[April Fools] Standardise on New Currency - Introduce 🔋ENE

Happy April Fools Day! Look out when you trot through the Internet today :)

OzBargain April Fools pranks over the years: 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016.

At OzBargain it is all about getting the best value for your money, by finding the best bargain for the products you want to buy. However how do you actually define value?

At the beginning of human history, bartering was the mean for individuals and groups to trade what they own with what they desire. However as the civilisation advances, currency was invented a few millennium ago as a more efficient way to quantify value. Today the most used currency in the land of Down Under would be the Australian Dollar (AUD), but occasionally we also see deals posted on OzBargain in US Dollar, British Pound or Euro.

However we still have not define the value of one Australian Dollar (AUD $1). It’s an arbitrary concept that might mean different things to different people. At OzBargain we believe we need a better representation of value — a currency that we all understand.

Introduce 🔋ENE

Units of 1.2V 2000mAh AA Eneloop as an alternative currency is not a foreign concept to seasoned OzBargainers. Members have been calling it "OzBargain currency" whenever an Eneloop deal was posted. While AUD might have been stablised at around $0.75 USD over the last year, with Trump at the helm you never know what will happen to the world economy. 🔋ENE could as well be the future currency just as some of our members has predicted.

Imagine the conversation —

A: “how much is that Dyson V6 you got?!”
B: “traded 120 Eneloops for it the other day from The Good Guys”
A: “you got ripped off! Saw it going for 🔋100 with the last eBay 20% off sale”
B: “Damn!”

Discussions of value on OzBargain would be so much easier to understand!

To help OzBargain transitioning to 🔋ENE, auto-conversion will be performed on all the deals and forum posts at the rate of AUD $2.50 to ENE 🔋1, as an OzBargain Professional would never pay more than that for one. The auto-conversion should also work with British Pound and Euro, and our engineers are still working on getting the US Dollar to convert correctly. On pages where currency has been converted to 🔋ENE, you can move your mouse cursor to hover over the new currency to reveal what the original value is.

Eneloop Currency

You can also choose to disable the automatic conversion all together, if you are not ready to brace the new OzBargain currency.

That’s it for this announcement. Live long and prosper (in accumulation of Eneloops).


I don't like this ENE stuff, how can I turn it off?

Sorry to hear that an OzBargain n00b is not yet ready for the Eneloop new economy. To turn it off,

  1. Hover or click on any ENE currency on the page that has been converted.
  2. Click on "Turn off automatic conversion" link at the bottom of the popup.

At the moment there is no way to turn it back on again — something that we'll be working on soon.


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