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Crucial 16GB (1x 16GB) DDR4 3200MHz Memory $66.80 Delivered @ Harris Technology eBay


Crucial 16GB (1x 16GB) DDR4 3200MHz Memory

DDR4 PC4-25600
Unbuffered - NON-ECC
Speed: 3200 MT/S
Crucial 16GB (1x 16GB) DDR4 3200MHz Memory

Brand: Crucial

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  • +3

    CAS Latency 22 seems a bit rough. Presumably a side effect of higher capacity dimms?

    • +3

      High timings because it's 1.2v. Most 3200Mhz sticks are 1.35v.

    • +1

      Not only is the 22-22-22 really garage bins, it's also a 16GB SINGLE RANK stick.

      Putting these in a laptop is prob not much of a big deal.

      But put these in a desktop and expect your cpu performance to be SERIOUSLY CRIPPLED.

      Happy to sit this out.

      For those of you who came in late, you really haven't missed anything, if it makes you feel any better :).

      • This is desktop PC ram. It won't even fit in a laptop.

    • In addition, this is a JEDEC 3200 stick so it has to conform to the standard.

      Your regular consumer/gaming ram sticks usually have a lower jedec speed but good quality chips such that you can hit those high freq, low timing settings with XMP/manual tuning.

  • +2

    thats some slooooow ram! 22-22-22 timings ouch

  • +1

    Tempted but my 3600 would probably take a hit

  • +14

    This is the kind of ram you want for high memory tasks without latency requirements like video processing and vms. Would work a treat for a nas.

    not for gaming or overclocking.

    • +1

      You know the normal OzB moaning and groaning.

      You need to get the right timings: right product, right time, right misprice.

  • Cheap for 16gb but yeah timings are horrible for 3200… I'm running 3933 at CL18 1:1 FSB and this is 3200 at CL22… sloooooow

  • Should this work on my old horse laptop with i7-3630QM?

    • +1

      maybe not, i7-3xxx needs ddr3.

    • +1

      laptop would require sodimm, which is a different size

    • +1

      This is desktop ram not laptop ram. To look for ram for a laptop, you need to specifically look for "laptop ram" or "sodimm ram" (interchangeable)

  • OOS

  • Might be a price error? Almost half price

  • OOS - but honestly… The timings are still at 1.2V… I wonder what you could get if you played around with it and bumped up to 1.35V :D

    • smoke

  • -1

    Jesus there are some commercial qty bought there. Some guy bought 10…

    • +1


      • but it's not JB HI-FI…

      • +1

        I doubt it, the margin is less than the ebay fees. They probably just have a fleet to upgrade.

  • +1

    3200 c22-22-22 bc this is a jedec spec. but yep it does not guarantee any overclocking headroom but maybe it worth a try, for crucial mem chips always perform not too bad with such a low price

  • Bummer, I missed it! Would've started my next Unraid build as I'm still using a 4770K.

    • Yeah this would have been pretty good for the home server builds that don't really care about ECC. (Yes, this includes ZFS…)

  • bought this 3-4months ago for $110 :(

  • So Cheap!

  • I missed this? Damn.

    Damn, damn.

  • been out of pc building for over a decade. can anyone verify this is not for dual channel?

    • This is for dual channel, you just need another stick. 2x16gb

  • Broden'd

  • Much better deal that this one:

  • lol crappy nanya rams

    samsung b die/hynix cjr or bust

  • The latency is slow as any thing. Never put this in a gaming PC or any other PC where you want performance.