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UGG Australia Slides $43.60 (51% off Was $89) Delivered @ Buy Aussie Now


Only 200 pairs available 51% off RRP
All Colours

These are the Premium UGG Australia Slides, Branded "UGG Australia" only
and come with full warranty.

100% Australian Made and Owned

Buy Aussie Now
With what our country has been through in recent months, there is now no question that Australia’s almost 3 million small to medium businesses are the engine room of our economy.

That’s why, when these Aussie owned businesses really felt the damage from the year from hell, we reached out and created a community to support each other.
After all, that’s always been the Aussie Way.

Buy Aussie Now is a simple way to support local businesses and brands, both big and small.

Those businesses that have put in hundreds of hours into looking after their own families and the community with homegrown products made with love, care, and quality.

We now provide a platform – a one-stop-shop – for all Aussie made businesses to showcase their ingenuity and the people behind the products. Homegrown stories!

We need you to join our community and come to shop the Aussie aisle.

Be Australian. Buy Australian.

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  • -1

    UGG is owned by an american company Deckers Brands.

    • This Ugg Australia is the Australian owned and made brand. not affiliated with Deckers

      • Yes it seems like they are the "premium" UGG Australia, not the "original" UGG brand.

        • This brand has been made in Australia since 1981, which is the original and the best :).

    • +1

      Only in non Australia areas

      A silly loss of a icon name, poor legal representation, or USA being a bully, again?

      • +4

        This brand took the USA brand to court in 2005 and won the right to keep their name in Australia only.
        Support Aussie Buy Aussie.

  • -2

    Where in Australia are they made? Can I inspect the manufacturing plant?

    • +11

      Yes you can, 31-35 Gilbertson Rd Laverton Nth Victoria. open Mon-Fri.
      The tannery is also there, its worth checking out!

  • Is it UK sizing?

    • USA Sizing, we also do free exchange

      • I bought but the “Elidon” boots, but direct from Ugg Australia. Would you still exchange it? Might be a long shot.

        Comes with tags and haven’t tried on.

  • I’ve got some. Very comfy and warm. Also have a thicker sole than the cheaper imitations.

    • Thanks for the feedback :).

  • +1

    Where is the bargain?

  • Ordered in Brown. Thanks.

  • +1

    I bought one in Apr last year and it's already worn out.
    The sheep skin has worn out and gone bald at the heels and under the toe area. The hard leather spot is fully visible and not cozy anymore. I have to wear socks before I use these scuffs. So quite disappointed!

    • These are the premium ones and the heel issue isnt a factor with these.
      You will need to contact them regarding that purchase we will guarantee all our purchases.

    • Same story. Bought mine in July last year (in this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/551741 )
      Always been wearing them with socks.

  • +1

    Affiliated to these guys - Ugg Australia?

    Same address in Laverton VIC.

    • -1

      Yes but these slides are the ones branded Ugg Australia, not made by… or anything else.

      • Thanks for clarifying the affiliation.

        Apologies, I don't quite understand what you mean with all the rest of your statement that comes after "Yes"? Especially, what do you mean "not made by… or anything else"

        What's the difference between the ones advertised in this post to these, with the exception to colour?

  • +1
    • -4

      these are more premium

      • +2

        These are more premium yet they both have the same RRP? I'm confused 🤔🤷

      • +2

        what makes yours more premium?

        • They come in a different box.

      • +1

        Could you please clarify the differences OP?

    • Thank you!

  • +1

    Do you have any sock puppets on special?

  • +1

    I bought using US sizing as mentioned above, hopefully that's what arrives as there's no sizing chart on your page to confirm this.

  • Bought 2 pair of these scuffs 2 years ago for son an me …we live in them.
    Being disabled I'm house bound and have worn my to death the lambswool has all gone but I am 180kg and as I said lived in them…my stick figure sons are still going strong with minimal signs of wear.
    These are the most comfortable long wearing slippers I have ever owned, excellent quality an workmanship.
    Am buying another 2 pair today.

    Rep…. Do you have replaceable inner lambswool soles would make my tired old slipper like new.

    If you don't own a pair STFU about issues you have no idea about.

    Great product, Great company.

    • Thank you, we don't sell the innersoles but I believe you can buy them from UGG directly.
      I am not sure how you would fix them so they didn't slip out of your slides though.
      Thanks for the support :).

      • Hehehe I think it might have something to do with 180kg rubbing an sliding in the slipper
        Wearing the sole away.
        ….. Oh an wearing in shower a few times due to nerve damage in feet.

  • so 30% off $89 makes the price $62.30 when i tried to buy them. Do i have the wrong code?

    • did you try with OZB30 at checkout?

  • Hello
    I have also tried
    The price is listed at $89 for the scuff shoes when you click on the link and go to check out
    Has the website been changed back to original price ?

    • thanks ill put it back on now

      • Can price be changed to $43 as per original posting ???

        • yes should come down to 43.6 with the use of code ozb30.
          Let me know if you have any issues.

          • @Buy Aussie Now: Can the price be changed to $43
            The coupon code does not work

            • @Asac: I just tested it and code works? please close out and try again

  • It still does not work
    Thanks anyway

  • Anyone else get 2 random Facebook charges on their card after purchase?

    • Not Facebook, but I had a few unauthorized transactions following the purchase. Ebay cancelled a couple from what I recall but one, being for  what looks like a movie ticket for 14.50 to Event Glendale went through. 28 deg rang me the same night and have since issued another card.

      • @bgazer thanks, yeah it was weird, there's 2x $33 charges with Facebook and I haven't touched any other online transactions other than this purchase.

  • nothing to do with us.

  • What’s going on with this shop? I still haven’t received my order. Just an email saying it may take a long time to process my purchase “because of covid”. Meanwhile every other Australian shop is delivering as per usual. What a bungle of a company. May be a first world problem but I’ve never seen a slower delivery ever.

    • sorry about this. I will chase it up now.

      • Can you chase up mine too please? I’ve sent you a PM.

      • Same here, would like to see them arriving i'm cold

      • I would like to know where my order is as well.

      • I would also like to know where mine is as well, i placed my order on the 15 July.

      • I want to know where my order is !!

    • @ned did you get a response?

      • we have fixed this issue again apologies!! you will receive them this week coming.
        sorry team

      • Well I got the same vague response as anybody else. Still hasn’t received the scuffs and no tracking code or anything..

  • +1

    Has anyone received their orders yet ? I have not heard anything since from them either than an email that covid is delaying the orders but I have had no issues with any other online store. I want to get a refund and purchse elsewhere as this is ridiculous.

    • we are on to it, very sorry about this. you will receive your order next week,

      • -1

        JUST GIVE him his refund

  • Have not yet been shipped. Order #000002720 on Thu, 15 Jul

  • 000003611 Still nothing. This is not very reassuring…

  • I've not received anything either,sent email - no response.

  • This is the ridiculous nonsense I received today.

    "During this time please do not email our customer service team unless it's of an urgent nature as this will only slow down the process." Seriously, even Ali Express vendors using google translate wouldn't have the audacity to tell me not to disturb them, and are honest enough to tell up front that products will take two months to arrive.

    These guys are destroying our faith in new businesses. They are making it even harder for the next new business to get a fair go here. That is if this doesn't turn out to be a scam…


    Ashleigh Lincoln (Buy Aussie Now)

    3 Aug 2021, 11:06 am AEST

    Thank you for your recent order with Ugg Australia.

    This email is to provide you with an update on your Ugg Australia order. Due to the overwhelming support of people like you and the current covid restrictions in Victoria, there will be some delays.

    Your order is expected to arrive no later than August 8th.
    Ugg Australia are prioritising our orders and are shipping 400+ orders per day from their warehouse in Laverton, Victoria.

    You've made the right decision choosing Buy Aussie Now and Ugg Australia!
    A dollar spent on Buy Aussie Now produces up to 7 times the economic value that buying foreign made and owned. Not only will you soon receive beautifully made, premium Australian UGG, but you will have supported a small Australian owned and operated business and the only Ugg manufacturer in Australia with their own tannery (which means everything is done here supporting more australian workers and the community). Learn more about Ugg Australia - watch the video here.

    During this time please do not email our customer service team unless it's of an urgent nature as this will only slow down the process.

    And don't forget to keep an eye out for the next special offer!
    Thank you for your understanding, patience and buying Aussie.

    • we have had a problem with the supplier with the orders from the 15th, we have since fixed this issue. I have been assured these orders will be delivered this week.


  • Your delivery is coming

    It’s on its way
    Expected Tuesday 10 Aug 2021 – Friday 13 Aug 2021*
    From Ugg Australia
    Tracking number xxx

    If nobody’s home to sign for your delivery, we’ll take it to a local Post Office and email you when it’s available to pick up.
    Here are your delivery options.

    Choose a Parcel Locker to collect

    Choose a Post Office to collect

    Rather choose from your saved addresses? Log in to MyPost and redirect this item from your tracking list.

    Keep in mind that choosing a collection option will add at least one day to your expected delivery date.#
    Security message
    Australia Post will never send you an unsolicited email asking for your password, credit card details or account information.

  • how do i cancel my order? never buying from Buy Aussie again, i place an order for a pair of Uggs (16 July) and some Jerky (19 July) and both have not ship.

  • I have requested for my refund! they said no just wait for the shipment. Can anyone provide with their phone number ? I want to report them to ACCC

  • This is from the beef jerky thread:

    I am the Sales Manager of Buy Aussie Now, I have called about 20 people this morning and I am posting my mobile number here for anyone who wants to contact me.
    0499078959 is my number.

  • Ordered on the 30th of June, got an email saying I'll receive by no later than the 8th and I still haven't received anything. Not even an email update about delays. Will be reporting to OzB admins for scamming.

        • +1

          why am i getting downvoted when all i am asking is a refund for my order and you guys have not yet responded to my emails- seriously this is a joke now

  • I got my order quickly, a bit over a week ago. Only issue was that the size was a little too big. 12-14 instead of just 12.

    • +1

      12 mens 14 womans

      • ahhh ok makes sense now thanks

  • +1

    Received my UGG today. The label on it says in text " MADE BY UGG AUSTRALIA", not the UGG Australia logo and the construction is also different from the photo. Honestly, I don't know what to make of it.


    Mine's not like this.

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