This was posted 3 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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62% off Zemismart Tuya Zigbee Roller Shade Driver Built-in Battery US$57.15 (~A$75.20) Delivered @ Zemismart


Zemismart Tuya Zigbee Roller Shade Driver Built-in Battery Smart Motorized Chain Roller Blinds Alexa Google Assistant Voice Control

  • Work with Zigbee Hub
  • Built-in battery
  • Easier Control via Alexa/Google Assistant/Tuya App: Just connect it with Tuya App (tuya zigbee hub required), you can control it up or down through Voice or APP on your mobile phone.
  • Easily install : Simply attach the Blind Engine to wall or window frame and link the blind cords.
  • Mobile control: Raise and lower your blinds anytime and anywhere. It is possible to control multiple blinds simultaneously.
  • Schedule: Setting open and close time as your like, open when sun rise, and close when sunset.

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  • Any way to connect this to HomeKit?

    • Looking at this myself. I recently set up a Homebridge to make some of my non-Homekit accessories homekit-friendly.
      There looks like there is a Homebridge plugin that could potentially work with these blinds -

      Not a particularly popular package so I can't speak to how good it is or how easy it is to set up.

    • We develop homekit hub,can do it

      • Do you have a link for the homekit hub? I couldn’t find anything

    • Why on earth does Apple not put Zigbee in the AppleTv and HomePod like Amazon does?
      It should fit in with their privacy priorities.

  • This might be a better option. Similar features but with IR remote and higher torque motor which might be helpful if the pulley requires some effort to move like mine.

    • Any feedback on this?

      • It’s the noise that makes it contemptible. I don’t have experience with the Zemismart driver but the Kogan driver works well if you don’t mind hearing the gear driver every time.

        • How loud would you say it is?

          • @zukand: Well in a two bedroom apartment, I can hear it everywhere. I have it connected to my morning routine so when I wake up it rises and it’s probably similar to someone manually pulling up the blinds loudly if that makes sense? I have grown to live with it and convenience has usurped the noise complaints. But take advantage of Kogan’s 14 day refund period if you’re unsure.

    • Doesn't this need to be plugged into power all the time? If that is the case, you need a powerpoint next to the window, and that might not be viable.

  • Hey OP, does this need to be plugged in all the time or is that just to charge the battery?

    Any deals available on:

    This comes with a remote control. I have one and it works well. Looking at another two if the price is good.

    • plug in all the time

      • Thanks for the quick reply.

        What about the other model I mentioned. It does run on the battery and is a good product - any deal on that one??

        • Yeah, i can send u a coupon for it,do u need 2 pcs, right?

          • @sky-zemismart: Thanks for the reply, but I had just bought two M515EGB motors and remotes anyway.

            Guess I missed out on the discount!

            Can I check though - does the Tuya Hub work with the M515EGB?

            I know the M515EGBZTN needs the hub, but I have the one without the “ZTN”.

      • If it has to be plugged in, what does the battery do?

      • Why do you need to plug it all the time if it comes with the built in battery?

  • anyone want Homekit downlight?

  • Will this work with Hubitat? And how long is the delivery to Melbourne?

    • it can work with hubitat

      • Hi, I got the device; but my Hubitat unable to detect it's zigbee; I pressed the setting button 3 seconds (to go to the programming mode); still cannot be found?

        • All good
          Update: Hold Set and down button at the same time allows me to pair with Hubitat.

  • +1
    • +1

      I asked too - no response. It looks like the one with the discount is an old model.

  • Just this week I received and installed five of the winders with the built in batteries (which is NOT this post and the post description needs to be corrected).

    The model with the built in battery and Zigbee support is M515EGBZTN

    They work great. I hooked them up with a Tuya Zigbee hub. So works with the Google Assistant voice activation (via the Tuya app). I haven’t tried others.

    The motors are very quiet and I can hardly hear them even when all are running at the same time (these are all in one room with five separate blind panels).

    I bought all this from the Zemismart store in AliExpress and surprisingly they did not take long to get here (Adelaide). Also bought one remote that can manage six blinds.

    Price I paid was $90 inc GST per winder. The remote was about $11 and the Zigbee hub $25. If anyone is interested I can post links.

    • Yes I have one and have one and found it quite good. Mine is linked in via Home Assistant, using Tuya local and the wifi/rf dongle that came with it.

      I would be interested in the hub you selected. I assume/hope this is instead of having the separate dongle for each blind?

      • Hi it was a generic (no brand) Zigbee hub (but I searched on Tuya hub on Aliexpress to find it). And yes it saves on dongles, plus a single Zigbee hub means less load on the wifi network.

        • This one by any chance?

          Or this one direct from Zemismart? (Think it is the same)

          • @Public21: Yes that's the one from Ali Express. I think they are the same, and looks like ZemiSmart sells direct or through AliExpress.

            • @bf: Thanks. I did some further digging and it looks like I have a different model driver that might not work with the hub.

              Mine is the M515EGB (without the ZTN) and it comes with a separate wifi dongle for each driver. For some reason, this model is cheaper than the M515EGBZTN (which also requires the hub).

              I’m guessing yours has a wifi transmitter in the driver to talk to the hub, while mine might only rely on an RF signal from the dongle. Being the cheapskate in true Ozbargain fashion, I went the cheaper route.

    • How big are your blinds? Do you think they're powerful enough to move approximately 2.5m x 2.5m blinds?

      • +1

        The one blind I have a driver on at the moment is 1.8m wide by 2m high and it has no problem handling that.

        They are Luxaflex, so are reasonable quality and roll easily. I am looking at two more - 2.7m wide x 2m high - and I think it should handle them.

        @bf appears to have a lot more, so would be better placed to offer advice.

      • +1

        Hi the blinds I’m using this for are not big (about 1.5m high by 1.2m wide) so I can’t say how well they work for larger ones, sorry.

    • Do you need to plug it to a power outlet all the time? Or just charge them occasionally?

      If occasionally, how many usage before the battery goes flat?

      • Hi

        The ones I bought (Not the model in this post) have built in batteries so no need to keep plugged in.

        I don’t know how long battery lasts as I’ve only had them a couple of weeks.

        They came with charge cables with USB plugs, but no power adapters (so you have to use your own).

        • Thanks for your reply, can you please share the link for the one you bought? Thanks