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Astivita $8 Essential Oil Diffuser (Was $28.99) and More + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Astivita Amazon AU



AstiVita Essential Oil Diffuser

$28.99 $8 ASTIVITA 500ml Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

  • 7 different LED light colors
  • Large 500ml water capacity runs continuously up to 8 hours in high mist mode and 17 hours in low mist mode
  • Safety Auto Switch that prevents it from overheating in case it runs out of water
  • AstiVita 12 Month Warranty!

$26 $8 AstiVita Titanium Derma Roller

$18 $8 AstiVita Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

$26 $12 AstiVita Black Jade Roller

$25 $14 AstiVita Green Jade Roller

AstiVita Camping Mats!

$36.80 $16 AstiVita Camping Sleeping Pad with Pillow ORANGE

$36.80 $16 AstiVita Camping Sleeping Pad with Pillow BLUE

$34.99 $15 AstiVita Camping Sleeping Pad ORANGE

$34.99 $15 AstiVita Camping Sleeping Pad BLUE

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  • +17

    That is the strangest silk eye mask I've ever seen.

    • Maybe the long end goes in the mouth and whatever's left of the other end covers your face

    • +5

      It’s for your other eye - your penis.

    • +1

      rip @CodeXD your comment was iconic

  • The link for the mulberry eye mask is most definitely not correct

  • +1

    Thanks, great deal on the diffuser.

  • Are these diffusers still leaking like many of the Amazon reviews say?

    • +10

      We will refund any that leak!

      • +1

        I have had 2 that makes the sounds but no clear mist. I've returned 1 in the past, any knowledge on if this is common? I've probably just been really unlucky?

      • +1

        Hopefully that… diffuses… the situation =p

    • +1

      Mask leaking as well

    • +3

      I have 2 of them and they have never leaked.

      Buying a third. They are great!

    • Mine doesn’t leak. Are they talking about condensation in the spout? If so that’s kind of a limitation of physics, not a fault.

  • +3

    Grabbed another one. Good Price. I have used it before. very good price compared to the ones available in market. Looking for good and long lasting diffuser oils now.

  • +1

    Thanks bought 4 diff

  • +2

    Been really happy with my diffuser. No leaks, works well. Paid a bit more but $8 is a good deal.

    • Same here - good for the kids.

      Bought another diff

  • +4

    my oil diffuser i got from the last sale is still sitting next to me unused! lol

    • I am using my free one from eBay and oils from Kmart, even smaller but still last hours.

      Is this on USB or power plug? I am using mine with power bank

    • +1

      Lol mine too. Next to the bed. I trip over it every morning.

  • I bought this one Oct 2020 for $10. Not satisfied with the product.

    • Diffuser? Reason?

      • yes diffuser, we put it into small bedroom and we cant smell any essential oil even we put 10+ drops into it. The mist not strong enough. You get for what you pay for.

        • +6

          Could the problem be with the oils?

          • @elektron: I got it in 2019 I believe for about the same price and it works well. However if I have it on for about 30 mins or more, I wake up with a cough every time I breathe outwards. Took me ages to figure out it was the diffuser that was causing it.

            Love using it but I guess I'm sensitive in a few ways haha

  • +2

    Do I need this?

    • +2

      No.. So buy it !

  • And where to find the oils for diffuser?

    • +12

      Basically everywhere but I would steer clear from cheapies on ebay/$2 stores as they're very artificial smelling (read: like toilet cleaner and heavily diluted in a carrier oil). This is from personal experience. The Bosito's blends from chemists/supermarkets are pretty good.

      I started off with this kit on amazon, which I got from a previous prime day sale. It contains all the common popular essential oils.

      There's a lot of choices on amazon but read the reviews, noting smell is very subjective.

      I started to get bored of these scents so moved on to more premium oils and boy can they start to cost a lot of $$$.

      After trawling here, whirlpool and other forums, I found

      The quality is great and prices are pretty reasonable (~$10-15 for the 18ml ones I chose). I really liked how they have Australian native scents, which isn't that common.

      I have also heard good things about New Directions as very good and reputable but I think they are more geared to businesses, so after factoring in cost of product (depending on the scent, about double the website above) and shipping, turned out to be quite pricey so I didn't proceed.

      • The diffuser was an impulse buy. I then started to look for what to put in it and came across your post.

        Followed the link and was not sure what fragrance to look for. Rose was the only one that came to my mind, did a search and found this

        Obviously Rose is not something that my house is going to smell of anytime soon. I will explore other beginner options :)

    • +1


    • I like these:

      Not the best sales they've had, but some decent prices for quality.

    • I get mine from Amazon Aus. I especially like the Yankee ones. They smell amazing, and you don't need to use a lot.

  • +2

    I got this last prime day and still going strong, using it a few times a week with no issues at all, got 2 more, thanks op

    • The oil diffuser, or the wand massager??

    • +5

      We would not reccomend long periods of use, always discontinue use if pain or irritation occur.

  • +2

    That wand massager which gives an extra 70% with this diffuser looks like something else :D

    • +3

      Look at the extras add on for the wand.

    • +3

      something else

      Actually is something else 🤣

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered a few camping mats!!

  • +3

    Save 70% on a Premium Wand Massager when you purchase 1 or more Essential Oil Diffuser offered by Astivita. Here's how (terms and conditions apply😆

    And accessories

  • @ Astivita. I need another trofeo tap Do you have any floating around in the back of the warehouse?

    • All out sorry!

  • Bought it last time and forgot to use it lol.

    Any recommendations for the oils?

    • Try them at Kmart to see which one you like.

      • Cheers

  • Can anyone comment on the camping pad? reviews say it deflates overnight?

    • Will refund if you experience any quality issues!

    • +1

      That's what she said.

  • Trippy, bought one from a deal op posted 2 years ago, just opened it up yesterday :P

    Got oil from Kmart

    • now you can open the others as well…..

  • +2

    Upvoted just for the rep's sense of humour

  • +2

    Any ozbargain doctors or scientists out there that want to give us their 2c on essential oil diffusers and health?
    Less interested in potential benefits and more interested in potential lesser-known concerns.
    Thanks in advance

    • +2

      I bought one a couple of years ago and haven't used it yet because I'm scared to diffuse oils around my dog! I know some oils can have ill effects on dogs

      • +2

        That's a dog act

      • +2

        Try cannabis oil

      • been using one around my cat and dog for a while, no issues.. check that the oils used are natural and that your pet isn't allergic to them. You can always try them and stop if you see they don't like it.

    • I got it in 2019 for about the same price and it works well. However if I have it on for about 30 mins or more, I wake up with a cough every time I breathe outwards. Took me ages to figure out it was the diffuser that was causing it.

      Love using it but I guess I'm sensitive in a few ways haha

  • So many leaking complaints of diffuser

    • +1

      They will refund all!!! :p

  • +1

    Bought 1 thanks OP.

    • +1

      You must've got the last one! Gone while checking out argh!

      I was too busy making dumb comments on here lol

      • oh no!! Lucky I asked the wife early on.

  • +2

    OOS :(

    • +2

      Available again @Maxxiz @Dozza5 @Killua27

  • Missed the diffuser, gutted! Been looking for a big one.

  • +3

    Voted +, purely because of excellent customer service.

  • Argh, missed out on the diffuser 😔

    • Back in stock, limited numbers!

  • +1

    Random piece of advice, if you have dogs or cats make sure you don't use tea tree oil in diffusers or even in general, small amounts are extremely toxic to them. A few drops of high concentration TTO can kill smaller pets and even using shampoo containing it can kill them if they lie down on your pillow.

    Same deal applies to many other common oils to a lesser extent, definitely research which ones are toxic before using them.

    • +1

      Oh. That explains my last 4 dogs.

      • my last 4 dogs.

        Killed them all ? 😲

        • +1

          I’m gonna go ahead and suggest it was a joke.

  • Ordered, good value to even just use it as a night light.

    • Manual said "do not switch on power when the tank is empty"

      So can't use it as night light? Or just light is OK no mist?

  • Hopefully they find a few more boxes of the diffusers. Only just seen this one

    • +1

      Back in stock now @Coops

  • +1

    Grabbed a diffuser.

  • +1

    Ordered one.


  • Got mine today is anybody else loud? There's a loud engine humm basically unusable in living area with TV

    • Yes i have zero experience in these devices but are they suppose to be quite silent. Its not a great white hum noise either

    • I didn't put any water in yet but no loud with just light on.

      • It did make a bit of loud with mist on.

        I have a small one on powerbank no loud at all.

  • +1

    Not sure whether it's my diffuser that's defective or it's normal, but every time I plugged the power to the bottom, I can see some sparks coming up.

    • +2

      I can see some sparks coming up.

      Same here, AstiVita any comment?

  • Recieved mine today. D.O.A.
    Not surprised. Returning.
    An $8.00 p.i.t.a
    Ah well. 👎

    • No power?

      Recieved mine today. D.O.A.

  • Yea. No power. No nothing.

    • +1

      When you plug the power plug in any sparks like us?

  • No. Nada Not a thing

  • +3

    My 2c: got it, works fine, only audible sound from a distance is a bit of water ripple which doesn't exactly sound bad.
    Make sure AC adapter is pushed all the way in otherwise it won't connect/power on. (possible easy mistake, happened to me)

    • only audible sound from a distance is a bit of water ripple which doesn't exactly sound bad.

      Like a motor or something.

      • Just make sure you also don't overfill the water.
        Turn off the device before filling up.
        Make sure you have the diffuser stable.
        The plug under the device is not the most sensible location for an electrical connection.