This was posted 1 year 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse Grey $98 + Delivery @ Dick Smith via Kogan


Cheaper than the other deal recently

MX Master 3 is instant precision and infinite potential. It’s the most advanced Master Series mouse yet – designed for creatives and engineered for coders. If you can think it, you can master it.

Perfect for use in Windows, Mac and Tax Deductions!

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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    A grey import.

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      Doubly grey.

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    What's the difference between this and the "Advanced" version ?

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      Nothing, it's the same mouse.

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    Good price.. but dealing with kogan… hmmm

    • What's wrong with Kogan?

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        What's right with Kogan?

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        Personal experience - the staff view any request for post sales support as a personal insult. They should call them the 'Good Luck With That' team.

  • Use Suncorp rewards 6% gift cards brings the price down to $92.12

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    Perfect for use in Windows, Mac and Tax Deductions!

    Well played claps

  • I got the m720 about a year ago and it’s doing fine although it does lose connection sometimes, is it worth the upgrade from the m720?

    • Same for all the Logitech mouse

    • If you could use the horizontal scroll wheel (e.g. large spreadsheets) then yes. The MX Master 3 is the clear #1 office mouse right now, but only if you actually are going to use all the features.

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    instant precision and infinite potential

    lol it's a mouse

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    Price Matched with JB-hifi for 98 just show them the checkout cart.

    • Can you please share your receipt mate they said no to me

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        Sure -
        Just make sure you show them the cart on the phone, that's how it worked for me :)

      • IF JB won't match Dick Smith, a long-established Aussie company, then man has their status really fallen.

    • Impossssibruuuuu

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      I think you were just lucky. In my experience shopping at JB, they don't price match grey imports.

  • Damn just paid for the same one from kogan for slightly more

  • I kinda hate the scroll wheel on these tbh

    • Definitely a personal preference thing; I personally love hyperscrolling. The good thing about Logitech mice is that they're somewhat ubiquitous in B&M stores so you usually can find one to get a feel for the ergonomics before you buy.

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      you'd be one of the few the scroll wheel is a main selling point.

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      This is a god send if you use mac and are a software professional scrolling through boot loads of code.

      • Agreed. That fly-weighted scroll wheel is awesome for scrolling through hundreds of lines with a single flick. Then a click of the button and it's back to normal notched scrolling.

        Almost tempted to get another for my other systems, but thanks to Flow I really can't justify it lol.

        • Same here :D

      • Either I'm using it wrong or it's defective. I've tried a bunch of the "fixes" listed online.

        I have it on my Macbook M1 and it's incredibly janky.
        I actually have to use the hyperscroll setting as it's basically unusable with the normal tactile setting.

        A quick search shows a bunch of people with similar complaints:

        I just plug in a G305 now when I need mouse precision.

        • I am using it with a 2015 MBP with the latest OS and logitech options installed and configured. I honestly never switch the wheel between smooth and notched, its always set to smooth and I am used to controlling the wheel precisely (took some practise). I dont see any lags though and I dont use bluetooth - always dongle attached. And for the love of god I cannot hook my G603 and use it on the MBP, the scroll will kill me when scrolling. Mac OS makes scrolling jittery on most non apple mice. This is the only mice that makes scrolling butter smooth - just like the magic mouse 2.

          EDIT: Even my mouse when new acted weird and jittery when scrolling, I think its the logitech options/macos updates/ or completely switching to smooth scrolling one of that fixed it.

        • I had my own issues as you can see here - All sorted out now.

  • Thanks OP, $7.99 shipping so brought from Kogan instead with some kogan credits I had. Using for work and just in time for tax deduction.

    • Wouldn't the deduction only apply for the day or two of use before the EOFY?

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        It's under $300 so no need to deprecate it over several years. The whole purchase amount can be deducted off FY21 taxable income. Happy to be corrected.$300-immediate-deduction-tests/

        • I believe you are correct

  • Fingers crossed for amazon reduce price! Want to use my $20 Amex cash back.

  • yes that's the mouse I grab after the hayride and square dance 🐁

  • Perfect, was looking at one for work since I'm suffering from tendinosis on my right thumb (De Quervain's tenosynovitis) and the thumb position on it felt great (tried one at JB the other week). Just in time for my tax return :)

  • Been using a Magic Mouse with my Mac for 7 years. Would this be a good upgrade and would I still be able to easily perform window switching etc?

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    I have been using a MX Revolution for the last 10 years, which has most of the functionalities of the MX Master 3.
    I think it is time to upgrade as Logitech software will stop supporting the MX Revolution in future versions of macOS.

    • Revolution MX is the GOAT.

  • I have a couple MX master 2s, which are fine honestly, but im so tempted to upgrade for USB-C… but thats a bit wasteful so will wait till these break….

  • Guys, what is the difference between MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse, and MX Master 3 Advance Wireless Mouse for Mac?

    • Logitech MX MASTER 3 Advance Wireless Mouse for Mac

    • Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse

    They both look the same. You can just download the mac software if you are using the mouse with a mac, no?

  • Can someone clarify, the Dick Smith site doesn't confirm if this model is bluetooth and usb-receiver … or only usb-receiver.

    I'm not familiar if all MX 3's models support bluetooth.

    • If you read the article above, only the mac version is bluetooth (i.e. no USB dongle supplied).

      • I think that's incorrect. The Mac version simply comes without the dongle. But both normal MX3 and Mac version support Bluetooth.

        I'll know tomorrow, because I ordered it!

        • I think that's incorrect.

          I stand corrected.

          Here is the comparison chart:

          Yes, they both support Bluetooth.

          The Mac version simply comes without the dongle.

          The only other significant difference is the support for iPadOS.

          • @DoctorCalculon: Yep, got mine and have set it up via bluetooth now. The switch to flick between 3 devices was the giveaway that it must be able to connect to more devices than just the usb receiver.

            Now how to figure out the unique functions for individual apps.

            • @dubo1981: Are you mostly on a PC/Windows machine?
              From what I have read the USB unifying receiver is supposed to provide a more stable connection than BT.

              • @DoctorCalculon: Using a Mac. Connection on day 1 of use has been fine. Although the Logitech software doesn't pickup the device, which is a bit weird. So trying to figure out how to get all the custom button options to work for each individual app they are customised for.

                • @dubo1981:

                  Connection on day 1 of use has been fine.

                  Using BT or Unifying USB receiver?

                  Although the Logitech software doesn't pickup the device, which is a bit weird.

                  Damn! Are you on 11.4 (Big Sur)?

                  I ordered the Mac version. I will report back if I have better luck.

                  • @DoctorCalculon: It's the OSX version I was using. Only the last 2 versions have a menu in the settings to give input permissions to the Logitech app (which is not the same as the accessibility permissions required when first installing the app).

                    I subsequently upgraded my OSX, only to have Big Sur hang on install. Irritating.

  • does it have a double clicking function?

  • Where do you enter the Code in their site? I reached the payment options page and could find where to put it in

  • I just received my mouse from Kogan/DS and it's actually the standard dark/space grey colour. Not the light grey as pictured.

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