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Wish everyone a happy April Fools Day! Updated announcement

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Today we have entered a new era — lonely OzBargainers rejoice! OzBargain is not only Australia's hottest community for bargain hunting, we have now also expanded into a community for romance hunting with the launch of our latest website — DateACheapo.com and Dating & Relationships Forum.

Dating & Relationships Forum

Over the last 9 years OzBargain has grown into a community of bargain hunters helping each other to find the best products at the cheapest price (hopefully from a not-so-dodgy retailer). With the introduction of forums, sharing and helping has extended to far more than bargains, brands, products and merchants. Our members have utilised the forums seeking help in every category of problems you might face in life. Dating and Relationship discussions are particularly popular amongst OzBargainers. Some examples:

There are so many related discussions in the forums there was even a request to have a dedicated Dating forum. After much planning, the wish has been granted. Now go and be merry.

New Website - Date A Cheapo

As promised, we have decided not just create a dedicated forum, but also a brand new website to help OzBargainers finding true love from the very pond they enjoy spending their day in. Introduce DateACheapo.com.


Please note that it is still pre-beta but we have many great things planned. For now, you can

  • Login using your OzBargain credential.
  • Match your OzBargain profile with other users.
  • "Heart" the OzBargain users that you are interested in.

Profile matching is currently performed with our patent-pending technology looking at your past voting history to find other users that might have similar interests as yours. It lists out how their accounts scored against yours, plus how your account scores against them.

If "hearting" is reciprocal, i.e. the user you "hearted" also happen to heart your account — we have a match here! Both you and the other user will receive a notification on OzBargain to let you hook up with a private message.

The result might be seemingly random, but trust us — those are scientifically proven to be best matches for you. If you are looking for life-long soul mate that actually shares you values? You should head straight to DateACheapo.com.

AMA Guest - The Most Eligible Bachelor on OzBargain

As you might be aware, we are planning to launch a new section similar to Reddit's Ask-Me-Anything. It's a great honour to have our very first AMA guest coincides with the launch of DateACheapo.com — Davo1111 aka OzBargain's most eligible bachelor.

Davo would kick start his AMA sometime in the morning and we will update here once AMA is started. However meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, get your questions prepared to ask OzBargain's most eligible bachelor. Here are a few from us:

  • Is being an OzBargainer important in a partner?
  • Do you think it is wise for OzBargainers to date other OzBargainers?
  • What's the maximum amount of discount you'll try to get on the first date, without feeling too embarrassed?

Looking forward to his answers. UPDATE: Davo1111's AMA



  • +12

    Hey guys, what an honour it is to receive such a prestigious accolade. I'm sure there are many females on ozbargain surprised to hear this hunk aint taken. holds up empty ring finger

    • +29

      females reply with middle finger?

  • +4

    Ah love it Scotty, but the question remains, can we find love for jv?

    • +9


  • Ahk… Catch of the day?

    • i see what you did there ;)

    • +5

      No, it's now Snatch of the Day.

  • +1

    If "hearting" is reciprocal, i.e. the user you "hearted" also happen to heart your account — we have a match here! Both you and the other user will receive a…

    trip to the Aegean Sea?

    Well I logged in and it matched me to Davo1111. What do we do now?

    • +15

      Forgot to mention that the first match made on DateACheapo will win 200,000 OzBargain credits. The actual use of OzBargain credit will be revealed on 1st April next year.

      • +1

        You know we'll hold you to that…

      • +4

        What about the first match made on OzBargain? What will that win? Cos… I think you already have a winner here… cough

  • Right in time for April fool's day!

  • It just had to happen…

  • +2

    Hi m8, gr8 b8 I r8 8/8

    liek seriously

  • Nice one, Scotty!

  • dang, thought this was real- every year, so gullible!

  • +1

    Awesome work mate 😉

  • Holy crap, that's a lot of effort this year! Nice work!

    Got matched with a guy who is in the penalty box. Wonder what that says about me.

    • +1

      Wonder what that says about me.

      You're into bad boys?

  • +1

    I can only heart 3 of you, but know in my heart I have hearted all of you.

    • +1

      mskeggs doesn't appear in my list :((( I'm heart broken.

      • Hey baby.

  • Hang on a minute, Is this for real ?????????

  • Classic scotty. Thanks for the prank :)

    • +2

      What prank? I hearted you :(

    • Had to +1 you because im confused as to why someone would dislike a comment like this?

  • dateacheapo vs tinder?
    what is better?

    • +1

      For different purpose. Everyone knows what tinder is for, but would they appreciate you being a cheapskate?

      • +1

        the tinder girls never complain about my ozbargin sourced condoms ;)
        so they already appreciate it.

        a reply from scotty, wow i feel special ^_^

        • +11

          hehehe. As much as it might sound odd, OzBargain is actually a family oriented website valuing long term relationships. We all know that stable family = no messy breakups = more money staying in the wallet = more Eneloops to collect = 42.

          Thus you might have fun doing impulse buys speed dates on Tinder, it is better to find a partner that actually appreciates your OzBargain inner-self.

        • @scotty:
          bank account > partner = same same

          haha, family oriented.
          with the amount of condom and eneloop deals, i'd more like say we help support the sex/porno industry mainly :P

        • @scotty:

          more Eneloops to collect

          So. True.

  • +1

    Crap I thought this was serious and got really excited. Thanks :<

  • Wow wow wow, can it be I got a match with 100% in both bars, now I am going to be wondering what if all my life…

    Haha thanks scotty! (I think)

  • Given that the dating web site has been in discussion for a long time I almost fell for this. Nice try Scotty… but nothing can beat the last year's CatchBargain prank :)

    • +2

      Unfortunately that deal fell through — too much backlash from the community so we have to say no to our friends at Catch of the Day :( That incident further enforced our vision to provide valuable service to our users — hence DateACheapo.

  • I know this is an April Fool prank, but I kinda wish it was real.

    ETA: Is there an extra joke on me? I didn't match with ANYONE no matter where I "live" :( Oh well. Guess I'll just have to spend more time with my new Kambrook blender.

  • Hearted PVA, Donga and Cardz :)
    WHY U NO JV?!

    • +1

      I hearted PVA first. This is going to get awkward.

    • My first match was pmupsinep - which seems to tell me too much.
      The fourth on my list was JV! - so now I know I have problems…

  • Hahahaha.. Another April Fool Prank

  • +1

    At last…..My dream came True! :D

  • I got matched to no one! Just as well the wife wouldn't be pleased :)

  • Price in the title! "$Infinite"

  • Buy a girl get one free?

  • OMG I was looking for this! <3

    btw… how do I swipe right or was that left… basically, whichever side to accept ^_^

  • LOL

  • I already married my Ozbargain match, sometimes she's more of a bargain hunter than I am.

  • Use coupons on a date?

  • yes, 100% match! ahaha.

  • +1

    But will they still love me tomorrow?

  • +1

    Can we please have this ported to Android and iOS, I think it would really help the uptake.

  • It's not listed in the "Network" area at the bottom of the page.
    Are there any deals for commercial dating sites that can be posted?

  • +1

    Was all ready to ditch the hubby and grab myself a true cheap-arse-soulmate…unfortunately those who seem most compatible are also female (strangely enough we have the same voting patterns…) so it's either become a cheapskate lesbian or hang onto hubby. Hmmm…decisions, decisions…

    • +1

      just like the taco add, why cant we have both?

      • +2

        YTW, have the meat AND the taco!

  • +1

    Best April 1st ever.

  • Davo1111 has just posted his AMA. Go crazy, guys and girls!

  • +1

    I will only date an OzBargainer if she is a P R O F E S S I O N A L !

    Can the new dating site please introduce a test for that? Anyone who passes will get a special icon on their profile identifying them as such and will also get preference in the search results when looking for a potential squeeze.

    Anyone has suggestions on how this test can be conducted?

    • They would need to prove that they scored a deal from gerry harvey

  • It's definately a niche - That's ultimately what I don't like about paid dating sites…. I mean - Who would pay? At least on the free ones you know you are getting a cheapo.

  • I thought we all have secured lifetime ultimate memberships with olusive a long time ago?

  • How about the married men? It's not fair for us being excluded from this deal. We need something like Ashley Madison a la OZBargain!

    • It's already open season, do you need a starting gun? Just get that bargain credibility up with some sweet deals.

  • Uh oh near perfect match with pmupsinep!

  • Finally, a dating site I can use!!

  • Male species predominantly in Ozbargai. rite?

    • Pretty sure the species requires both sorts.
      There are plenty of girls on OzB. I know sometimes I am guilty of assuming a poster is just like me if they post something I agree with. And sometimes I find out later they are of the opposite gender.
      And, of course, there are many people who would be pleased with a partner of their own sex too.

  • Apparently I match quite well with Amar89 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/15646

    Want to go out for a coffee? You pay of course ;-)

  • yesss…I will find my true soulmate in there!

  • C'mon guys! With 60 OzBargainers given out 100+ hearts — we still haven't had a match yet. So here we go — I have to increase the prize pool to 40,000 OzBargain Credits to the first couple that got matched up on DateACheapo website.

    • I would help… but they were all interstates =(

    • I've given out so many hearts already :( no love back.. </3

      • Actually everyone can only give out at most 3 hearts. When you heart the 4th one, the 1st one automatically gets removed.

        • Ah, I was wondering what was going on there lol. Either way, I've been trying my hearts on everyone on my list (wait, that doesn't sound very good, does it..) lol

        • +1

          @waterlogged turnip:
          Apparently we are destined never to swap hearts, my turnip. It's OK. I will retreat to a monastery devoted to spotting bargains and live an ascetic life devoted to studying paypal URLs and Dick Smith fine print..
          Or, I suppose log off and see my real family.

    • It's rigged! Can any matches even be made?? lol

      How come I show up on someone's list at 78% blue and 11% orange, yet that person doesn't show up on my list, while another person appears on my list with a mere 23% blue and 7% orange?? (and that person is in another state!)

      I've plugged that I'm a 'whatever' looking for 'whatever' and left the area/state blank.

      …. am I taking this far too seriously? lol I want those generously diminishing increasing OzB credits dammit!

      • There there… I'll heart you… wait… does that count, did we win?

      • +1

        As a list shows only the first 15 matches, if you matched at 7% to his/her list, you might be outside the his/her first 15 matches. Oh maybe you just need to bear with pre-beta software :)

        • +1

          It's almost like it was just a joke!

  • i can't log in

    • It should automatically uses your OzBargain credential.

  • +1

    Lol, I got xywolap as one of my match, but I'm pretty sure he is a dude in his 70's! :P

    Hug me grandpa!

    • +1


  • Only one match :(

    Let's do this tebbybabes!

  • This is way too funny, ozbargain you've made my day!

  • found two matches
    dars and bb_hunter

  • Nice April Fool Joke Scotty!

  • +9

    Got a Report for this post.

    Insufficient Quantity
    There would be too few females on OzBargain to match up with all the lonely blokes on the site.

    I was trying to change the design of site 2 years ago to attract more female users but you guys created a whole thread to complain about it. Can't win.

    • I was trying to change the design of site 2 years ago

      LOL. gold.

  • +9
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