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Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 $15 + Free Delivery @ Kogan


Thanks to woozie3 from this post for the free shipping code https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/633703

being waiting to buy this scale since price drop but dont want to pay for shipping.

As stevo-ozbargain mention, the body composition version also available for $22

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    There are so many models of these that I am not sure which one to buy. Is the difference between the one published by op and https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/xiaomi-body-composition-smart-s... only that the latter has Bluetooth connectivity with the app? Does anyone have any experience with either of these and know which one is a better buy?

    • I just bought one , don’t know what it will be like,

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        You will have to weight and see.

        • Well, its just to look at, not to scale

    • That one also measures in catties 😽

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      I have one, I use it as a scale..

    • 4 silver circles in your link are sensor's … this is more advanced than the one in deal … i have it but never used for composition etc … just weight check … seems elegant.

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    @Steve-Ozbargain The body composition have four electrodes you stand on to measure ccnductivity hence translate to body fats composition (so need stand on it barefoot). Not all that accurate. Not sure if both model have bluetooth. Description around the internet seem to mix up the two quite regularly.

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      Yeah not overly accurate in terms of raw number but the trends over time are clear with these scales. I have the original fitbit Aria and the body fat graph is consistent with the changes to my body/weight loss. I think it's still pretty useful for the average (healthy lifestyle) user.

      I definitely recommend one of these if you are attempting to live healthier (resistance/diet), seeing the trends for weight/fat loss over time is super encouraging. Normally the apps will graph the picture over time.

  • thanks op - bought

  • Thanks bought one, have also been put off by shipping so this is great

  • Never used kogan, so signed up to the 14 day free trial for first members. Brings the price to $14.

    Cheers OP.

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      Not a great idea to sign up for a $. You might have waited for a better first member deal

      • Can just create another account for another trial. I've done that myself just recently.

        • I mean all that work for a $ is not worth.

          • @hopper: Takes like 1-2 mins at most, so it'd be worth for a lot of people.

          • @hopper: Definitely not worth it. But thought why not. Prob my first and last purchase from Koga.

      • I've always avoided Kogan. I needed one of these, so not a big deal.

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    $15 seems decent even for a dumb scale.
    Seems like it can be integrated in Home Assistant too with some tinkering.

    In terms of apps, is it just Xiaomi's app or is Google Health also supported?

  • was about to buy one from kmart for 20$, but got this one instead of that.

    thanks OP

  • Might just keep using the one at the gym. Good deal though.

    • covid lockdown no more gym

  • Cheers OP ;)

  • Bought one as its cheap

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      bought one as i am fat

      • Bought one because….

  • Thank you. Bought one :)

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    Not sure why but bought one, cheers

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      Maybe you should of weighted.

      • That joke went down like a tonne of bricks.
        I think I'd better scale back on the puns too…

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    Usually avoid Kogan like the plague but this is a good deal - it's $32 on Amazon.

  • There is another xiaomi composite scale listed at $39 but not sure how this one is different to the $22


  • thanks, bought one

    • made mistake, thought this one could do body fat, cancelled order LOL

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    Bought one for the missus. Wish me luck.

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      good luck with the missus ;)

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        soon we have oz dating section

        • Lol

  • Nice thanks OP. Bought one.

  • Thanks OP!

  • It says it can weigh "vegetables, fruits, package" as well. Does anyone know the minimum weight it can measure? Hopefully down to 500 grams

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • @Magicmagic
    From Mi Website, seems like range is 100g - 150kg.

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      It does and I'm currently confused between all the Xiaomi scale models. Seriously am.

      • If it was only the scale models, but it's the same for most of their products. 😅

    • is better

      Perception isn't reality.

      One Amazon review (French translation):

      I play sports six times a week. Swimming. Running. Crossfit for 7 years now.

      My abs are eye-seeing even if there's a little fat on my stomach.

      The scale shows me an overweight, shows me a visceral fat at 13 which is a lot and tells me that I would have to go down to 10 dsssous.

      I have a size of 86 cm. So how can I get so much visceral fat with such a thin waist and flat stomach?

      He tells me 62 pounds of muscle. And 23% fat telling me it's a lot that I'd have to get down. Are

      they serious or what? It's totally distorted! When I went to my doctor two years ago he told me about 13% fat

      and I evolved in another two years so this scale is wrong. I'll give it to you.

      • The video reviews mention that it is not the most accurate but consistently inaccurate which is good for trends. I saw a video of some things that might impact the measurements are if you have just taken a shower or just eaten any meal. I'd do the weighing first thing in the morning before eating, drinking or showering.

        • consistently inaccurate which is good for trends

          Unfortunately the target customer wants quick and simple; they're unlikely to be actuaries and data scientists. :)

          And who knows if the error channel widens or narrows or fluctuates?

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    this kogan scum site, when you add it to your basket, it automatically adds kogan first trial to your basket as well that will revert to $49 after 14 days.

    Hope everyone removed that and hopefully, the ACCC slaps these fools with a multi-million dollar fine.

    • It also defaults to wanting to save your PayPal details…. which basically means they want to setup pre-auth.
      To be fair, they are not the only one trying to do that.

    • once you put in the code EOFYAY the Kogan first will disappear

    • Catch does the same lmao

      Its such a scum move

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    How does this one compare to Renpho?

    • I have the same question. My Renpho still seems to be going pretty strong.

      • I have a cheap chinese ones (not the renpho) but the on I have only connects to its own app and not e.g google fit. Does this or the renpho do that?

        • Renpho connects to Samsung health…not sure about Google

          • @blueskywalker: Just checked and the Renpho app allows to connect to Google Fit, Fitbit and Samsung Health.

  • Thanks, ordered one

  • I think this is the best brief comparison article for these;


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    good bday present for moth.in law !
    take it bxxxxxxx

    • nice ✓ just don't let her go to town on that bday cake, this thing have maximum 150KG limit

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    These scales don't seem very smart.
    There is no screen so how do I know how much I weigh?

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  • Thank you. I bought one

  • Thanks OP, bought 1.

  • Thanks OP, I am not sure if I will need a scale or not but I bought the Smart Scale 2 instead. T_T

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      just set notification ozbargain for kfc kripyk mcd and the likes, you will soon using the scale a lot.

  • Anniversary present sorted.

  • ok cancelled the normal one and bought body one for 22.

  • It’s not even sold out. Kogan just increased the price to factor in cost is shipping. Now $31.85

    • Can't blame them for their greedy

    • Haha that old chestnut

    • Before it was being sold by Kogan directly. The $31.85 is from "AZ eShop"

  • Took to long and missed out.

    • just do diet then you dont need scale at all

      • Yep. I do diet. Lost the covid kilos but now in lockdown again. Yeeks.

        • Yeah yeah blame the lockdown…. i know i know…. always excuses…. :)

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    Look like it back in stock again

  • Hi all,

    Just wondering if your scale defaults at 1.2kg when you're not even weighing yourself?

    Thanks in advance :)

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      no, always shown 0.00.. may try remove battery then put it back and leave on even surface during it spin around

      • Thanks for the suggestion, it's working now (for now)

        Not sure if this means anything, but the scale itself in the the specs is 1.2kg

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          probably you got it upside down while it calibrating. i saw the display spinning around i put it down. dont really know what it mean nothing in user manual about it

      • Mine arrived, and seems to only show me as weighing 22kg, which, I'm skinny, but not that skinny. Is everyone else's measuring properly?

        • remove battery, when insert battery put on flat surface while displace spin around until show 0.00

          • @huu: Have tried that, still thinks I am under 25kg

            • @witheredcouch: hmmm does it show zero before you step on? in would check if feet damaged etc but probably need refund

              • @huu: Yeah it does show 0. I'll contact kogan and arrange a return I guess.

                • @witheredcouch: is your body fats one or normal one? not sure how the body fats one work actually, mine is just plain one work right out the box

                  • @huu: Mine is the normal one. Even paired to the app it just says anywhere between 23-25kg. I guess it is faulty.

  • Arrived today, very nice scale for $15.

    FYI its pair with Mi Fit app not Mi Home app

    • Who was your courier?

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        On the camera the side of the van say “allied”. Came in kogan labeled bag