Westpac Altitude Reward Platinum CC, 130K Bonus Points, $3K Spend on within 90 days (AF $49 first year)


Just notice Westpac have raised their bonus points for the Altitude Platinum to 130K (usually 80-100K). Probably counter the ANZ deal.

Note, no fee if you are an existing customer - you can just open the debit/transaction account with them.

130,000 bonus Altitude Rewards Points

Already with Westpac? Sign in and apply to get your first year annual card fee waived

130,000 bonus Altitude Rewards Points with $3k+ spend on eligible purchases† within 90 days of card approval>.
0% p.a. for 22 months on balance transfer>> when requested at card application. 1% balance transfer fee applies. After 22 months, rate reverts to the variable cash advance rate of 21.49% p.a.

Plus, a reduced first year annual card fee of $49 ($150 thereafter)*. Already with Westpac? Sign in and apply and we’ll waive your first year annual card fee>>>.

Offer not available if you’ve held a Westpac rewards card in the last 12 months. T&Cs apply.

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        • Are you guys referring to Cashback as 'annual fee rebates'?

    • this sounds awesome!

  • Has anyone on casual contract been successful in being approved for this card?

  • Any ideas on how to rack up 3k in 90 days?

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    any one got a referral code?

  • You just need an account right? You don't need to actually have a transaction account.
    I think this worked previously.

    • +1

      As long you are already an existing customer, you can apply for it.

      • yeah i'm a customer, had an account with them before $0 and now its gone but if i try apply for this card, it says i'm eligible customer and will get the annual fee waived so lol

    • -1

      Hi there, I have an account but when I click above for a referral code there is an error. Do you have a referral code by chance?

      • +1

        I don't understand why you need any referral code to apply for this promo.

        The instructions practically right there:

        Already with Westpac? Sign in and apply to get your first year annual card fee waived

  • I've had "Westpac Altitude Black World Mastercard" in the last 12 months, does that count as "Altitude Black card with Altitude Rewards"? or they different?

    Edit: I think answer is yes because the black world is no longer offered which seems to be replaced with Altitude Black Rewards. So can wait couple of months hopefully offer is still around.

  • I previously held the Westpac Altitude Black Mastercard in January, does this exclude me from this offer? It wasn't a Rewards card so not sure.

    Edit: Oh person above asked same question. Damn will have to wait.

  • Thanks OP.


  • Taking a while to arrive in the post. Been nearly two weeks since approval

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      They have a digital card function where you can use the card immediately online and via NFC if you're not aware

      • +1

        Oh cool, didn't know that, thanks!

  • Best way to redeem the points? I'm thinking the of $100 wish cards for 23,500 points. So for 130k points, that's ~$550. Anyone got any better ideas?

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      'Annual fee rebate'. Apparently its literally the same as a cashback and worth ~$650 for this deal.

      • hi where do i find 'annual fee rebate' in rewards section? Do i go Pay with Points?

        • Gift cards & cashback >> financial services

      • +2

        Can confirm this is still working. I applied for my annual fee rebates on Saturday. They were recorded in my account on Tuesday.

        • So essentially the annual fee rebate is the same as cashback but with better rate? Does this work if first year's annual fee is waved?

  • Hi guys
    Just got approved after weeks of hassle. Was wondering if Council rates, utility bills and rego is eligible transaction? Cheers

    • No. But if you pay via Sniip or Beem It (by BPay) then it'll count.

      • Dang it. That would have been handy to know when I had $1400 worth of government spend.

      • wait are you saying if you use Bpay via Beem it, all cc transactions wouldnt be counted as cash advance?

        • Pretty much. But Beem It is very restricted in what they provide. Whereas Sniip allows everything but there's a fee involve. How I avoided the fee was to use a referral code which gives you $10 to use to offset fees.

  • thanks, great deal!

  • I've applied for a Savings account so I can get the annual fee waived. I would have thought this is a fairly straightforward process that could all be done online, but when I submitted the application, I got a prompt saying they would call me back to finalise details and setup my account. Has anyone had the same experience?

    • same.

      • +1

        I ended up giving them a call and having my bank account set up over the phone. The subsequent credit card application was at least straightforward, and was approved in less than 24 hours after I submitted the application.

  • this was a breeze to apply and get approved for, maybe helped that I had a savings account open with them. got rejected by Kogan black CC a few weeks ago. cheers Op

  • Approval process starting to drag on. Conditionally approved subject to providing 2 most recent payslips. Did this but got email saying they were more than 60 days old which they weren't. Then provided 3 months of Bank statements. Now still waiting for outcome.

  • +1

    One of the best and fastest application I have done yet. Once you approved, you can start using the digital version of the card so you don't even need to wait for the physical card to arrive in the mail

    • Yep, that's the best thing from Westpac. Last year, I've reached the required spending before received the physical card !!

  • thanks ops. KYC process is average (can banks not get this right??). Needed to register first for everyday account. Upstream equifax provider cant verify my identity details so I need to go to branch now. As signed in, then applied for CC. Uploaded two payslips. See what happens next!

    • Exactly the same, took me by surprise that they can't verify my ID online, haven't had that issue with any other bank nowadays.

    • Update:
      Applied online: 5th sept
      CC approved: 7th sept
      ID verified: 8th sept (dropped into branch today)

      Native app is seriously clunky. Signs out and brings me to homepage even when my session hasnt expired.
      When you active the digital card it will complain that you need to call up to enable some "security device".. I actually found out if i go to desktop internet banking i can enable "sms protect" and then that will allow me in the app to view digital card. Need to wait for the actual physical card if you want to add to google pay.

      • Need to wait for the actual physical card if you want to add to google pay.

        No you don't. Just plug in your card details and expiry date and CVV. You can update your CVV when the physical card arrives.

        • +1

          I don't think you need to update the CVV once added GPay.

          Added to GPay once to my phone to use before the physical card arrived. Activated the card and put in drawer until the day I cancelled it.

        • Doesn't work for me. In-app select add to Google pay and the only eligible card is debit card. Manually enter in cc details to google pay app and fails to verify details.

          • @shavo30: No idea. Worked for everyone else

            • @kerfuffle: Very broad statement…

              I must be the exception then!

              • @shavo30: You're the only one who's said it's not working so far🤷🏻‍♀️

  • anyone received their points yet after making the $k spend?

    been 2 statements since making the spend and no points for me.

    • I did, after the second statement.

      • thanks, will see what happens next statement

    • Received points with first statement.

  • Can someone who has this card confirm that a $100 Woolworths WISH eGift card = 23,500 points is still the case, please?

    • +1


    • +2

      Annual fee rebate for better value

  • This card is amazing.

    I received the card on 13th of September.

    Activate it and then buy $3000 ebay gift card.

    Got the 130k points the next day O_O

    thanks op!

  • +1

    Pleasantly surprise as well with this card. Once you meet the spend, the points gets credited instantly.

  • +1

    I applied late on the night of 26th soon after opening a bank account, received conditional approval email around 7am in the morning.
    Used the automatic login option to let their system collect credit transaction from my salary account, also uploaded pay slips aroubd afternoon.
    Called their helpline soon after and the nice guy on the phone offered to review my application on the spot if I waited a few mins, about 5-7 mins of hold time and was informed that my application was approved.

    Very happy with the pace and comfort of the whole process, didn't need dropping into the branch of any of the steps. This was my first credit card application in 2 years, and don't have any other cards or BNPL accounts.

    I find the app reasonably good, also faced the security device issue on phone app but was able to update security settings via desktop site.
    I am able to add debit card to Google Pay but not the credit card yet, should not be long before the card arrives.

  • First-Year Annual Card Fee Waiver - Existing customers only: is available when you apply and are approved for a new Altitude Platinum credit card between 31st August 2021 and 30th November 2021. After the first year, the $150 annual card fee will be debited to your account annually on the 12-month anniversary of the first transaction on your card account.

    Does this mean you have to keep the card for a year? and incur the next year's annual fee?

    • No.

      Once you get your bonus points and redeem them, just close it if you don't need any more.

  • anyone else not getting bonus points instantly after meeting the spend requirement? I met it over a month ago and still haven’t received the points but I’ve seen others all say they got them instantly.

    • Have you checked if you got the 3k point as well? Once I received the 3k points based on spend that when the points was credit in 1-2 days.

      • Yep, I’ve literally been sitting on 3400 rewards points for 2 months…

        • Oh ok did you log into the rewards portal because I find sometimes there's a lag. But very strange because I received all points within a few days.

          • @nightelves: Yep still the same. When I called them they said it can take up to 90 days but everyone else receiving them instantly makes me a bit concerned

            • @Your Friend: That's very strange. My history is this. Received card on 9th September, met spend on 22nd September and points credited same day based on my points summary.

  • dammit for the "Which rewards program would you like" question I selected "Qantas" rather than Altitude or whatever the other option was, does this mean I get no bonus points?

  • Hi, can anyone please advise me where can I check the points I accumulated? Or do I have to wait till the statement is issued to check the points? Thanks.

    • Never mind, I found where to check now. thanks.

  • I have spent over 3k on the first month and already paid for it, does anyone know when I will get the 130,000 points??

    • same question.

    • +2

      The T&Cs states up to 12 weeks so sit tight, I'm still waiting for mine too.

      "The bonus Altitude Points will be added to your points balance within 12 weeks once you meet the eligible spend criteria."


      • Just received my points (approx. 2 weeks after meeting the spend amount)

        • +1

          I just checked my account and got my points too. WOO HOO!!!

          Time to cancel the card and churn to a new one

  • I can't seem to find the annual fee rebate? Can someone please let me know where I can select it?

    I can see pay with points and cashback but no annual fee rebate.

    Edit: Found it, its under Financial Services

  • +3

    Hi all, just met my spend for $3000, the 130K points arrived overnight. That is the quickest any bank has credited bonus reward points.

  • Hi everyone, am in the same boat as some where minimum spend has been met; plus first statement issued and no sign of the 130k points. Today I saw that instead somehow 30k QFF points had been applied to my QFF account instead, roughly around the first statement date. Can someone else check if the same thing happened with them?

    Surely there must be a mistake somewhere as I saved a copy of my original application and definitely chose "Altitude Rewards" and applied under the 130k offer.

  • +1

    Still waiting on my points. Hit the min spend 12th of Sep so its been over two months. Might give em a call soon and report back

    • i'm in the same boat as well

    • I met my spending last week. Gave them a call to confirm they say wait for 90days. Seems like quite a number of ppl are taking longer than usual? Is it because we have past records of churning credit cards?

      • Definitely strange that some are getting it instantly while some are waiting months… Any churners confirm if they got the points instantly?

        • I've been 60 days also waiting for the 130k…they also told me to wait the 90 days.

          Was a real pain to churn this one also, had to go into a branch to verify my ID, then they put a hold on my card for 3 weeks because the chick in the branch entered my Medicare number incorrectly…that took some sorting out.

          Can't wait to get away from Westpac!

  • Met the minimum spend yesterday but the transactions were still pending. Everything cleared out today and I basically received the points instantly.

  • Waiting for full approval … C’mon Westpac come through for Black Friday 🤞🏼

  • wtf, met the minimum spend a month ago, and still haven't received the bonus points

    • chase them. that is what i have been doing and only got it yesterday

      • Didn't you get the usual spiel that you have to wait 90 days? That's what I got from calling them twice.

  • I have a bank acct with them and just applied for the card, but they now say I have to email the front and back of my driver's licence, 2 months of payslips, and 3 months of bank statements to [email protected] to proceed. I asked if I could go to a bank and display the documents instead, but they said it all has to be emailed in one email :/ feels a bit dodgy - I had already uploaded the payslip in their portal originally and westpac bank have already verified my ID with licence and medicare for the bank acct, so why do they need this again? isn't the point of being an existing customer that they can access the ID info already from the bank acct?

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