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HEYMIX 20W PD Charger 4-Pack USB-C Power Adapter QC3.0 Charger $21.67 + Post ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ AU Select Amazon AU


Dual Port Charger Block & Broad Compatibility: USB C and USB A Dual Port Output Designed for all iPhone and Smart Pad, New power delivery integration technology, Also supports Quick Charge 2.0 for a wide range of Android devices. Fast charging works with PD and Quick Charge compatible devices including iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / SE, Google Pixel 4 / 3 XL, LG G7 / V50, AirPods Pro, Switch, 11”/ 12.9” Pad Pro, Pad Air (3rd Gen), Pad Mini (5th Gen), AirPods Pro and more.

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    Got mine today, works well, the USB-C port supports QC 3.0 as well as PD. 18W QC, 15W PD (I don't have anything that can test higher) and 15W when both ports are used all work.

    But it doesn't fit into recessed sockets which can be an issue. It's also noticeably lighter than my Choetech 20W and this Heymix charger which seems to be the updated model (that fits recessed sockets), however it's also smaller so I can't say for sure it's lower quality.

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      I can’t recall seeing recessed sockets in Australia apart from extension cord sockets and some weird power boards. Is that what you mean?

    • If you want some for recessed sockets, better off going with these HEYMIX ones

      Apply the 35% off coupon to get the 3 pack for $21.44.

      • Hey that's (almost) my link.

        • Almost!

          Specifc to the 3 pack and 35% coupon though, which seems decent value :)

    • Does the USB C on this one support QC3.0? I bought a Blitzwolf one that advertised the same (PD3.0/QC3.0) however that does not fast charge Poco F1 (QC4.0 which is backward compatible with QC3.0). On the other hand my Satechi 100W GaN charger has no issue fast charging the Poco F1 with USB C port (that one is PD 3.0 with PPS and QC 4.0) so it wasn't the Poco F1 fault?

      • I tested it with my power bank that doesn't support PD but has a USB-C input, it did fast charge (the blue led turned on) on both ports.

        Is the Blitzwolf one a dual port? If yes QC support could have meant with the USB-A port only. I have ran into chargers with USB-C ports that don't support QC, such as my original Pixel charger and my dual port Choetech 65W.

        • Yes the Blitzwolf is dual port 18W on the C (PD3.0/QC 3.0 advertised) and 12W on the A port.

      • QC3.0 on the USB-C port is technically against USB-C specs, so I don't think it's in the manufacturer's best interest to advertise it.

  • I bought a twin pack of these a while back. Works well with fast charging an S20FE! About the same speed as the stock samsung charger but with added benefit of being able to charge 2 devices at once.

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    appears as $25.49 for some reason?

    • Apply 15% off coupon perhaps

      • yes once apply it'll be discounted at the "Checkout" by further $3.82, enjoy :) thanks.

    • Under the price, there's a "coupon" checkbox that you need to click which applies the 15% off. I just purchased a 4-pack at $21.67 so can confirm it works.

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    I didn't know I need another 4 USB chargers until today.

    • same boat

  • Damn, I literally just bought this HEYMIX 2-pack for $25 the other day

  • Are these GAN?

    • Gayllium Nitrade?

      I'd also like to know

    • Most likely not, I think they would advertise it if it was.

      Personally I would be interested in a 38/40W dual port charger similar in size to this but with 2 fully powered ports, but I guess it doesn't make sense for the market and pricing.

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    White color is gone, only black available with 20% discount which ends up being $22.43

    • I bought the black version after reading your message but the black 4 pack is now gone.

  • I bought 2 of the black ones and they have been great, 18W/20W or 2x15W.

  • I bought this brand awhile back and was initially not all that impressed. However I now have an s21+ to test it on and the chargers did pretty well. Feel bad now about my review on their amazon page.

    • You can edit your review on Amazon if I want to.