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Xiaomi Youpin Automatic Umbrella $16.50 + Free Delivery @ Kogan


Good price on this popular Xiaomi umbrella with free shipping thanks to this deal. Add it to the collection of the other cheap Xiaomi products picked up recently, like the Mi Smart Scale 2 if you managed to score one.

The Xiaomi YouPin Automatic Umbrella is made using 210T high-density, water repellent, impact cloth that shakes off the rain easily.

  • Waterproof cloth
  • Sunscreen
  • 8 ribs, aluminium alloy and fibre glass material
  • One-button opening and closing
  • Explosion-proof punching structure
  • Tri-fold design
  • Wide coverage

With high-strength coating on the surface, good shading and superior heat insulation, the Xiaomi YouPin Automatic Umbrella effectively reduces the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the human body.

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  • +17

    be prepared to get spammed everyday.

  • +8


    I wonder how many tonnes of TNT can this umbrella protect us from….

  • Only free shipping with Kogan First membership?

    • +3

      Read the description again :) There's a free shipping code.

      • Ah, didn't see that. Thanks

    • Use the promo code to get free shipping

  • umbrellas are for rainy days only

    • +1

      Like today in Melbourne?

    • Also sunny days…

  • +3

    Wide coverage

    What % of Australian population does it cover?
    Is this better than Optus and Telstra?

    • +3

      The 5G signal after getting my COVID shots has never been better. I would think the Umbrella when held up would amplify the signals around you.

      • Yes it right size I can confirm I am getting 1gig constant transfer rate.

    • +1

      trying way too hard to be funny

  • Explosion-proof punching structure

    Count Dante called and wants his sales pitch back.

  • This or the Aldi Golf umbrella for $10 as per below post? Suggestions please …


    • +1

      Aldi one only mentions 'auto open'

      • +2

        This xiaomi one is a portable/easy to carry umbrella that fits in backpack and messenger bags. You can't do that with a golf umbrella

  • these Umbrellas quatlity is not bad, also small can fit in a messenger bag

  • How many times can the free shipping code be used?

  • How does an automatical umbrella work? Can't have it popping up if I sneeze on it!

    • You push a button and it automatically opens up. Push it again when open will close it.

      • Automatical indeed!

  • +1

    Can someone remotely closes your umbrella? LOL.

  • +1

    Does this count as a "premium" umbrella? I've always thought about getting something better than the $10 specials at the supermarket …

  • This or Blunt?

    • Blunt make very nice umbrellas - however at $16.50 vs. $100+ the cost vs. quality value proposition is one you will need to assess yourself.

    • Always blunt

  • +1

    Username doesn’t check out

  • Thanks. got one. hopefully it fits in my bag

  • OOS

  • +1

    Still getting spammed by some random shonky kogan related company after 1 year of my last and final purchase. Not worth it even at $1

  • I bought one of these from another deal and it's quite heavy for what it is.

  • -1

    Can you use it for golf like the advertised golf umbrella from the other day?

  • Damn, missed out

  • Good deal.. shame I missed out :(


    Umbrellas are only for women now? When did this happen? 🤔

  • If anyone is looking for a long-term use umbrella that won't break in hard-core wind - check out the blunt umbrellas.

  • +1

    Had mine for 6 years bought from lightinthebox posted on ozbaragin, mine was lost somehow and wanted another one, for this price it’s a steal. Upcon checking this umbrellas history posted with Logan it seems this is. Not the first time it has been this price, whybdont kogan just restock it for this price permanently?

  • Received mine today. It is heavier than expected but I'll be keeping it in my backpack anyway. Seems sturdy from opening/closing the umbrella.