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Hatcher Pure Habanero / Jalapeno Hot Sauces 111mL $1, 3 Pack x 148mL $5 C&C (Was $5/$10) @ BCF


Greetings everyone, spotted that these hot sauces had dropped once again. These were previously $15 per bottle, then down to $5 on clearance and now down to $1.

Reviews seem quite good and probably the cheapest unit price I've seen on a hot sauce in quite a while :)

Hatcher Pure Jalapeno Hot Sauce for $1

Spice up your life (and BBQ) with the Hatcher Pure Habanero Hot Sauce. Pure Habanero deliciousness, this sauce is a classic USA barbeque sauce for those with a taste for the Hot and Spicey things in life. Use as a dipping sauce for extra oomph to your steak!

Others on sale:

I believe these were all $25, then $10 and now $5.

As always, enjoy!

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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  • Great deal
    Unfortunately limited stock around - get in quick!

    • $1 suace and $20 shopping

  • WA in stock Canno, Cockburn, Midland, Ozzie Park, Malaga

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    Why couldn't the green pepper practice archery?
    Because he didn't Habanero…….

    (I'll let myself out now…)

    • +3

      Thanks JV (for once)

    • I like it! Hahahahaha

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      The dad jokes is strong with this one.

  • Bought Hatcher Pure Habanero Hot Sauce and Hot Sauce Roulette. Thanks.

  • +1

    2 x Habanero
    2 x Jalapeno

    thanks OP

    • 3x habenaro
      2x jalapeno

  • Site has been ozbargained, barely responsive

  • Thanks OP my wife just loves this stuff

  • +2

    BCF is miles away from me, though I have bought these sauces before, pretty good stuff. If it was just up the road I'd go and get them all at these prices.

    One can never own too much chilli sauce.

  • Time to use and gift Habanero hot sauce (the only one in stock nearby). Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP, I ordered a few bottles @ $1 and the store called due to being OOS however have offered me free delivery instead :-)

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      So… They're delivering you nothing, but it's free?

      • Haha, delivering them from another store

      • +1

        Nah they will chase up other stores stock and ship to him

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    Picked most up free with BCF $10 vouchers late May
    Hatcher Kick Yo Ass Hot Sauce Set was $5 in store then.
    Enjoying the Spice rub set

    Expiry dates April to July 22

    • Does that mean this expires July?

      • +1

        Came back to correct: not Expiry Date.

        It's Best Before Date, safe to consume after that date NEXT YEAR.

  • Only let me buy 1. When I put in two in the cart, said "no stock". Then, after buying, it showed I could add 1 more and maybe buy it again. Weird. I'll take my 1 I guess.

    • Yeah I saw that too. I think it's just the system slowly updating. If you go back and look now it will probably show sold out (from your order)

  • Ordered, then got refunded.

    • I'm expecting the same outcome.

  • no stock in WA

  • In stock in Wagga. I got 5 bottles of each & received my Click & Collect confirmation

  • Great price, ugly bottles/packaging imo but these would be mostly out of sight in the pantry at home.

  • Trying the jalapeno one, a bit salty/vinegary for my taste

  • Zero stock in SA.

  • Only the Jalapeno is short dated 28/7 the others are all April-June 2022

    • Sure that's not 28/07/22?

      Mine is and the 3 pack is May-June 2022.

  • These are pretty good for a store bought, mass produced hot sauce.
    The carolina reaper one is a little weak but tasty enough.

  • Are any of these genuinely hot? Or just novelty flavored-kinda-like stuff that's hot sauces that pop up everywhere around Christmas, etc.

    • guessing most of these are a lotta vinegar

      fresh habanero I've enjoyed was like a 4mm square piece in a 2 litre saucepan of stew -

      it added a lovely warm flavour - it's no longer uncommon to see them sold fresh

  • Got a call confirming the sauces were sold out and they tried to source from other stores to deliver to me instead by no luck

    Apparently there were a few ordering online and also in store at the same time! lol

  • much as I love the warm taste of habanero - in Sydney I'm seeing stock only at Auburn BCF

    outta my zone momma - sheesh !


    • There's only 1 there which wasn't showing up yesterday or else I would have bought it.

      Picked up 1 Jalapeno (now showing 2 more available) and 2 x 3 packs this morning.

  • +1

    Picked up today, thanks @doweyy

  • Ordered another Spice rub set last night. Enjoying it so much. Surprised my local store still has stock. Ready to pick up.

  • I got a refund via Paypal, and a few hours later an email and text saying my order was ready to pick up. I only ordered one $1 bottle. Very odd. They did try to call me the same day I ordered, but I was unable to answer and they never called back. It's 7km to get to BCF. Worth the risk of going and the confirmation being a mistake? Probably not.

    • Hi @bk1973 just wondering was this at a Sydney store? The same happened to me as well, got a call I said that's fine that some people bought in store already and then got an email a while later saying it was ready for collection, not sure if it's actually there.

      • Nope. Coburg store in VIC. I still haven't picked it up. Haven't gotten a reminder to do so either.