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Nvidia Shield TV Pro $279 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Free shipping, 30 units available, limit 1 per customer. Part of their Epic Hour on Wednesday June 30. Runs from 9-10pm AEST.

Update 30/6: It's now part of their EOFY sale, starts at 7pm AEST. Looks like it won't have free shipping though.

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        For some, AppleTV definitely not better for my uses though.

        • plex?

          • @petry: Not since i got my NAS, it runs plex server now. Mostly IPTV and emulators these days (which CCwGTV could do also, but hey, i don't have a time machine).

    • This or dedicated HDR?

  • Can i load kodi on google tv

    • +1

      Yep. Just enable developers and unknow

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    My 2017 shield recently died for no apparent reason, really reluctant to by another one after nvidia pretty much not helping after the 1 year mark

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    I've been using the Shield for a couple of years now. Have used the Mi Box, Chromecast and Sony smart TVs as well. The shield does have more power than those, but has some serious downsides as well
    - Internal memory is very low - there's a shit load of bloatware from Google, Amazon etc that cannot be deleted leaving very low usable space.
    - This can be expanded by using one of the 2 USB ports to add on external storage. However - if you do use this option you should note that there's a known issue that prevents the Shield from going on standby properly and it will keep waking after you've put it on standby. This is crazily annoying if you have CEC enabled and it wakes your TV as well. Walking into your hall half asleep in the middle of the night to find your TV switched on is a bit disconcerting. Nvidia support have no solution.
    - Audio is through HDMI only - no optical ports for those with older receivers.
    - And yes now this Glorious Google update from our Dear Leaders which now force channel advertising on the home screen since we don't have enough advertising. This however can be turned off by Uninstalling Updates on Android TV home.

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      Audio is through HDMI only - no optical ports for those with older receivers
      This or similar will give you SPDIF optical out fully supported by Android OS.

    • "Uninstalling updates on Android TV home" Are you sure? I thought i saw on reddit reports this did not last (it would revert), and only way was to basically break it to the extent you are not signed in to google services? Keen to know as i loath the advertising billboard.

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    Not sure if this is important to anyone but Apple TV app is available in Nvidia shield pro.

  • Have not seen any ads on my Sony TV with the latest Android TV update. Sony TV's have had this update weeks before Google rolled it out to other devices.

    Apple TV app has been on Sony TV for months before it made it to other Android TV's

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      Apple TV aap is available to only some sony TV models not all.

  • I just uninstalled Android TV Home updates and disabled auto updating apps. This has solved the issue (for now)

  • This or an xbox series s? For streaming apps plus PLEX

    • Depends what your TV and Hifi equipment is like - Have you got DV, Atmos capable devices and a sound system that will make use of lossless passthrough? Or do you value the gaming system that the Series S provides more so?

      Basically if youre a heavy Plex Remux, lossless audio + Atmos, DV media consumer etc then get a Shield - if not its probably overkill.

      • I value using retroarch and gamepass

        I have a LG OLED BX 55 shortly to be along side an atmos soundbar of some sort

        Would like to be able to play 4k content from a NAS

        • Get the xbox- Atmos through a soundbar is rather redundant. Retroarch is awesome on the Xbox series x/s

      • Or even an apple tv 4k

    • don't know about Plex, but xbox is terrible for streaming 4K content using Emby.

      suspect with Plex it will be equally bad

  • So I'm looking at one of these vs. a Chromecast/Google TV.

    All I really want it for is to play blu-ray remux's at the highest quality and pass-through the best sound formats to my receiver, along with having Kodi installed for some TV streams/Foxtel plugin.

    I don't need any gaming features or upscaling, which appear to be the main selling points of this device.

    Can someone confirm whether the Chromecast with Google TV can play high bit rate remuxs with no issues through Plex? I've found conflicting information online. From everything else I've read, the Chromecast can have Kodi installed and output all the best/latest sound formats.

    If so, apart from the ability to have the plex server on the Shield itself, there would be no reason to buy the Shield? Or is the Shield really that superior/fast/no issues at all (apart from this recent ad debacle).

    • From everything else I've read, the Chromecast can have Kodi installed and output all the best/latest sound formats.

      There is no audio passthrough with the Chromecast.

      Shield vs Chromecast (since that post, the Shield also now has the Apple TV app):


      • Thanks, I've now done a bit more research and see what you mean. Bit of a shame to spend nearly 3x as much just for this feature but I think it's worth it since I've got the audio system to play these formats.

      • What does audio pass through mean on these boxes. If the device is plugged directly to atmos bar it doesn't need to pass through?

        • It means the box will pass through the unprocessed audio to the soundbar / receiver for it to process, rather than the box processing it first then sending through already-processed audio to the soundbar / receiver (which can result in inferior sound or Atmos metadata being stripped out etc).

          • @kirt: Owww. So if netfilx says dolby atmos unless the box has pass through then you will get a compressed clipped version of atmos playing through netflix through say Google tv box.

            Is this the same with personal digital atmos content playing through kodi or plex?

            I have a shield 2016 and doesn't support netflix atmos I think only kodi or plex.

            • @Jklaro: Atmos can be delivered lossy (Dolby Digital Plus / EAC3) or lossless (True HD).

              Streaming services use lossy, so you can get Atmos with Netflix etc on devices that have Dolby licensing, like the Chromecast, 2019 Nvidia Shield etc.

              From an Nvidia rep:

              "The 2015/2017 SHIELDs do not support Atmos on Netflix as Netflix requires a Dolby stack those devices do not have for Atmos. The 2019 SHIELDs have the required Dolby stack.

              The Netflix for Kodi add on allows Atmos to stream on Netflix on the 2015/2017 SHIELDS."


              As above, any audio from streaming services or personal media within Kodi or Plex will get passed through if your device supports passthrough, so you can get either lossy or lossless Atmos.

  • Possibly a stupid question, but is this an international model? (E.g. grey import)
    Or is this an AU model?

  • Is the shield the only box that supports Dts hd and dolby TrueHD, dolby atmos?

    • +2

      In that form factor, yes. Almost everyone overlooking this.

      • I have an LG CX, does a Nvidia Shield provide better video/audio quality from running the apps on it, as opposed to running the apps through the LG webos?

        • +1

          To my understanding yes, although only a factor when streaming the highest quality video/audio from a source within your local network i.e. Plex, Emby, Jellyfin etc. Won't affect if you use predominantly services like Netflix, Stan, Disney+ etc.

          • +1

            @Irithor: thanks mate. Wont worry about it then.

            • @Groggz3121: I should add it does have a built-in AI-driven upscaler/uprezzer to make stuff that isn't on par with your screen's native resolution look better i.e. playing SD content on a 1080p TV or 1080p content on a 4k TV, but you're paying a premium if you buy really only just for that. As far as I know, content from streaming services like Netflix and the like are minimum 1080p so if you don't even have a 4k tv then it's redundant. I do love mine though, as I think the combination of everything else it does is best in class in the current market.

  • Looks like this deal is a no-show unfortunately.
    Next best thing could be the TV version, it's on sale for $179:

    • I thought it suppose to start at 10PM?

      • We'll just have to wait and see

      • +1

        They've added it as part of their EOFY sale, starts at 7pm. Looks like it won't have free shipping though.

    • +1

      They've added it as part of their EOFY sale, starts at 7pm. Looks like it won't have free shipping though.

      • recent changes make the new apple a better option for many. nvidia got 2 greedy. in oz we are already gouged.

        • Let the Nvidia fanboys enjoy their home screen in peace.

  • +2

    Was holding out for this, but shipping kills it.
    Will wait for a 20% off Good Guys eBay store deal….

  • For $100 less, get the standard one?

    I mean it has less ram and it's missing a few other things, but if it's just streaming this'll be fine I'm sure.

    Better yet, an Apple TV 4K, with the new remote, imo is the better buy now. Depends what you're doing with it.

  • Got it for $292.65

    Order Subtotal $279.00
    Total Shipping $10.75
    Surcharge (1.00%) $2.90
    GSTInc. $26.60
    Order Total $292.65

    • Our condolences

  • +2

    With shipping fees and surcharge this has become just an average deal, nothing special. Unless you need one right now, new deals under $280 delivered will likely come soon.

  • Thanks! I was already planning to buy one of these (want it to use a specific app) so this deal came at the perfect time!

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