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Core i5-10400F RTX 3060 Gaming PC [B460/16GB RAM]: $1298 + Shipping (July) @ TechFast


Hi folks, as requested, here's the Intel version of the new RTX 3060 deal.

Intel Core i5 10400F | RTX 3060 12GB Gaming PC: $1298 after 10400F-3060-EOFYS

  • Intel Core i5 10400F 6c/12t processor [10700F upgrade available]
  • RTX 3060 12GB [brand/model may vary]
  • Intel B460 MB [MSI Pro in use, various upgrades available]
  • 16GB (2x8) 2666MHz RAM [brand/model may vary, upgrades available]
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD [brand/model may vary, upgrades available]
  • 750W Allied PSU [650 Bronze and 750 Gold upgrades available]
  • Lance-V ATX RGB Case (specs here) [upgrades available]

Equivalent AMD Deal: Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 3060: $1298


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    Better update that post description :)

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      Done thanks! Sloppy-paste 😂

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        10400f has hyperthreading

  • i wonder how much of the 12gb it will actually use up AND with serviceable fps

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    Legit question: why people still buy Intel? I was reading a bit everywhere how AMD got better and how it's cheaper and better to get Ryzen.

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      There's a lot of hype around AMD, and deservedly so, they've had an incredible turnaround.

      Intel i5 is still very competitive for gaming.

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      Intel is really cheap too, their 10900k was around $550 a few months ago.

      IIRC intel still wins a tiny bit in gaming

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      AMD was only cheaper up until this current generation of chips. Now that AMD out performs Intel they have charged accordingly. If you get it on sale you can get an Intel 8 core for the same price or less than and AMD 6 core. Especially in the budget gaming space Intel is very good value.

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        Now that AMD out performs Intel they have charged accordingly.

        I thought it was the other way around with Intel having to lower their prices to stay competitive.

        The price increase from AMD is actually quite modest at only $50 USD more than last gen.

        RRP (USD)
        $249 Ryzen 5 3600X
        $299 Ryzen 5 5600X
        $399 Ryzen 7 3800X
        $449 Ryzen 7 5800X
        $499 Ryzen 9 3900X
        $549 Ryzen 9 5900X
        $749 Ryzen 9 3950X
        $799 Ryzen 9 5950X
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          A marketing trick to make consumers think that "THe upgrade is only $50, might as well go for it".

          • +1

            @EshaySlayer: That's your own problem if you get tricked by it. $50 is $50

            • @bumluffa: The x skus were marketing gimmicks for dumb gullible people, they were non-x's with a minor factory OC, not even binned. By that time the node process had already matured enough for non x skus that let them overclock to the same frequencies.

              There's 0 reason to ever compare 3600x to 5600x. 3600 released for 200usd,5600x released for 300usd, simple as that.

        • +1

          The main issue is that amd did not release a 5600 non x or the cheaper 5700x compared to 5800x.

          3600 went back up to the same price as it launched at $300aud, while i tel's 10400f dropped at $199aud

        • You forget that the 3600 launched at $199 and 3700X at $329 at the same time. From what I remember, these were the most popular chips as well and the 3600X/3800X were much poorer value for money. So the $299 5600X and $449 5800X end up being larger price increases for their target audiences.

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      Given the AMD equivalent from Techfast is running a 6c/6t 3500X, and this is got a 10400F 6c/12t for the same price, it's a no brainer which one you would choose if you want a pre-built. The 10400F is noticeably better than the 3500X (especially given 12 threads vs 6 threads) so the "better and cheaper" for Ryzen isn't always true.

      While it is the case that Ryzen 5000 performs better than Intel 10th and 11th gen, it's definitely not cheaper. It's more performance for more money.

      • While that is true generally, it doesn't apply to all games.

        • +1

          In terms of AMD 5000 being better than Intel? Yes true. There are titles where they trade blows or intel edges ahead.

          Relevant to this deal, the 10400F will easily beat the 3500X in all titles.

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      This deal is better price to performance than the same amd deal posted

    • In a competitive market, neither will retain a significant cost/performance advantage for long. If one is too cheap, they'll raise prices, or if one is too expensive, they'll drop it. Specific processors will be a bit better/worse for a specific task, but generally most options are viable.

      I'm personally having undiagnosed hiccups on an 11th gen, and my friend kernel errors on his 3000 series. All CPUs these days seem a bit rushed!

    • Of their two deals (i5 vs Ryzen 5) the i5 is a better deal.

      It's not always cheaper and better to get Ryzen.

      I say this as someone with a 5600x. Just pick what works best for your needs at your price point.

    • 5600x here is about 400$ and the 10400F is about 230$
      (ofc have to factor in the mobo cost) but this 2 gaming performance is close (5600x win a bit)

      and how many ppl actually feed their family by needing that bit faster rendering time here? won't looking at this tier anyway.

      AMD is defiitely better over the last 5 years, but now, the 5000 series is just too expensive. the new intel.

    • Are Intel CPUs still not made in China? Because you know, ccp. Winnie the pooh is watching

      • +1

        They've only got a sigle fab site in China. In fact most of the current and past fab sites have been in the US.

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      I got intel becuase historically they have been more reilable, faster. The corei5, according to toms hardware at the time, was the "mainstream gaming champ".

      The intel software, such as diagnostic test is also useful.

      So, the tldr, the intel cheap I got was the fastest for the price - and intel provides better support and drivers. Nvidia with intel also feels like the typical match up.

  • Just out of curiosity, what would everyone's upgrades be?

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      Upgrade to bronze power supply, unless you only buy this for the cheap parts then upgrade to a gold psu by yourself . The gold psu used by techfast is not good

      • Oh that's interesting. I was going to upgrade to the Gold PSU, but I think I'll stick with Bronze now. 650W Bronze should be fine right?

        Plus, I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but what brand would the 650W Bronze PSU be? :)

        • -1

          I think techfast only use gigabyte psu

          The reason why I wouldn't upgrade to the gold version is the model used (gp750m) has a very bad reputation, some explodes during review

          650w bronze is fine for this combination, you will struggle if you upgrade to a 3080/3090, so more limited upgrade option

          • @ln28909: Ohh alright, thank you!! I trust Gigabyte PSUs, so I'll be happy to go with bronze then :)

            I'm a bit curious tho, does this PC come with an OS installed? You can select 'Operating System SSD', but then at the bottom it says 'Operating System Activation'

    • definitely psu, maybe case, mobo if u can afford it (for that sweet onboard wifi)

    • +1

      Definitely a PSU upgrade. The upgrade to the MSI MAG Forge 100R case isn't a bad upgrade either as it's a much better quality case and still provides excellent airflow for cooling. Even a bump up to one of the B560M motherboards would be better too.

      Storage is definitely worth an upgrade, however if it was me I would get something good elsewhere.

    • +2

      The 240gb ssd is a joke for a gaming pc

      • +1

        I manage just fine with 120 on my gaming pc. Not everyone plays battlefield

  • Do you really need a 750W psu here? The 10400F means this isn't really ever going to be a 3090 build, so why bother with a high power psu? Feels like somewhat bad advice….

    • +1

      No you dont need a 750w but this is an unrated allied branded psu so its the cheapest option.

    • +1

      Because the cheap psu can cause the gpu to crash, like it does for me

  • Any plans to do more deals like these ones you had earlier in the year ? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/625386.

    Got that itch to upgrade again.

  • +1

    Some good deals from techfast, if only they’d offer upgrade options to a decent looking case 🤔

  • What is the standard cooler?

  • Any deals like this but with a 3070 ?
    i just want a little more gaming grunt

    • from the looks of their OzB page they've still got 3070Ti deals running but no 3070s.

  • Hi trying to buy it but the securepay screen is just hanging?

  • I know it's 1 year warranty, but some components such as the RTX 3060 usually has a 3 year warranty

    Is there a way to claim the 3 year warranty directly from Nvidia?

    • Yes, you get the balance of any component that has a warranty beyond whatever option you select from us. Most manufacturers require a warranty claim to come through the place of purchase, so we can assist in this case if needed.

      • Perfect!! That was my only major worry, thank you so much for the reply :)

  • Luketechfast can you please check your PM's


  • Opinions on this prebuilt and the amd prebuilt with the same specs in comparison? Context: i want to be able to play at 1080p, using two monitors, main monitor (144hz), be able to stream at 1080p, and also be able to play at a high frame rate for games like RE8 or cyberpunk, witcher 3 etc at high graphic settings. Im a PC newbie havent upgraded in years and can use some solid advice. Also want to use softwares like photoshop etc.

    Also what upgrades does everyone recommend for the situation im using the PC for? Is it better to get a Hard drive on top for storage, or upgrade the SSD?

    Also i read comments about the PSU im a little confused on whether to upgrade it or not.

    Thanks for reading.

    • +2

      Bit of a late reply but if you're still wondering:
      Get the Hdd. 240gb will be used for your operating system and one or two of your most used games (what I use it for). Could be used for quicker operations with photoshop and stuff like that.
      1tb hdd will run out quicker than you think if you like to play a lot of games. So if you can get the 2tb.
      The psu is junk, upgrade it to the 80 plus bronze or whatever better ones there are available.

      • Thank you so much

  • Hi @luketechfast….
    I tried to add to cart but….
    it said "Motherboard required!"

    • Thanks - I'm updating the site now to be an Intel B460 motherboard. The brand/model may vary (we have sold through the current MSI B460s on hand) but will be equivalent to the MSI as previously (e.g. MSI, Gigabyte etc). Give it 5 mins and the line will appear again.

  • I'm trying to select the base model Motherboard for this build but it seems there's no option to use the Intel B460 MB?

    • +1

      See comment above - fix incoming!

  • After reading the above comments, what PSU do people recommend upgrading to? I also do not see the negative reviews for upgrading to the gold PSU - is anyone able to enlighten me or confirm whether there are indeed issues with the gold PSU here?

    Would buying a 550W PSU suffice for this build? Eg. 80 Plus Bronze Corsair Semi-Modular CX550? or would it need 650W (to be aligned with the Bronze PSU which people are recommending)?

  • Which 3060 will we get? Or is it randomised per build and dependant on what you have in stock. Model no. would be nice :)

    • It's the first one, it will be a mix of models/brands.

  • How long will it take to ship this if I order now?
    with Intel Z590 or MSI B560M upgrade?

    • It would be in early August

  • Got my system on the 31st of June and have still yet to have the system shipped. Has Anyone had their one shipped or an update on when it will be, it's been a whole month

    • Same here. No update yet. I sent them the email 2 days back, but hasnt recieved any response yet.

      • I've been contacting them via email with responses within 2-3 hours, being informed that my system will be within the first batch however that's been said since 14th of July.

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