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AOC 27G2 27" 144Hz IPS FHD Monitor + an Item $14.42 (or More) for $200 Delivered @ Wireless 1


Free delivery on orders over $200. Code gives 17% off without signing in to an account, or 22% if you do sign in. So if you don't sign in you can get it for $200.86 delivered (17% off), but if you do sign in you can get it for $188.76 (which is a new all time low for this monitor, albeit just 24c cheaper than last month's Amazon deal), and if you add any item/s that total at least $11.24 (after the discount if it's also eligible for the BD17 code) you can get free shipping. Cheapest shipping option for Sydney seems to be $8.54, so the monitor by itself can still be had for under $200 delivered depending on your location.

You can shop by category (top left corner of the site) and sort by lowest price to find cheap items to hit the $200.

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  • Question, which one is better for 27inch monitor more Hz (144hz vs 75hz) or better resolution (FHD vs 2k)?
    I am using it for work excel, word, Web browsing

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      Resolution if it's for productivity. A 27 inch 1080p monitor would look very grainy compared to 27 inch 1440p.

    • This one is great for gaming or videos. Bad for excel or any work purposes - I have one already

    • 60/75hz is fine for productivity, QHD is better than FHD as you want high text clarity for work but FHD is still acceptable for a lot people. Why not just check out a 27" FHD in store to see what you think.

      • Would 4K better than 2K for excel and word? Thanks

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          I think 4k on a 27" is an overkill, you would end up scaling everything to 150% to be able to use the UI.

          • @deliriouss: +1 I was about to say this. Scaling is still very shitty and lots of software still not able to handle scaling properly.

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      I would pick 144hz FHD over 2k 75hz, just moving the mouse and windows around and stuff looks so much better when its so smooooth

      • But you can pick up cheap 144hz 2k monitors anyway, they just wont be good for gaming, with poor response times and colours and such.

  • Do I need 2 of these to go side by side with my AG273FZE, no. Am I getting 2 of these now, yes. Damnit

  • 144Hz IPS? And it's (relatively) cheap too. Man, technology is great

  • Anyone else getting: The coupon code isn't valid. Verify the code and try again.?

    • discount shows up at check out. double check the final price before paying

  • There seems to be a steam gift card promo attached to this monitor (seen on OP's link as well as https://www.pccasegear.com/products/48301/aoc-27g2-fhd-144hz... and here https://www.aocmonitorspromotion.com/

    Am I interpreting this correctly that that is compatible with this deal?

    Edit: it seems like the product number doesn't exactly match with the deal. Though it does include 27G2X, 27G2S, and 27G2E.

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      Yeah this one isn't included in the promo. There's a 1440p 155Hz 27" IPS that is (might be the 27G2S) that you can get for $311 now on eBay (so just under $300 with gift cards). Probably worth getting over this 27G2 if you'd make use of the $50 gift card.

  • I already have a 1440p monitor, should I get two more of this for gaming? I'm talking about games like Forza/ asset to Corsair any game that can take advantage of three monitors. Would it look bad for peripheral vision/ secondary monitor for work?

    I'm debating if I need a high resolution/ low frame rate secondary and tertiary monitor or a high frame rate/ low resolution secondary and tertiary monitor

  • 24in and 27in are selling for same price. so confused about which one to buy?