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[eBay Plus] Davis & Waddell 2-in-1 Yoghurt Maker & Fermenter $24.99 Delivered @ House eBay


good price for $24.99 after applying coupon PFINAL40

Get inventive in the kitchen with the Davis & Waddell 2-in-1 Yoghurt Maker & Fermenter. With an LED countdown screen and a fully adjustable timer setting, the Davis & Waddell 2-in-1 Yoghurt Maker can create delicious and nutritious yoghurts in 10 hours or kimchi, sauerkraut and other pickled veggies in as little as 72 hours. Including a 1.8L and 1.6L container, the Davis & Waddell 2-in-1 Fermenter can serve a small family or prepare treats for a big gathering. Made using entirely food-safe materials, the Davis & Waddell 2-in-1 Yoghurt Maker & Fermenter includes a recipe book full of ideas for you to try at home.

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  • thank you op. grabbed one.

  • I bought one too and thought to share it with you all , enjoy !

  • Good deal. I remember paying 40 for that.

  • Any feedback, i have tried so many ways to make my own yogurt but no luck.
    appreciate any feedback and what is procedure to make yogurt in this little beauty?


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      I've been using this for about a year and it's been an awesome buy.

      This will basically just hold the temp steady for 10 hours. You still need to do whatever prep you normally do. I use UHT and just bring it up to 43 C, mix in some milk powder and my culture and then put in a jar and into the machine.

      Previously I used to use the oven which obviously is a lot more variable, and I'm guessing uses a lot more electricity.

      It generally takes me less than 10 mins to prep and get into the machine.

      • Hi any specific culture you can recommend …also what's UHT 😊

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          Ultra heat treated I think…. Aka long life/shelf stable milk

        • Jalna pot set full fat is the best to start with, then you just reserve a half cup from every batch before you strain it. You can keep using your own culture until the yoghurt stops working, then you have to start again.

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          I've been using this:


          I used to use yoghurt, but found that it was coming out pretty sour. Been happy with this. It's $20 but last forever. I used to use fresh milk, and that probably works better, but takes a bit more time as you need to heat to 85 C and then cool down below 43 C before adding the culture. Ideally you're also meant to keep in the 80's for a while to get a thicker yoghurt, but I never used to do this.

      • Great thank for your feedback, have you tried with just milk ?

      • yes would like to know what culture do you use? and how much milk powder are we supposed to add?

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          Culture is any cold yogurt…. I might be wrong but that’s what my mum used to do, add a tiny bit yoghurt to milk (of course after cooling off from heating up the milk)

        • See above for the culture. I think it's about 1/3 cup for 900 ml milk. I usually just eyeball it.

    • Use just oven heat up bit than place in it

      No need anything else

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      These are incredibly simple.
      Put in a half cup of store-bought yoghurt and a litre of full cream UHT milk. You don't need to bring it up to 43C because it's already heat treated.

      Set and forget for 10 hours, pour into the strainer and let it sit in the fridge.

      For $25 it's worth your money.

  • Anyone made pickled veggies with this?

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    Not a big bargain. House is selling it for 35 in their site. Many sellers in ebay selling below 30.

    • It's was hard to find a big bargain among the list of items eligible for the promo coupon , so this deal was relatively better than many others. Cheers

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        Agree. Today's deal is a bit meh. This deal is relatively better.