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Merino Wool Quilts (Australian Made) from $47.20 ($46.02 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Linen Dreams eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Edit. The seller has multiple listings of the same product, if your size and weight are sold out here then check their store. Eg this listing https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Aus-Made-Merino-Wool-Quilt-Duvet...

Good prices on some 100% merino wool quilts made in Australia. Have bought of this seller in the past due to their popularity from past deals here and can recommend.

Australian Made Merino Woolen Quilts

Weight ratings: 200GSM, 350GSM, 500GSM and 700GSM (grams/square metre).

Sizes: Cot/Cotbed, Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King and Super King.

Eg a 500 GSM King comes in at $68.64 (ebay plus code)

These are DRY-CLEAN ONLY. They do sell machine-washable quilts but they're more expensive.

Don't forget shopback have 3% off ebay gift cards and 5% off $20 swap gift cards (convert to ebay) to increase the savings.

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  • +3

    i just got mine this week, loving it ! 700gsm.

    i wish they have the 1000GSM

    • +2

      Yep, agreed - I bought the 700gsm a few weeks ago at full price and absolutely loving it. So warm, I’ve been sleeping so much better.

    • +1

      I also have the 700gsm. All we use in winter. Still sleep confortable with a T-shirt

  • +1

    Anyone know if there's a strong smell on these as is with the cheap duck down ones?

    • +3

      Don't recall getting a strong odor with these

    • Not at all. It’s really good that you’ll love it in winter. I have bought 5 from this seller so far.

    • +9

      I have an unopened quilt that I just tested. It has a faint scent of a wool up close but I imagine it'd largely disappear once it is out of the plastic bag and aired outside for a day. If you've been to an old wool store or shearing shed it is a similar recognisable scent.

      If anyone is interested, the quilts are from this Australian company: Woolcomfort Pty Ltd. ACN 110 041 328 ABN 70 110 041 328. Google Street View

    • -3

      To have the smell they need to have pure New wool. At this price the wool is surely recycled.

      • It does, and it is not.

        • I wish we could see who negged whom, because people shouldn't be allowed to neg vote facts, without explaining why they're opposed to the truth.

    • @camMMM Nah! Not a problem, they don't put the ducks through sheep dip.

  • +1

    Ouch, impulse bought it. Hope its good. Got 22% off with ebay plus too.

    • +2

      It's AMAZING.
      I have a queen, and my parents have 2 king-singles.

      They're just the best blankets I've ever owned.

  • +1

    Bought one a few years back on full price - have kept us very warm every winter

  • Entered PFYS20 and got "This code can't be applied to your order."

    • Have you got Ebay Plus?

      • Oh I didn't realise these codes are exclusively for ebay+ only, I thought non ebay+ members are still eligible for 20% instead of 22%

      • +3

        I was able to get 20% without ebay plus.

        • Really? It even says you need to be Ebay Plus member.

        • Me too. Sweet savings!

  • Can you code stack or use one only, just wondering if it's worth signing up to eBay Plus

    • Can only use one.

      PEOFY22 is considered voucher/coupon, as is the $50 voucher/coupon you get from signing up.

      • Can I buy multiple items from multiple sellers in one transaction and have 22% discount on total?

        • Yes you can. Add them all to the cart, apply code in checkout, make payment. As long as the items are eligible for the 22% discount.

  • +2

    Does anyone know what the prices are of the machine-washable ones are?

    • +2

      Machine washable ones can be found in this link

    • So the cost of dry cleaning one of these is about the same as buying a new quilt/doona.

      Anyone explain how it makes sense to buy a washable quilt/doona when the economics just don't stack up?

  • Can anyone suggest what GSM would work for Brisbane, QLD?

    • +1

      I own the 700GSM, and can't use it for about 2 months of summer.
      The rest of the year, it's fine.

      I'm a cold sleeper though; so if you're not, perhaps 500gsm.

    • +4

      Get the 200gsm and use an extra blanket if you need to in winter. I have the 350gsm and it's way to hot for summer and way to hot for warmish winter nights like tonight and last night.

  • Reckon it's much better than the kmart wool quilts ?

    • +3

      Made in China @kmart vs made in AU.

      But regardless, I've tried both, the LinenDreams one is properly 'layered', the kmart one is more 'fill' like you'd imagine a pillow.

      • cheers - i've actually got the kmart one (think its medium warmth though) and it just doesn't cut it during cold nights. Wondering if this one makes a difference, how did you find it in terms of warmth?

        • +1

          I've had a 500gsm one from linen dreams for a few years. They are the business warmth wise.

        • +1

          I have the 700gsm and only need to put it away for 2 months of the year (though, i am a cold sleeper).

          The difference with these compared to other wool blankets ive tried, is that because its properly 'sheeted', it insulates yout natural body temp, rather than stopping air movement entirely.

          I think thats key.

          Even the 700gsm isnt a "warm blanket", in the sense that it makes me feel hot. But if i have a shower, and go straight to bed, ill stay toasty all night.

  • +7

    This link is $1 cheaper from the same seller for the King size 700GSM lol:

  • +1

    What's the difference between dry & wet clean version?

    • +1

      No responsibility if you choose to risk it but we never dry clean things labelled dry clean only.

      'Dry cleaning' is a misnomrer:

      • I'm the same when it comes to 'dry clean only'.. with the exception of delicate dresses and my suits.

        Ditto 'hand wash only'.

  • 700gsm out of stock for queen and king size

  • What GSM would be more ideal for a year round quilt?
    I'm a warm to hot sleeper so was thinking the 500gsm, or should it be the 350?

    • +1

      If you are a warm sleeper then 350 would suffice, i have a 500 and i cant use it outside of winter as its just too much.

      • Thanks Ntonio, purchased the 350!

  • +1

    I got the 500gsm Queen exactly this time last year - for the current temps in Sydney, it's not warm enough and I need an extra blanket on top, so I would recommend getting the 700. That being said, that would mean 500 is good for spring and autumn, and just add a blanket in winter. In summer I have to change to a light throw or something though, the 500 would be way too stuffy.

  • Only 350gsm (Queen) left in stock. Will give it a miss. Shame.
    Correction: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10654704/redir

  • +2

    Crap. Signed up for Ebay Plus to use the $50 however one cannot use the 20% off and also use the $50. Its one or the other. Bugger and what a waste! $119 with coupon noted compared to only $103 if I use $50 voucher, hence $50 vchr only worth $16 if applied. What a scam ebay……not happy that I can not use it with the current deal!

    and yeah…………..reading the fine print says: The code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher!

    Will put it on hold for now (being late)!

    • I can confirm I used the 20% discount code without an eBay plus and it went through fine 2nd time. A queen 500 gsm for $68.Using iOS eBay app.

      • Which code did you use? I tried both without Ebay+ and both did not go through

        • +1

          PFYS20…I am not sure if it still works.in my case it accepted it in 2nd try.

    • The 22% off was the Ebay plus coupon, the 20% off was just regular Ebay.

      And yes, I was also stung with not being able to use vouchers and coupons together when I signed up as well :)

  • I love our duck and goose down but need a super king
    Are these fluffy at all or flat?
    Is Australian wool that good or just popular in aus?

    • -1

      Very fluffy.

      • Who negged this? I can send you video proof. Can we see who negged us? I want to 'confront' whoever is calling me a liar.

  • Most 700gsm already sold out in all sizes

  • There are other sellers for similar products for slightly cheaper e.g. $46 for 500gsm Queen

    No idea if there are comparable quality though

    • They would not be Australian made too, which may be important for some.

  • Just bought king size 700gsm. Back in stock I guess.

  • +3

    wondering where is the proof that these are australian made. I notice that their licence for being australian made, which they include in this ad, expired in may 2017

  • +1

    I think i got one of the machine washable ones in a previous deal. Definitely warm but by christ it is noisy, something about the material used i guess. The ruffle noise moving positions or even just moving your legs is that annoying we stopped using it.

  • These are waaaaay too warm really. We got the 200gsm and the 350 gsm last deal, thinking we would put them together for winter (in Melbourne). No way - we use the 200gsm one in winter, with the windows as open as they will go, and it's just barely cool enough to sleep.

    • It just proves how different everyone is.
      700gsm here all year round; minus 2 months.

      I'm a "shorts in winter" guy while im awake; but at night? The more the better.

      • Im stacking a 500 and 700 for the current winter in Perth, but I'm a boxers only guy when I sleep. It's perfect at night but gets pretty damn warm by morning

        • I crank up my Aircon in summer so i can hug my thick blanket like winter, so 500GSM sounds perfect for QLD summer …🤔

          • +1

            @lovepub: What a waste of energy!

            • +2

              @jalwa: Guilty as charge.
              Lock me up in a oven cell and let me burn in hell

  • Can some kind soul please let me know how much does a king size quilt weigh?
    Is it easier Carry able?

    • Depends on the weight you choose;

      From 200-700 grams, per square meter.

  • Thanks .
    Get one for myself

  • Is this the same product? Any reason why it's cheaper? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/131567294396

    • +1

      The one listed by the OP is merino wool and Australian made.

      • Ahh yes I see. Luckily purchased the other one :)

    • Your link is not merino wool I guess that's why it's cheaper

      Correct me if I am wrong

      • Nope, you're right. Not Merino and not Aus made it seems.

  • My order has been shipped without tracking details. Does anyone receive tracking details for this purchase?

    • Nope no tracking for me

    • The 3 orders I've put through with them over the last year didn't use the ebay tracking feature, but used my registered email address within ebay, to send me tracking details.

      Each time, they've shown up perfect, so I wouldn't be too worried.

  • Anyone received theirs yet? Tracking number has been provided but nothing since 28th June

    • We ordered 2 Queen, delivered last Thursday.

    • Got mine within a week….pretty fast delivery

    • Yeah mine only took 3 days into regional Victoria to arrive. Could be worth a message to them

    • Same here. No updates since 28th June

      • I got a response from them today, saying to wait till next Mon and if it hasnt arrived, they'll ship another one out.

  • Anyone received there's yet and can comment on the quality? I'm keen on the 700gsm one for Melbourne winter.

    Is it thick and warm?

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