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365 Day Long Expiry Pre-Paid Phone Plan (Unlimited Call & Text, 145GB Data) $200 @ Woolworths Mobile (Online Only)


This will pay for itself with 10% off your Woolies shop once per month (doesn’t apply to Tobacco or gift cards).

Now with data gifting to others on Woolworths mobile long life plans.
On Telstra wholesale network.

Don't forget to go via Shopback or CashRewards for an additional $20 saving.

Also available 100GB for $150 : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/589929

Referral Links

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The referrer and referee will both receive a $20 WISH eGift Card (Only until 12 Dec 2021, Gift card value is $10 thereafter). Referral codes can only be shared after 35 days of service and gift cards sent only after staying for at least 3 active months. Maximum of 10 referrals per year. Once referred customer activates on Woolworths Mobile, they must download the Woolworths Mobile App, and enter the eligible referral code within 30 days by selecting “Refer a friend” from the slide out menu.

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  • +13

    I am on a different Woolworths pre-paid plan but get 2 x 10% discounts a month. Once online and once in store using my everyday rewards card. Woolworths are paying me to use their mobile service.

    • +29

      no, your overpriced fruits and veggies are subsidizing your mobile service.

      • Exactly

      • +2

        I don’t buy fruits or vegetables from
        Woolworths, so no.

      • +3

        Where do you get a constantly cheaper price for fruits and veggies across the whole range? In Brisbane, even some veggies and fruits can be more expensive in the farmer markets.

        • +2

          You guys don't have local green grocers over there? If you're going to farmers markets then you're doing it wrong.

        • +1

          Agreed, my local greengrocer is considerably more expensive than the local Woolies. It's just up the road so I sometimes buy there rather than trek to Woolworths but I always feel that I've been had when I pay.

    • Is this an old offer? Can’t seem to find this now

    • How do we jump on this offer?

  • Do you get 2 discounts per month, if you get 2 services? Any way to stack them together in the same shop?

    • Sure, you would probably get 2 if you have 2 unique numbers. But you won't be able to stack it as its linked to a WRC and you can only use one WRC per shop.

      • +2

        Not from this:

        For clarity, a customer only has one Woolworths Mobile account even if he/she has signed up to multiple Woolworths Mobile services (or has multiple mobile numbers) under the account.

        Also, i'm an insurance so not eligble either for a 2nd:

        The Offer cannot be:

        2. used by Eligible Customers who are also a Woolworths Credit Card holder and/or a Woolworths Insurance policyholders eligible for “Get 10% off your shop”

        • Oh sorry i misread it as though it was going to be their partner etc.

  • do they have 5G? I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB.

    • +5

      Only Vodafone (pre and post paid), Telstra (post paid and maybe prepaid) and Optus (Post paid only)
      Have 5G. No MVNO has 5g band access in Australia

    • +2

      nah, I believe only Telstra customers get 5g on their network…even then you need to be on an expensive plan to get it free.

      • Optus postpaid gets 5G

        • +3

          oh i was referred to Woolies being a Telstra MVNO

  • +15

    How is this a deal? Its just their regular price.

  • +2

    Catch is roughly the same value but on optus network. 120gb - $120


    • With the 2 promos, wouldn't this WW deal be $160 which is not roughly the same as $120?

      • What two promos? I can see one for $20 cash rewards/shopback.

  • Hi all,
    Anyone knows the validity of this prepaid plan? My contract with kogan is expiring in aug.

    • I don’t about this woolies one, but why don’t you get the Bogoff deal from kogan? People are selling a 250gb for $133 (activate by 31/7 so you might loose a few days). Unless you are after woolies discount?

      • +1

        why don’t you get the Bogoff deal from kogan?


    • It's always a gamble, but should be ok unless plans change. Sim would have a use by date of 1 or 2 years.

    • The Woolworths Mobile Service Terms says SIM must be activated within 60 days from purchase

      • Thanks for the info!

  • +1

    Wouldn’t Aldi be better? $159 for 130gb


    • +1

      The Woolies one includes monthly 10% shopping discount.

      • To give some clarity - 10% off one checkout each month for customers with a linked everyday rewards card.

        • and you need to be connected for at least 45 days before getting the 10% offer

  • +2

    I have the woolies sim, but found reception is soso. When I'm on the train between redfern to townhall I have no signal.

    Worth it for the monthly 10% discount though.

    • +1

      That's the same for the whole Telstra network

      • +1

        Same for other networks too

    • This has been a blackspot for YEARS. Like a decade or so…

  • Does anyone know what the definition of a 'video call' is in their excluded charges? I assume facetime/whats app uses data so wont be charged extra?

    • Whatsapp works on internet so it won't be charged

    • Does anyone know what the definition of a 'video call' is in their excluded charges

      Phones used to be able to make video calls natively. Like a regular call but with video and no app need.

    • +2

      MMS video calls are excluded. Early 2000’s technology that no one ever uses.

  • Woolworths mobile work on Telstra locked phones?

    • +1


  • Stack with dismounted e wish cards? That's a lot off

    • Yes you can pay with discounted woolies gift cards with your 10% off.

  • This is good but I really don't want to switch from another service provider again.. currently on Boost Mobile $300 prepaid plan but scared to switch in case something goes wrong.

  • Has anyone tried using a woolies gift card to pay for this? I have a $200 one from the anz rewards credit card and there doesn’t seem to be an option at the checkout.

    • No. There is no provision to do this.

  • "Cashback is ineligible on recharges to existing services."

  • If you want to go with WW and if your data use is only moderate, they have a 6 months deal which becomes $130 p.a.
    15GB $65 180 day expiry.

    Or a 12 months WW plan:
    100GB $150 365 day expiry

    But, best deal (but Optus Network) is: $89 for first 365 days: New services only. Limit one per customer. 60GB data allowance is applied upfront after $89 payment and activation. Offer ends 30/06/21. Also, you should be able to pay for this using a Catch Gift Card, which are not hard to purchase at a discount.

  • Be very careful of this offer. It's details include 'data rollover' for unused data month to month. HOWEVER it is not available until the renew after THE END of the agreement.

    Woolies simply state 'bad luck' (or other words).

    The TIO are looking at Woolies Mobiles offer currently.

    Having said that the 10% off shopping (monthly) added to the 'wholesale' Telstra Coverage is FAR AND ABOVE better than Voda/Kogan/other Voda resellers

    • care to explain what u mean by "HOWEVER it is not available until the renew after THE END of the agreement." ?

  • +1

    The key is to get your parents on the plan and then transfer their left over data they don't use after 12 months…

  • What's the actual difference except price SIM only and pre paid?

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