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[Pre Order] Ubiquiti UniFi U6-LR Wi-Fi 6 Long-Range Access Point $276.86 ($269.94 eBay Plus) Delivered (NSW C&C) @ Sydneytec


It is on Pre-Order, but is possibly the cheapest I have ever seen for this. I ordered it & got an ETA on July 14 ymmv

$269.94 with code PEOFY22 for ebay plus members

Also, these models don't come with poe injections

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    It's showing as $269.94 with code PEOFY22

    • Ebay Plus Only :(

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        Put it in title.

  • Thanks OP! Checkout for me was $269.94 (Ebay Plus member).

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    Tempted to but no way they are going to get 40+ next month

    • I just got notification that mine are getting ready to ship so let's see when they come.

      • I messaged today and asked for eta and they said July 14th, but I also got the shipping notification

        • Well… They are being shipped via Australia Post so it may very well take them 2 weeks to get to Melbourne!

    • Mine already shipped Monday the 28th and are expected the 29th-2nd.

      • Mine just arrived, so very happy with their shipping speed.

        • Likewise, hooked up and working. Yay

          • @teacherer: Yep, literally arrived overnight. Ridiculously fast turn around, very impressed. Props to Sydneytec.

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    No PoE adapter provided with this. Just something to keep in mind, as whilst many people may have a PoE switch, very few people would have a 2.5G+ PoE switch.

    Which is fine if you don’t have internal network transfer requirements. But just be aware is all. Otherwise you will effectively bottleneck your 5GHz Wi-Fi speeds down to 1Gbps. Which again, might be fine for your use case or might not. Just trying to provide some food for thought is all!

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      This AP only has a 1gbit port on it though so 2.5gbit at the switch doesn’t matter.

    • You need very specific conditions to see over 1Gbps though WiFi anyway, so it's a none issue - there's no bottleneck.

    • Should also note these do not ship with PoE injectors at all, unlike previous versions which came optionally with or without it bundled in. Just in case anyone was holding out for something like that.

  • Just had some u6 lites arrive from mwave. Guess I could return em

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    This is a great price and tempting, but if I buy two of these I also want the Unifi 24 port PoE switch, and a Unifi Cloud Key, feel my wallet starting to heat up.

    • yeah that #ubiqitilyf is a challenge!

    • You can get second hand 24/48 Port Gig POE switch for around $200 You can install unify controller on windows / linux computer.

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      You don't need a cloud key. A low powered vm or a pi can be a self hosted cloudkey without battery of course. Also, having your own hardware, unifi doesn't force you to have a cloud account. Further, the controller is not required to be on 24/7 - really only for maintenance, configuration changes.

  • Any advantage over a mesh setup?

  • I received my one of these the other day

    FYI for those interested - the specs for it say's it requires 802.3at POE+ to power this, but I'm running it off my US‑8‑60W (which has 15.4W 802.3af PoE ports) with no issues (mine currently says it's drawing 6.54W) (I guess if you had a sh*t ton of clients shmashing away at full bandwidth it might draw near it's max power (16.5W) and possibly cause an issue)

    • Do you have have any real world performance in terms of range etc? I'm interested to see how far these things go.

      • I don't (I have a number of different Unifi AP's in my house so from the client site I probably won't know which AP I'm actually connected to anyway)

        But before I went with the U6-LR I did see this: https://help.ui.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005212927-UniFi-UAP...
        which appears to indicate the U6-LR should have a much stronger radiation pattern/range than the UAP-AC-LR I replaced

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        Range depends on the device you connect.

        You might be able to join the network, but if that device can’t send packets back to the AP it’s fruitless to have a long range

      • Also depends on your house construction and how much congestion there is on your airwaves.

        These have outstanding range … but they might not have outstanding range for you.

  • Would it not be more beneficial to install 2x u6 lite vs 1x u6 LR?

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      Without knowing your house, I’d lean towards multiple lites over a single LR, especially when you can get the lites on a good day for $145-160ish. The LR has better antennas, but a wall is still not a 5GHz signals friend. Having two units likely gives you more flexibility to place them to minimise the number of walls the signal will need to go through.

      That’s assuming having to run extra cables and having multiple PoE ports are all fine and won’t run your costs up too much.

      The lite is also far smaller a unit, which personally I thinks a plus for the home. See here for LR on left and Lite on right. Note that there was a prerelease LR that was much smaller than the one they shipped to market, so some reviews or comparisons out there will show a much smaller LR as they’re using the Early Access model.


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