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Makita Pressure Washer $57 at Bunnings Save $40


Makita 1300W High Pressure Cleaner 1450psi, 5m hose, Telescopic handle.
Cheapest I can find elsewhere online is $139
Saw this advertised in the daily telegraph today. Unbelievable price! Not sure how long at his price? On pg12
Heaps of other great prices as well.

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  • Thanks… I have been looking for one of these… I was going to hire one.

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    Copy of the ad would be good thx.

    • The that would considering their website shows no proof they actually sell this product..

    • Thx
      and that code doesnt show up on the website either but in store they should be able to cross check it np's

  • it's not in the catalog

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    That's dirt cheap for a pressure cleaner.

  • There was a big pallet of these in the stores a week or so ago. I'd say that they were getting ready for this promo.

    I think I'll grab one.

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    Any idea if these are in WA too?

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      Just called Cannington and they don't have any Makita pressure washers at all.

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        I just dropped into the Innaloo store and it was being sold for $97. They have a Karcher there for $99 which also looks interesting. Maybe they will stock up and drop the price here as well… who knows, this is WA after all !!

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          if i have time today im going to try get it at $57.

          "If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item we'll beat it by 10%*"

  • I think it's a bargain. Will get one if i can tomorrow

  • Would VIC stores have em? Moorabin, hawthorn?
    Are these same as karcher ones with detergent compartment?

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    Ahhhh not the pressure washer!! My arch enemy, pressure washed and scrubbed the entire warehouse at work today, 8 hours and 7 blisters later… Need a new back.

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    Masters (in Vic) have a pressure washer thats pretty close to the Makita for $58.00 so maybe they are trying to beat that.
    Scorpion are Made in Italy.
    1300w Pressure Washer
    • Aluminium pump with stainless plunges
    • Flow Rate: 6L/min
    • Max Pressure: 1450psi
    • Working Pressure: 950psi
    • 5m hose
    • Variable fan lance

    This is as good a deal as the Makita if you have a Masters nearby.

    • Masters are in NSW as well and I saw this pressure washer on paper catalogue.If I couldn't get one from Bunnings, I plan to get this one instead.

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      yeah looks like that is what they are trying to do - offer a 'similar' product. Heh competition is good after all ;)

    • How did you manage to get all these information?

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        The specs are out of an old austechindustries.com.au catalogue.

        • Not made in Italy, Made in PRC.

    • Website doesnt work..! Personally for quality u can't go past a karcher. Never herd of this brand. Good for washing cars?? Can u put soap in it?

      • I know 2 people that have had karchers and one was returned twice the other once . Not a good strike rate . FYI These were $300 karchers not their bottom of the range models either .

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        You never heard of Makita? they are quite famous for their power tools.

      • Gerni are by far much better than Karcher. Return rates support this.

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    I am thinking I would prefer a makita branded product over a dodgy scorpion brand anyday though!

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      Makita doesn't make any pressure washer so you most probably are paying only for the brand.
      At least we know that Scorpion is the manufacturer and maybe they sell the stuff to Makita :P

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      If I was buying a power drill I might but for a $57-$58 pressure washer I'm not sure Makita is going to be any more advanced than a Scorpion. They are both just budget machines as heavily discounted as each other.
      And I would not be surprised if the guts of both are exactly the same, the specs certainly are.
      Having said that, Bunnings is closer to me than Masters.

    • yeh…lol…karcher is still the best.

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    ooh nice one of the first shots fired in the hardware wars :)

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    can you use these to wash cars? I don't want to get those with crazy PSIs that strips paint.

    • I'm not sure of this model in particular, but I have a karcher with this hose piece (just like a the garden hose ends) that you can twist to reduce the pressure and widen the spray radius.

      I usually use a wide spray circle for my car, but twist it all the way down to the full jet stream for my tires :)

    • +3

      I don't rate pressure cleaners for doing the car, it does a pretty ordinary job and you end up injecting water into your lights/indicators and it buggers them. Just saying slowmo ;)

    • Paint stripping power. Now that's a selling point haha. If it works sorta like those vending car wash hoses I was my car then it should be fine. But best test out before hand.

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      it will be fine for washing cars, wont take paint off, paint doesn't come off unless its already flaking.. if it removes concrete from your driveway, then you should be worried about your paint..

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        These will remove concrete or at least leave an indent and they could damage paint if you get too close

        • Yes, if you hold it close enough it will eventually damage anything in front of it but I use one on my car and it is safe.

    • My old car doesn't mind :P

  • Anyone have found stock in Sydney stores? Which store?

    • Just bought one this morning from Bunnings in Seven Hills. Was on one of the displays near the front marked as $57. Still had about a dozen left.

    • Heaps left at the auburn bunnings-strangely none left at the lidcombe one tho

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    Just picked one up from Pakenham Bunnings. They had about 10 stacked in front of the tool shop, and had it highlighted at $99. Took it to the service desk and it scanned at $57.

    • U rekon south oakligh have these in stock at that price as well? Anyone call up.. Planning to go tomorow

      • notting hill bunnings has alot, $57

    • Same thing here in coffs harbour ie Advertised @ $99. The lady at the counter told me the company made a mistake about pricing lol Im not sure that overly true though

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    No go in South Australia, Munno Para :(

    Did partake in the sausage sizzle out the front and random screws & gardening bits though, as you do.!

    • try Mile End

    • Try Parafield, they have one on hold for me after I rang them.

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    How much was the #ucking Oil? I need some

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    Anyone got an pic of ad from Daily Telegraph p12 showing the date please? Just spoke to someone in Bunnings and they said they will pricematch with dated ad. Would be greatly appreciated.

  • Got one from VIC Nunawading.. many still left

  • Does anyone know when this offer ends?

    • It'll go untill sold out they won't order any more as they're on promotion. Well below cost to match masters

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    Just went to Melville Bunnings in WA. They have 40 in stock. But the scan price is $99.

    After I told them about the deal (printed copy of the scan) and price in Masters, they said there is no Masters in WA, the price stay at $99.

    Since there is no competition in WA yet, bunnings just keep its price up.

    • There is one Masters already open in WA in Baldivis (official opening this week but is already open)with others opening in the next month

  • Picked one up from bunnings Stafford, they had heaps and were marked as $57

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    Just went to Marion Bunnings in SA. They have many in stock, but the scan price is $99 too.

    I asked about it being on sale in other stores, but no go.

    Any chance someone could please post a receipt? Can hurt to give it a try, Thanks!

    • hold on, mate.
      they are in the catalogue and it is nationwide, isn't it ?

      • Which catalogue? I can't see it :(

      • +1

        It is not nationwide. Only at the states that has a threat to their price.

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      Just got the last one at Modbury, SA store (was hidden away and there is no barcode/tag on shelf). Scanned at $99 but very nice lady at refund/returns desk called a NSW store to confirm the price and price matched it less 10%, so got it for $51. All depends on which staff member you get, I think - other lady at normal checkout was not interested in following up.

      Thank you adamwf.

      • +2

        Price Masturbation (beat their own price).

    • I rang Parafield and they put one on hold for me at the $57 price…

  • Got two at Bunnings Vermont Vic, there was about 15 left, marked as $99, but had a sticker on top saying $57

  • bunnings port melbourne has a whole pallet of them marked at $57

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    got one at tuggerah, nsw. girl guides suckered me in to the sausage sizzle too, dammit

    • +2

      Hmmm, I wonder if we might start seeing some healthy competition between sausage sizzles at bunnings and masters?

  • Just bought one from auburn. The guy told me that it can draw water from a bucket but it cant so im returning it :( . Tried it out at the car wash bay at my apartment and it seems to work pretty good considering price. Comes with two nozzles, one that apparently gives extra power… If anyone has questions im happy to answer while i have it with me..

  • Went to Wollongong and they had about 30 to 40
    near Tool Area.
    I enquired with the Tool sales
    They said to Avoid…
    Already had a few returns
    We had floods here thursday night
    so people are buying Gernis and Karchers
    to do clean ups

    • Still at least 20 left on Monday.

  • Went to Highpoint this morning and grab one myself. The deal i great, the Makita is well design, with decent fittings, and compartment for everything. Come with two nozzels, and a liquid soap sprayer. The only draw back and it a huge one. The water intake fitting is faulty. Even with the makita fitting on the hose, and no presure from the water tank. Water leak out of the fitting like Niagara fall. Maybe it just not my lucky day, has anyone else has similar problem?
    And regarding drawing water from a bucket, never heard any pressure washer was able to do that. But once the presure is prime, it can draw water from my tank that has hardly any presure at all.

    • Most karchers can. 100$ ones do as per advertised! Have u tried on this one or it need to be connected to a tap??

    • had that happen to mine too just change the white clear fittings where you join the holes with the machine and change it to a normal trap fitting like the one you put on the tap and it wont leak anymore sorry about the wording im not really sure of the names

    • yes.same problem .just returned for exchange.the staff opened 2 New boxes and still found faulty intake fittings. he said he will report it to the supplier .so I bought karcher k2 for $76.

  • Can anyone tell me what page of the Telegraph the ad is on?
    I think I can get price matching done interstate with a printout of it..

  • Does this draw water from bucket with good pressure?? It's it Spose to or is faulty? Can someone explain

  • Bought one from Bunnings in Rockdale & they had a big display with about a dozen left. Have just spent the last 2 hours cleaning cement pathways & the front brick fence. The difference is amazing. This is an awesome unit for $57 & didn't miss a beat. Thumbs up from me.

    • But can it draw water
      From a bucket efficiently??

      • not sure. I used it attached to the hose with no probs.

      • -1

        You know Gavman you might be better to go and buy one and try it for yourself to see if it does what you want. If it doesnt, take it back.

        • +2

          Why waste my time when I can ask the 480 ppl who bought one today on Ozbargains. Surely someone has tested this out. Anyways not too keen after hearing about these pissing out water from the bottom. Mite go for the karcher

      • Says nothing about drawing water from a bucket in the manual, doubt its supported.

  • Ashfield Bunnings were sold out of the Makita so we got the Karcher 2.08 for $76 (discounted from $99 RRP)
    Testing it now, first impressions seem pretty good so far.

  • Bought one today from Oxley in Brisbane and they have heaps of them. I had the same problem with the push on water inlet fitting leaking and had to use my own gear to get it going. Bloody thing sounds like a 747 running in your driveway and I had neighbours closing doors and windows when using it - so I guess you get what you pay for but it works ok for light and short duties.

    • Sounds worth it just for the neighbourhood angst

  • Went to Tuggeranong Bunnings and it scanned at $99. :(

  • Are these on specia??

  • Employee, can verify these are well below cost and on promotion. Should scan up as 57. Sold a few today but be aware of repair warranty. But at 57 it's definitely worthwhile

  • -2

    I was about to pick up one at my local bunnings but the box show it was made in PRC. So I walk away lol, maybe I will buy one at master.

    • +3

      Where were you hoping it was made?

    • Did you think they make Makita's in Japan?

    • Should rethink that mindset..
      some of the premium quality items are made in China..
      Chinese market grows from premium and cheap goods..
      only reason they have bad rep is because the cheap goods always catch your attention and always break first.. because ie. they are made cheap.. pay for what you get.

      you can always tell by the quality of the materials and how they made it by looking carefully because some of it is of equal quality..

      actually i have alot of tools from china.. I just buy the higher end gear made in China.. lasted me few years already.

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