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Woolworths Mobile Prepaid $20 Starter Kit for $8, $30 Starter Kit for $12 + $9/$12 Cashback


Woolworths Mobile great deal found on page 3 of upcoming week's Woolworths catelogue

$ 8 for the $20 prepaid plan
$10 for $30 prepaid plan

10% of groceries once a month.
On paper it says it starts from 45 days after initial activation
But someone has commented saying they were able to get it without staying full 45 days (aka before 45 days)
Someone in comment said that they were able to get it for like 6 months without deleting the number or recharging it, so assumption is it's as long as your Woolies number is activate for.

My guess is if SHOPBACK giving cashback Cashrewards will be giving cashback too.

cashback for 1st month only

So you would essentially getting sim for free

Very likely that they go OOS quickly if the cashback rate stays the same $ amount

SHOPBACK terms and condition


Cashback will not be paid on delivery or GST. Cashback is eligible for Customers getting a New Service (SIM) & New Sign Ups (New Customers). Cashback is ineligible on recharges to existing services

Orders apart from post-paid and pre-paid plans will be tracked at $0.00 Cashback

Cashback is applicable for pre-paid plans since 24th September 2020. Cashback is not eligible on $10 Prepaid Starter Kit

Cashback is eligible only on a service which is activated within 30 days of purchase and which remains active for 30 days. Customers who cancel their plans within 30 days of activating the SIM will not be eligible for cashback Less

To ensure your Cashback is tracked


Clickthrough ShopBack again if there's any error Read Other Terms and Conditions below

Use only promo codes from ShopBack

Please note the use of Adblock software may affect your Cashback claim. If installed, please disable your ad blocking software entirely during your shopping sessions.


X Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack

X Giftcard Purchases and Purchases using Giftcards unless otherwise stated

X Cancellations, failed credit checks & fraudulent activities


Cashback will not be paid in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or discount code unless listed on this page, or with any other discounts such as staff, or student discount.

X Cashback is not applicable for purchases made via the Woolworths Mobile app and in-store purchases

Other Terms & Conditions

ShopBack must be the last link you clicked in order to get cashback. If other website links are clicked after clicking through ShopBack, cashback will not be tracked (e.g. coupon websites and deal websites)

Return to ShopBack and clickthrough to Woolworths Mobile every time you are making a new transaction Accounts that engage in fraudulent orders/activities to game/cheat the cashback system will be banned and cashback forfeited.

*T&Cs apply. See Woolworths Mobile website for full details.

Referral Links

Referral: random (253)

The referrer and referee will both receive a $20 WISH eGift Card (Only until 12 Dec 2021, Gift card value is $10 thereafter). Referral codes can only be shared after 35 days of service and gift cards sent only after staying for at least 3 active months. Maximum of 10 referrals per year. Once referred customer activates on Woolworths Mobile, they must download the Woolworths Mobile App, and enter the eligible referral code within 30 days by selecting “Refer a friend” from the slide out menu.

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  • is it ongoing per month or does it end after the first month and revert to normal price

    • +1

      The image says starter packs. I think title needs to be updated OP

    • I couldn't find anything that makes it clear if this is $8 or $12 for just the first month only before reverting to $20 / $30, or ongoing $8 / $12 per month until you cancel.

      • +1

        Like every starter pack deals, it’s only for the 1st month.

        • Correct only starter kits are cheap, they can be activated later buy however to get cashback only eligible for 1st month on each number that is bought in single transaction

          I think

  • So if you buy an $8 sim, how long can you utilise the 10% off Woolworths shop for?

  • damn, should have bought this one instead of the other half price ones.

    • Why? The other one is basically free while this doesn’t have CB?

      • only if you activate within 30 days… I needed something in between my Kogans.

        • Belong Starter packs are valid for a year.
          You have 12 months from the purchase date to activate.

          • @WatchNerd: for Woolworths mobile?

            I got a letter attached to my sim, which said I have 180 days to activate, but on the sim card, it said the sim won't expire until 2024.

            I'm a bit confused.

            • @Yoopy:

              for Woolworths mobile?

              No, Belong Mobile.

  • How much needs to spend to get 10% discount ??

    • Spent where ?

      On Woolworths Mobile ?? Just this initial one to my belief so minimum is $8 for $20 prepaid starter kit.

      If talking about in store minimum spend is $1 for monthly 10% discount (if one is stupid enough to waste their 10% on mere 10 cents)

  • 😂👍🏻 thanks. I was asking for store minimum spend. Cause 10% not bad deal. Cheers anyway.

    • +2

      One is getting 10% plus $10/$15 cashback for mere spending $8/$13

      So yeah you can essentially score upto a max of $53 1st months plus 10% till $50 each month afterwards until your number stays active savings from this deal ($ 50 discount monthly 10% plus $3 extra Cashback on $30 kit)

      If for example number stays active for 6 months max discount is $53 (1st month) plus $250 (For remaining 5 months, $50 max each month) so $303 maximum savings /earning in total

      Just do not deactivate your Sim or port out the number to get maximum benifit

  • Do I need to buy this online to get the cashback?

    • Yes, have put the Shopback's terms and condition above, cashrewards will have similar terms and condition FOR CASHBACK

      • Thanks. I don't normally order online.

        Can I order and pickup, or do I have to have it delivered?

        • Delivery Free
          Delivered by Australia Post. Due to delays caused by COVID-19, delivery estimates are approximately 10-15 business days.

  • Do those plans have infinity data (capped speed) once data allowance used up like telstra/vodafone?

    • +1

      Data: If you have exceeded the Data allowance and exhausted your Data Bank balance, you will not be able to use Data until the start of your next recharge, unless you purchase an optional Data Add-On from us online. Please note that your tablet device may only be capable of using the data allowance inclusion. Tablet devices that are not capable of making calls or sending or receiving SMS and MMS may only use the Data component of the Plan.

      Source - https://mobile.woolworths.com.au/content/dam/Woolworths/Mobi...

  • Sorry guys it seems the price hasnt dropped yet may be it starts on the 1st?

    • Thanks for the post, got a $30 sim for $12.

    • Don't be sorry dude.
      Has started already.
      Just one at 50% off.

      • +2

        Thank you, i thought it would start at midnight.

        Anyway enjoy the $3 extra cashback, + 10% discount

  • Anyone getting payment error? My card was charged but it says “unable to process my payment”.

    • May be credit check ??

      My payment went through

  • +2

    Cashrewards have dropped their rate so screenshot of rates is incorrect but Shopback is unchanged.
    Now 100% cash back with CR and $2-$3 profit with SB only.

    • Great i confirmed with SB only thought both would decrease but at least GYB confirmed no change in cashback rates at that time of messaging him/her

      • +2

        SB have now changed their rate and they (eventually) tracked my purchase at the new lower rate and NOT the rate that was applicable/advertised at the time I purchased.
        $20 Starter Pack was $10 cashback, now $9
        $30 Starter Pack was $15 cashback, now $12

        Via live chat, Shopback then denied their rates have changed! Said the system shows no rate change.

        I tried the live chat feature, went through the long Q&A twice, because the chat system disconnected from the agent almost simultaneously to it connecting. They then denied they'd changed the rates. Had a screenshot at home but not on me at work, so thanks to your screenshot which I used, I proved their incorrect denial. They then offered to add the difference, after proving them wrong. Pretty poor behaviour to initially deny, in my opinion.

        Suggest everyone checks their cashback rates if they've already purchased

        • +1

          I have screen recording too.

          I always record every cashback purchase
          Mine tracked at $12 too instead of $15

  • You can't get free money as you must have the plan active for more than 30 days.

    Customers who cancel their plans within 30 days of activating the SIM will not be eligible for cashback Less

    Am I missing something?

    • +2

      Or just use it as a secondary sim and leave it there. Free money + 10% off for shopping at Woolies (once a month).

      • Yup thats exactly my plan, but to use it for data too when not enough

    • +1

      My guess is you can cancel the auto recharge and sim stays active for 30+ days??

      • Yeah that's what I was confused about but that makes sense.

        • +1

          Or worst case delete/deactivate/report it lost your card so they cant charge you

      • +1

        A no credit/out of plan/expired SIM is still active till being disconnected.

        T & Cs indicates it is for 90 days.

  • Anyone know what counts as 'new customer'?

    • +1

      My guess is a new number ???

      But not sure.

      May be there is a limit on no. Of number you can receive cashback for.

      But worst case get 1 from SB and 1 from CR

  • anyone know how long you can hold onto the sim before you need to activate?

    • For cashback it's 30 days, on the sim paper itself they give you 180 days to activate then on the sim card itself states expiry is 2024. Clear as mud!

  • FYI - If anyone bought these as burners to gift GBs to their main account


    From 9 August 2021, you will be able to gift and receive data between all current Woolworths Mobile plans including the 30 day Pre-paid plans, Long Expiry plans, SIM Only plans and Phone Plans. For a list of eligible plans, click here.

    A gifting limit will be introduced across all plans which is 50% of the plan’s Included Data per recharge for Pre-paid plans and per plan reset date for SIM Only plans and Phone Plans.

  • I didn't realise this until I activated my service that this is possible!

    1. Choose a plan below.
      Choose from any of the plans below and your $30 credit from the Starter Pack will be applied at checkout.

    $65 Pre-paid Long Expiry Recharge$65.00
    $30 Starter Pack Credit-$30.00

    Amount Due$35.00

    Sweet!! 6 months for $47 ($35 + $12 starter pack) = $7.83 per month

    Plus use a referral for a $10 woolies gift card, even better!

  • this weeks catalogue has a similar deal

    is there anything to stop me from buying a few and porting the purchased starter kit before the previous kit runs out,
    i have seen comments stating activation within 30 days and the above 180 days

    im thinking the only issue is the databank

    • Sim card must be active for 60 days for cashback

      So you cannot port out that old number

      May just signup to a new number and link to your mum/dad/sis/bro/child/friends rewards account

      But the new deal will be loose $1/$3 for $20/$30 starter kit prepaid
      ( After cashback )

      • i wasnt after cashback but i will look into it for the future
        i was mainly thinking about buying a couple of the $15 for $30 starter packs i had ported over from boost last month on the $12 /$30 deal

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