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Apple Watch 40mm Sport Loop Anchor Grey $36 (+ $4.99 Delivery) @ JB Hi-Fi


Thats a pretty cheap official Apple watch strap. Especially if you can get it in the same order as a watch thats ongoing on sale!

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    What’s the RRP on these bands?


    I have got this one for 44mm. Such a great band.

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    They're good. But I have found the $15 ones from eBay are just as good.

    FYI… have 3 knock offs… and 2 genuine ones of different colours.

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      The eBay ones can be obtained for $2 at Aliexpress. I am not sure if the genuine one is worth it even at $36.

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      Which eBay pls as I bought from other sellers and the band are too long


      Yeah I have the knockoff ones too. Id be hesitant to buy the real ones, but maybe someone will want it. I have no doubt it fits a bit better than my cheap one


        I know the genuine "rubber" ones feel much nicer than the knockoffs (still can't justify their price though), but surely something like this wouldn't be 18 x better than a knockoff.


      Any particular cheaper bands you'd recommend?


      The knock offs I’ve had, and it’s a few, generally felt a bit loose to me where they slide into the watches body versus the official Apple bands which are snug.

      For the rubberise sports bands I also find the apple ones have nicer materials. The woven ones such as the one in this deal are a closer match when going unofficial though and the material feels fine.

      Certainly the fakes were serviceable, but overall my official bands are a higher quality compared to the fakes I own. You pay 10x as much for them but. It could also be the lot I got on Aliexpress weren’t as good as some other batches.