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50% off Storewide + Free Shipping (Delayed Dispatch Available) @ Inglewood Coffee Roasters


50% off storewide | Free shipping Australia wide

  • Coffee (Blend, Single Origin, Pods, Decaf)
  • Brewing Equipment
  • Merchandise
  • Tea & Chai

10K Golden Ticket Prize Giveaway (https://inglewoodcoffeeroasters.com.au/golden-ticket/)

Stocked up on coffee already? Just select delayed dispatch at checkout and we'll ship your order on July 15.

Ends 11:59pm, Wednesday the 30th of June.

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  • +1

    Good beans, have got them a few times now

  • Nooooooooo! I bought beans yesterday from elsewhere and now I regret my life’s decisions. I blame it on the hangover I had.

    • They have been announcing this for at least a week. I would recommend subscribing to their mailing list so that you know about these sales in advance

      • Have they? I’m subscribed to the mailing list and on Facebook as well. I knew about the planned coffee market (now postponed), but that was on-site only as far as I knew? Also Golden Ticket comp. Didn’t see anything else pop up in my emails.

        When I saw the Golden Ticket Comp I actually assumed that meant no big discounts for a while and the comp was the motivator to buy.

        • weird, i have been getting almost daily emails from them showcasing the prizes you could win from the EOFY sale, and also for the coffee market. I guess they said you could find a ticked if purchased from them, but they never explicitly stated that it was going to be a 50% off sale.

          • +1

            @gonzule: Yeah, that aligns with what I’ve received. Thought I must have missed an email. First I heard of it was in my emails same time this post went up. Bit the bullet this morning and bought with delayed shopping anyway, haha.

    • +4

      There is also an 'Delayed Shipping - Ships 15th July 2021' option in checkout which may help

      • oh damn, didn't see that one, will check if i can apply it after purchase

      • +1

        This is fantastic. Done!

    • Don’t regret it you ordered at sicila coffee Adelaide or 50% off Pablo & Rusty. Can’t beat those.

    • "Stocked up on coffee already? Just select delayed dispatch at checkout and we'll ship your order on July 15."

      • Wasn’t detailed on the original OzBargain post, was added later as a revision.

        • Oh well, at least I've brought your attention back to the post now you can order some on delayed delivery? :D Unless you've already done so /shrug

          • @bargainer44: Thanks, yeah someone else mentioned it above and I did just that. Thanks 😊

  • +2

    got 2 bags of 1 kg whole beans with 50% off. Happy Sunday !

  • What's the best beans for espresso and also caps

    • +2

      My fave is Sunset Blvd, and the Roosevelt is nice too.

    • I'm a cap drinker. I've tried Sunset which was good, think I'll give Roosevelt a go this time round just to mix it up.

  • +10

    Golden Ticket Prize

    Michael Scott went from paper to coffee?

  • Now that's a great sounding title!

    • Yep … Can't see anything posted with a good deal listed.

  • +2

    This or airjo?

    • +3

      Coffee is so cheap lately that it's worth trying both and seeing which you prefer, they both seem to have regular sales. Airjo is the OzBargain darling but personally it didn't do it for me, there's no accounting for personal taste.

      Personally I'm loving Lime Blue but I'm grabbing some Inglewood to mix it up a bit. Well eventually I will, site has slowed to a crawl at the moment

      • Thanks! Airjo deal ended early so Inglewood was decided for me. Ordered the Guatemala San Martin. Looking forward to it.

  • +1

    How are the pods? Anyone tried them?

    • Yes, tried them and I think they are pretty decent, at 50% off, it’s a no brainer

  • +2

    Grabbed an Aeropress Go, hopefully means I can save on coffee at work now. No more buying!

    Edit: Have bought from these guys a lot. The coffee is really nice, the prices are awesome and feels good to support an Aussie company. Tempted to stock up again!

  • +2

    What's their go-to for beans for a Flat White? Currently using Campos Superior Blend.

    • +4

      Hey @Render

      Go for the Sunset BLVD

      • Yeah agree with that.have been getting sunset blvd for over an year and been pretty happy with it.last batch felt a bit funny but not sure if it’s beans or the machine so going to check out the next bag.

      • Please ensure you don't ship 2 week old beans to those who have chosen the delayed dispatch option.

        • Lol, I'm sure they'll do a fresh dated batch for delayed.

  • Just ordered ~1000 Hario filter papers at 50% off. Cheeeeeering!!!!

  • Are the pods compatible with Map/Caffitaly machine?

    • For Nespresso.

  • +6

    Site getting ozbargained? Can't load shit

    • Just loaded for me. Very slow though!

      • Did you end up loading sh#t?

    • +4

      It's grinding to a halt

    • +1

      yeah very slow but got through

  • Are the coffee beans sold certified GMO-free?


  • @Jackson14 Does the Golden Ticket Comp start at 3pm or 5pm? Says both these times after opening the link

    • Hey @Nomaz

      The competition starts at 3pm.

      Good luck!

      • Thank you!

  • Couldnt get the site to load at all so will have to come back later to order. Can anyone tell me what their darker roasts are as i prefer a darker roast for milk coffees? Also how much are per kilo are their whole beans? Will definitely give these guys a try with some positive posts in the past!

    • +1

      Blends - whole beans are $25/kg (after discount)
      Single origin - whole beans are $29-30/kg (after discount)

      • if you're buying per kilo bags -

      • Thank you! Im after per kilo bags as we run approx 1kg/fortnight so thats perfect for us. Great bargain prices and love that i can delay shipping to finish off my pablo and rusty stash first.

  • +2

    Roast Date?

  • +1

    Amazing coffee. Ordered another 2 bags of sunset. No brainer at this price

  • Fantastic beans from this place. I've been exclusively using Inglewood for over a year and they're always consistent.

  • +4

    Great post thanks op love delayed delivery option!

      • +3

        Username does not check out

  • +2

    Delayed delivery is an awesome option - I ordered some for friends and family too - thanks!

    • +3

      Does delayed delivery imply delayed roast date or do they roast now and send later?

      • +1

        Just did delayed delivery. Hopefully its roast as close to 15 july as possible…

        • +2

          It would be good if they specified it…

  • +10

    placed my order, but geez your website needs some caffeine to speed it up a little bit
    was dial up era slow.

  • +1

    Looks like all the Chemex, Acaia and Fellow gear has mysteriously disappeared from the store, as well as their high end coffee selections. Pretty disappointing given they were repeating the 30% off sale on similar brewing equipment at a Melbourne in person event only yesterday…

    • I was looking for an Acaia too…

    • +1

      not sure why the downvotes, i came here to say the say thing. Been hanging out to snag a fellow atmos at the same price as previous sale, now its missing from the website… (theyve had 19 in stock for a while now, according to the online shop). Better off just saying certain items are excluded than doing a KGB and disappearing items.

  • What aeropress is better out of the two?

  • Thank you. Ordered an Aeropress and Sunset Blvd blend.

  • +3

    Just have to say … I LOVE that you have a delayed order option!
    I usually miss out on sales like this due to already stocking up on other bags of coffee.

  • Took ages of refreshing but we got there in the end. Thanks for the sick price on aeropress

  • Site is excruciatingly slow but eventually got around to placing 1 order now and another for delayed delivery. Coffee is great and at a great price so still worth it in the end. Thanks!

  • Damn, I'm waiting about 30mins to place these orders, thank god. Finally I made it.

  • Thanks.
    Will try both sunset and Roosevelt.

  • Lovely. Have had these before and great value at $25 for 1kg. Sunset Blvd for me.

  • +3

    Looks like Inglewood is redeemed in the eyes of OzBargainers. Time heals all wounds…

  • Bought a cold brew jug the other week and I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or what but not liking it at all. So I just bought the aeropress as well as Sunset Blvd ans Roosevelt to give those a go :)

  • +2

    Website is getting hammered.

    They need to find a better host.
    Think of how many sales are being lost because people are getting frustrated with the slow load times…

    • Hmm….

      12 239 ms 317 ms 190 ms i-92.eqnx03.telstraglobal.net []
      13 177 ms 222 ms 316 ms ae30-472.cr6-sjc1.ip4.gtt.net []
      14 226 ms 195 ms 282 ms ae27.cr0-sjc1.ip4.gtt.net []
      15 213 ms 186 ms 294 ms xe-11-2-7.cr0-sjc1.ip4.gtt.net []
      16 175 ms 226 ms 187 ms cloudproxy10007.sucuri.net []

      Last 5 hops….
      Is their site hosted overseas?

      • +3

        Looks like they're just running Sucuri as the proxy/firewall, they don't have an AU proxy by default - you have to ask for one, and then they remove you from the geo caching pool as well. Not a huge issue if you trade in AU only though, obviously.

        TL:DR; Make fast for AU, makes slow for rest of the world.

  • +3

    They handled things so badly last time.

    • And I am sure they will do the same again this time.

  • Hi OP,

    I'm looking for a French press from which I can boil milk directly, preferably on a gas stove top.

    Do you have anything that can do that? Or any recommendations?


    • I'm really curious why do you want a French press for this? Why not just use a cooktop kettle or a regular pot?

      • Because I like having frothy milk, in my hot coffee and would like to do this with one utensil :)

  • Maybe a stupid question here. I normally buy ground coffee for my coffee machine from supermarkets. Is the Sunset blend suitable for coffee machine? And is it sweet in taste? I am after a non-sweet ground coffee.

    • If you are after a non sweet taste. Tried the single bean origins, Columbian or Brazilian are quite good. And yes these beans will grind up way better then store bought beans.

  • +9

    Hey rep so are you going to address the reports of compromised website from


    • +2

      Hi Jimothy,

      Our website does not store any of our customers payment details. All payments are facilitated by a third party (either Paypal or Tyro), and at no point were any payment details at risk.

      You can rest assured that we value our customer's privacy above all else and do everything in our power to protect that privacy.

  • Thanks Just ordered 4 kilos

    • +1

      But why? And for how much?

  • i like the Delayed Dispatch option, airjo should have it too.

    • You love delayed dispatch of two week old roasted coffee beans?

      • I'd hope it will be roasted close to the dispatch date.

  • +2

    I have so many beans that I might have to start bathing in the old ones.

  • Thanks OP
    Placed two orders, one for shipping now and another for shipping on 15 July 😀 👍🏼

  • Awesome! Was thinking about getting an Aeropress and this made up my mind :)

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