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Today we have entered a new era — lonely OzBargainers rejoice! OzBargain is not only Australia's hottest community for bargain hunting, we have now also expanded into a community for romance hunting with the launch of our latest website — DateACheapo.com and Dating & Relationships Forum.

Dating & Relationships Forum

Over the last 9 years OzBargain has grown into a community of bargain hunters helping each other to find the best products at the cheapest price (hopefully from a not-so-dodgy retailer). With the introduction of forums, sharing and helping has extended to far more than bargains, brands, products and merchants. Our members have utilised the forums seeking help in every category of problems you might face in life. Dating and Relationship discussions are particularly popular amongst OzBargainers. Some examples:

There are so many related discussions in the forums there was even a request to have a dedicated Dating forum. After much planning, the wish has been granted. Now go and be merry.

New Website - Date A Cheapo

As promised, we have decided not just create a dedicated forum, but also a brand new website to help OzBargainers finding true love from the very pond they enjoy spending their day in. Introduce DateACheapo.com.


Please note that it is still pre-beta but we have many great things planned. For now, you can

  • Login using your OzBargain credential.
  • Match your OzBargain profile with other users.
  • "Heart" the OzBargain users that you are interested in.

Profile matching is currently performed with our patent-pending technology looking at your past voting history to find other users that might have similar interests as yours. It lists out how their accounts scored against yours, plus how your account scores against them.

If "hearting" is reciprocal, i.e. the user you "hearted" also happen to heart your account — we have a match here! Both you and the other user will receive a notification on OzBargain to let you hook up with a private message.

The result might be seemingly random, but trust us — those are scientifically proven to be best matches for you. If you are looking for life-long soul mate that actually shares you values? You should head straight to DateACheapo.com.

AMA Guest - The Most Eligible Bachelor on OzBargain

As you might be aware, we are planning to launch a new section similar to Reddit's Ask-Me-Anything. It's a great honour to have our very first AMA guest coincides with the launch of DateACheapo.com — Davo1111 aka OzBargain's most eligible bachelor.

Davo would kick start his AMA sometime in the morning and we will update here once AMA is started. However meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, get your questions prepared to ask OzBargain's most eligible bachelor. Here are a few from us:

  • Is being an OzBargainer important in a partner?
  • Do you think it is wise for OzBargainers to date other OzBargainers?
  • What's the maximum amount of discount you'll try to get on the first date, without feeling too embarrassed?

Looking forward to his answers. UPDATE: Davo1111's AMA


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