out :(

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    what models did you get returned? i went in today and got a ss 42mm white band, no shipping confirmation yet

  • Mine is still stuck on ‘Your order is confirmed’. I’ve got this feeling that they already shipped out all their stock to a few lucky customers yesterday (I really doubt they had much stock other than the S3/SE/S6 models) and it will take up to a few days before the rest of us will get the dreaded ‘order cancelled’ email.

  • My order just got refunded, it was gold SS.. oh well…

  • Just received series 5 stainless steel gold 44mm and series 2 stainless steel black 42mm today.
    Would like to swap series 5 stainless steel gold 44mm for stainless steel silver 44mm.
    If anyone in Melbourne interested in please let me know. Thanks :)

  • Received auspost tracking info Friday and the tracking has shown shipping info approved ever since. So I’m assuming it still hasn’t been collected. Anyone else have this issue?

  • I'm the same boat as others. I received the AusPost tracking on Friday but have had no updates since being approved by AusPost. Has anyone else in this situation received any tracking updates yet?

    • Mine just updated to showing processing through Brisbane. So it looks all good. It appears that AusPost just didn't do a scan when it was processed from JB.

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        Yep same, about 20 mins ago finally had a scan in Brisbane

  • These are a total crapshute and total waste.

    Mine arrived tonight and they are old stock with WatchOS version that will not pair with anything beyond iOS 12 and no possible way to set up/update them to get them working.

    Basically it's a $300 brick with a fancy strap.

    Returning to JB first thing in the morning.

    • Same situation here! I’m going to bring it to Apple store. They may have a solution.

      • What models do you have?

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          Am on an 11 pro max (Latest firmware), Watch is a 44mm s5. I've also tried activating it with an Iphone 5 with IOS 12 but it declares the phone is too old and unpairs… So there is literally no way to activate the watch it seems.

          Tried resetting both the phone and watch (From basic network and device resets to a full reset), changing languages on the watch, having it on charger or off and uninstalling/reinstalling the watch app on the phone which are all suggestions online which may of worked at some point for people facing this issue - None of which has worked.

          Online all articles from as much as 3 years ago have run into this problem with no solution and either end up taking it back for refunds or going in to apple who I assume are swapping the device for another which works - If you can be bothered go ahead but this whole experience really soured it and will be getting a refund.

          • +1

            @KBucks: Apple store should definitely be able to assist with activating and pairing. When I first tried to pair the watch it said software out of date but I had to update my phone to 14.6 then tried to pair. It took me maybe 5 tries until it finally worked. I do already have an existing Apple Watch paired to the phone as well so not sure if this made any difference. I used the backup to setup the new Apple Watch Series 5.

            • @Yosh1: I had this issue updating too, but managed to get it updated eventually.
              See this link: https://developer.apple.com/forums/thread/660611

              I tried a number of things in this forum post, including signing out of iCloud etc. The final clincher that got it working was doing the "hold button for 30 seconds" to get to the Erase Content and Settings Menu on the watch. Once I did that and tried to pair again, it allowed me to update to 7.5.

              It's clearly a software incompatibility with iOS14 and whatever OS ships on these watches. I would assume Apple themselves have some way to force an update if you take it into a store.

              Unfortunately I'm not exactly sure which of the steps in the forum posts made it work, but doing the erase content and settings thing on the watch got rid of the "Unable to Check for Update" message for me.

              I'd also suggest giving the battery a good charge before you even try this, as they are dead flat too (old stock), and you actually need to wear the watch to be able to do hard shutdowns on the watch during the process.

              • @traversal: I tried everything in that forum on an iPhone 12 which has 14.6 Installed but had no luck at all. Thank you for sharing it however.

                The only solution I found was using my work iPhone 8 which had 14.4.2 installed which at least let it boot up. Then I unpaired on the iPhone 8 and paired it to the iPhone 12 and it worked. It then updated to WatchOS 6.5 and then allowed me to update to 7.5.

                Probably the worst experience I've had with an Apple product before, took me forever to figure it out.

                • @doweyy: Hey no problems. Yeah it's super weird, I've just updated another watch for a family member, and there's no real science to it at all. The instructions from "Beem335i" in that forum do almost work, but I had to do the factory reset on the watch one more time and then it went through. It's a super bizarre set of steps to do, it really does seem you had to sign out of iCloud for some inexplicable reason (which is a pain in the neck itself).

                  Glad that you got it to work using older phone OS though. Agreed, it's not exactly a slick experience, I guess Apple doesn't always test on every combo of watch / phone OS. :( They clearly should.

                  • @traversal: Yeah I got really close from the instructions by Beem335i, I think the issue I ran into was that I couldn't press the "Update" button which flashes up for a millisecond before failing (if that makes sense). I tried the iCloud reset and all, twice lol, and just unfortunately couldn't get it to go. Not a huge issue but a bit annoying to add all the Wallet cards back again.

                    Thanks anyway for sharing that info, the one comment in that forum that said to try on a different phone worked for me :)