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Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable AAA Batteries 4 Pack $9.80 (OOS)/ AA 8 Pack $23.80 + Delivery (Free with Club Catch) @ Catch


AA 4 Pack dropped down from $14 to $9.80 Sold out

They are also selling out enloop pro AA/AAA batteries 4 pack @$16.80.

Enloop AA 8 pack $23.80


Enloop pro batteries AA 4pack $16.80

Enloop pro AAA 4 pack $16.80

Features of enloop batteries

Min. capacity: 750mAh

Recharge up to 2,100 times!

Precharged using solar power and ready to use

Work in temperatures as low as -20°C

Ideal for high drain devices

Long shelf life - up to 10 years in storage

Country of origin: Japan


This article may help buying whether enloop or enloop pro.

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  • For catch club only ?

  • Nice find OP. Got the AA 8 pack.

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      AA 4 pack is $19
      Are you sure you didn't just buy 8x AAA batteries?

      • +4

        You got me there. Cancelled the order and ordered the right one this time :D

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        Not all heroes wear capes

        Some… Just have Albert Einstein pfps :)

  • +3

    Purchased the Pros from Bing Lee sale last week
    $0.70 dearer per pack, but picked up from local store

    Been using Eneloop for 15+ years now and just started replacing my original sets
    Great batteries

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    $14.39 delivered w S&S if you are prime member.

    I think Catch charge $3.50 for C&C correct me if i'm wrong

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        you missed the part where I wrote "if you are a prime member"

      • +11

        two years to make your first comment and you make the worst one of all time

        • +4

          And i'll be racing to make more with awesome replies like this

  • what people using these for? remote?

    • +19

      Scales, torches, remotes, dildos.

    • +1

      remotes, torch, camera flash, toys etc

    • +2

      Sex toys, camera, led lighting, mouse

    • +1

      Milk frother, wireless keyboard and mouse, toys, some medical equipment for my baby.

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      You need to turn in your Ozbargain licence immediately. We just buy eneloops here no questions asked.

      • +2

        Actually, I want to keep my license so I bought 2 pack of AAA after asking :D

        • +1

          Only 2?!?!?

          *Laughs in Ozbargainese.

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    Can any charger pack charge these batteries? for e.g. i have an energizer charger pack

  • The image on Catch vs Amazon is different, the Catch one say up to 750mAh capacity, the amazon one says up to 800 mAh capacity.

    Refined model or just changed the packaging and found a better not-indicative-of-real-world-use test?

    • Different generation. Google the model numbers.
      These are probably super old, newer ones are 800

      • Are these still worth getting at this price?

        • I bought the Amazon ones. Newer generation with better capacity.

  • +3

    I bought a lot of rechargeable batteries but when I need them nothing in the drawer…. Where are they?

    • I think the more common scenario is you go to use them and they have no charge

    • +5

      i think you need to ask the missus.

      • I don't have the missus to get blame… sigh..

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    OMG I still have an unopened pack of LE tropical colors Sanyo Eneloops dated 2013-08


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    I've resolved to upvote any deals about eneloops since they are by far the best rechargeable batteries.

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    are the pro's worth it over the regular?

    • The short answer: the Eneloop Pro battery has a higher capacity than the regular Eneloop with 2500mAh vs. 1900mAh.
      The Pro can be charged up to 500 times while the regular Eneloop up to 2100 times.
      The PRO batteries can provide more current than the regular Eneloops.

  • Finally some Eneloop. I am in to invest in Eneloop alt coins too ;)

    • +1

      Oh, I remember it well. I was a young ozbargainer back then, I woke up, I saw and I was a believer (for 2mins/yes, I'm serious), I believed in the dream. BUT IT WAS ALL LIES! I still don't own any eneloop products to this day.

      • Hand back your license!
        How dare you not owning any eneloops!

    • +1

      I hodl all my eneloops ;)

  • Following other comments; recommendations for smart chargers?

    • Nitecore

    • Nitecore UMS4. It’s a bit pricey, but worth it.

    • XTAR VC4

  • +6

    Personally, I would go with the Ladda batteries from Ikea when they go on sale. Someone did some research and found they are the same batteries from the same manufacturer to the Pro models from Japan.
    Full break down

    • I can never find them when I go to IKEA.

  • Nice find OP!

  • What charger do people recommend with these?

  • Thanks OP. Got 2 packs AA & AAA

  • +1

    Great Price - Don't forget 10% off with Unidays.

  • Bought these looking at the popularity of these on OzB… Can someone please recommend a charger for these? Thanks

  • $15.95 shipping to Sydney is killing it

  • Thanks got 4aaa & 8aa. Click & collect Kmart for $3.75. Happy with that.

  • +1

    These appear to have a manufacturing date of 2017 (see second image). According to Panasonic information here, https://eneloop.panasonic.com/en/faq/, that is coming towards the end of the period the pre-charge would be considered satisfactory (so presumably why there is heavy discounting) - you might need to charge them earlier than expected if you put them in to service directly from the packet.

    There is no information regarding general deregulation and overall shelf-life of the product, but it seems unlikely it is infinite (given the nature of battery chemistry - which comprises rather reactive compounds), and the first image suggests at 10 years they will retain 70% of capacity.

    So all in all I think you can expect the lifespan of these en-loop batteries will be shorter than if you purchased ones which were more recently manufactured - something to consider when deciding if the discount is truly delivering value.

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