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realme 7 5G 128GB Mist Blue / Flash Silver (Bonus Buds Q) $319 @ JB Hi-Fi


Update: Amazon have price matched

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Flash Silver

Bonus Offer!
Purchase the realme 7 5G 128GB and get bonus realme Buds Q! Offer valid until August 4 2021 or while stocks last.

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  • +1

    Spewing bought a Motorola g9 plus last week from jb same price

    • Spewing more.
      Bought 2 of these Realme phones from JB last week @ $357 (screwed them down)

      • +1

        Sad : (

      • +2

        Go in and ask a manager to give you a gift card for the difference. Worst they can do is say no, but in my experience they often do it.

  • +7

    Don't dismiss the buds. They're a pain in the arse to 'tap' for fast forward and there is no tap code for previous track, but once run in they are pretty good for Music, clear and ful range. They aren't marked right or left.

    I'm happy with my phone, the only two niggles being the need to dive into the settings -> additional settings, page down ->OTG connections and toggle "automatically turn off when not in use for 10 minutes" to ON to use OTG - a setting not available to be placed on quick access, and the side mounted fingerprint sensor which works well but isn't compatable with wallet-style cases.

    For LG refugees who enjoyed the "double" tap lock/unlock screen that is an option, along with an non-intrusive movable tag for a useful side-bar, and quite a bevy of interaction and assistive technologies from RealMe and Google, with the RealMe ones easily ignored if you see no need.

    Dual 5G. Toggling SIM for data is easily done from a quick access setting, and the default call SIM can be set as 1, 2 or "Always ask".

    At this price it's a strong contender for phone bargain of the year…

    • Agreed, this is a very usable phone with some unique features at a very pocket-friendly price.
      Haven't encountered the OTG setting deep dive, probably as I have little cause to use OTG I guess

    • +1

      Whoops - The quick access icons offer extra icon if you swipe right after pulling the tab down to edit, and OTG can be added to quick access.

    • How's the camera?
      Is it the same as Realme 7 Pro?

    • With my Samsung Buds I use my whole hand (palm part) too tap against my ear/Buds, so much easier then guessing were too hit the right spot with my finger ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

  • Good price

    • +8

      Why didn't you share?!

      • -5

        the CPU is from MTK at entry level so the performance is not good.

        • +7

          $248 is still a fantastic price. Not everyone is after a 'performance' phone and just want good value.

        • The D800 series competes with the SD7xx series. That's the expected SoC for this bracket.

    • +8

      Ok thanks, I'll go back in time and buy it on Prime day instead of getting it from JB then.

  • MediaTek MT6853 Dimensity 800U 5G (7 nm)

    • I was shopping this against Poco X3 Pro with the SD860. Not sure if I will notice the performance difference.

    • +13

      Not to be rude, but it sounds like you have no idea what you're talking about

      • +2

        He actually got suckered into believing apple doesn't watch and use their data for themselves. LOL

        • +1

          No viruses either on apple products

        • Apple's money doesn't come from data harvesting but Google's does. I'm not exactly happy that Apple uses it for themselves but it's better than everyone having access to it. I will take any change for the positive right now.

          Androids can be poluted with Facebook spyware that cant be easily removed, Google spyware is baked into Anroid. The ability to see when apps try to access your information is a step in the right direction.

      • -2

        Not to be facetious, but don't you love those times when someone qualifies a statement before making the statement.

        I didn't actually say much so your judgment that I have "no idea" is a bit much without me going any deeper than to say I'm going iOS because of the privacy changes.

        And I said that iPhones are more expensive versus similar Android offerings like the one listed. Which I think is common knowledge and logical.

        But OK.

  • 6.99 inches that's too small.

    • +2

      That's what she said.

    • -1

      That's what my girlfriend said too.

      • +3

        Shut up Karen

      • +3

        If your name is Karen and you have a girlfriend, 6.99 inches is abnormal.

        • +2

          Karen might be transitioning.

  • Great phone and great price.

  • Realme 8 5G has just been released and listed on Amazon AU in 64GB and 128GB configuration.

    • Just checked the Realme 8 5G specs and they are almost all worse then this Realme 7 5G.

  • Bought realme 6 during the boxing day sales last year for my Mum, we have recently just sent it in for repair as phone calls keep dropping out. We can hear people on the other end but they can't hear us

  • Turning on the 5G runs down the battery exceedingly quickly on these. Which is a shame. As it stands i don't feel bad about purchasing the Realme 6 earlier.

    • Which is why Samsung uses Snapdragon instead of Exynos for their 5G phones, I'm pretty sure the 5G in iPhone is Qualcomm also.

  • I've been using this for the last 5 months and I'm generally happy with it. Just in case you care about updates, it is still on Android 10.

  • +1

    OPPO is seriously off loading its entry to mid range models. This one plus X2 Lite for under 400 and X2 Neo in mid 400s.

    For those who can pay a bit more and have a eligible trade in phone. The S21 deals from Telstra or Samsung are still better imo.

  • +1

    Just bought one for my mum. I think she'll be pleased with this. Amazon have price matched it.

    • Amazon have price matched it.

      Added to OP, cheers.

    • Nice. Getting through the phone to JB was painfully annoying to check for stock. My 2 local stores in Brisbane pretty much sold out.

      • I feel you. That's why I checked Amazon to avoid that. For an extra $6 the phone is arriving today.

        • Did you just get onto chat with Amazon support to get a price match?

          • @toasty: No. I usually check Amazon for tech deals. They have a practice of automatically price matching stores and retailers.

  • Does this phone have a battery issue?

    https://www.whistleout.com.au/MobilePhones/Reviews/Realme-7-... It says less than 3 hrs of battery with 5G switched on.

    • +1

      I think that is the 5G issue……………………..

      • That appears to be 5G SoC in general.
        When their customers were complaining about poor battery life (various phone brand/model), US telcos were telling them to turn off 5G.
        Some even said to revert to 3G to save battery

    • First thing I'm gonna do is turn the 5g network off and stick to 4g. That should hopefully avoid any issues. Don't really care for 5G.

  • +1

    Any decent cases for this?…. Can't find any that look half decent …

    • +1

      It comes with a clear case and screen protector I think. Fyi

      • Clear case and protector installed. Buds are ok. On 4g the battery lasts for ages. Screen is good. Size is not too big. I donโ€™t game on it so itโ€™s as fast as I need.

        • +1 on this
          I am happy with this phone. I previously had the Nokia 6.1plus.

        • How's the camera?

          • @bob19: The camera's are better than the Nokia 6.1Plus

  • Now matched at Amazon with free Prime delivery
    * oops, already in description *

  • How does this phone compare to a pixel 3a?

  • HELP!! Mobile data does not work if i leave a wifi area. It works after a restart or if i go into settings and change the band to 4g/3G auto, or when i change it back to 5G/4g auto.

    Tried turning mobile data off and on and it doesnt work. Tried turning wifi off and it doesnt work.

    First time android user, i have a dual sim setup. Mobile data is turned on, and have set preference as sim 1. All the latest updates as far as i am aware.

    Stumped. Faulty?

    • I don't have this phone but hopefully similar to Mi5—
      Go to SIM cards…
      Set call and Internet.

      Good luck!

      • I've set one Sim as main Sim for data but that hasn't helped.

    • +2

      Just general quirks of a 4g/5g radio within a mobile phoond which usually to solve this issue, I just hit FLIGHT MODE on and off to reset it, hopefully this for you is a rare occasion well rarely for me on my Samsung Note 10 plus

      Edit: by chance for you this issue is happening often,. there is an option under "DEVELOPERS OPTIONS" in settings, "MOBILE DATA ALWAYS ACTIVE" switch that on, helps with quicker switching between wifi and mobile data might solve your issue too ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

      • +1

        It happens all the time, as soon as I leave for work, I can't get Spotify or Google maps cause it's offline and it doesn't switch to mobile data. Can't find the developers options or mobile data always active setting?

        It's so annoying, I was wondering why I had no emails at work today, then did the whole airplane mode on and off, and then it was connected…

      • Thanks for that advice. My son has complained that he'd had this problem frequently. I had shown him the trick to enable then disable flight mode. Then yesterday, the same happened to me.

        • +1

          I've found how to get to developer options. It is turned off by default.

          Go to settings —> about phone —> click on version (top right) —> then click anywhere 7 times. Then search 'always active' in settings and you'll find the option to keep mobile data always ready.

          This now works when I leave wifi area, no need for turning airplane mode on and off!

          • @cowiie: I had enabled developer mode and I turned on the option to always keep mobile data active. Funny thing is that until my son mentioned this problem it had never happened to me (that I know of). Yet it did happen the day he mentioned it, and was still occurring yesterday after I altered this setting too!

            Maybe Telstra has enabled a 5G tower near our place - we are both on Belong so we only get 4G service. The phone may be attempting to enable 5G mobile network (perhaps?)…

            • +1

              @Samsquanch: If you still have this issue, please see the comment I made below with the solution I received from realme tech support.

    • +2

      I have the same issue and called realme tech support. Apparently it's a common issue with those on the Telstra network.

      Here's the solution that was given to me and it seemed to fix my issue:
      1. Go to "Settings"
      2. Select "Sim card & mobile data"
      3. Select the appropriate Sim e.g. "SIM1"
      4. Select "Access point name"
      5. Press the "i" on the appropriate internet e.g. mine is "Telstra Internet" under the "Global" heading (It was the preselected option)
      6. The "APN Protocol" should be "IPv4" by default. Change this to "IPv4/IPv6".
      7. Press the tick on the top right and save the changes.
      This should resolve the issue. If it doesn't then go to Step 6 and change the "APN Protocol" to "IPv6" and save the changes.

      • Thanks. We will give this a go. I had a suspicion that it would by some network change thatโ€™s behind it.

  • Do you have to claim the headphones separately? or did they come with the phone itself?

    • They are in separate boxes in a bigger box.

    • Bundled at point of sale. No waiting for a redemption.

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