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Asus DUAL-RTX2060-O6G-EVO Graphics Card $599 + Delivery @ Umart


I don’t care if you think it’s overpriced, this is the cheapest rtx card in stock at the moment. If you are going to have a cry that it’s not a deal then find one cheaper and post it on ozbargain in case someone was looking to buy one.

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    damn son, you're an ice cold dick killer.

    could be hard to argue with Ur logic.

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      Telling it like it is, and hes confident as heck, cuz he damn well knows no one is gonna show him up with a better deal cuz NONE exsits.

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      Sounds a little bit salty?

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      did someone say dick?

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      Spotted the cry

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    Haha 😂 came here for the clap backs

    Eats popcorn

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  • Really difficult to find graphic card stock

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    I thought it would be good to mention this is overpriced

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      the value of a commodity is a variable thing, fren. Prices do not stay constant if demand and supply fluctuate. So if you are saying a commodity is currently overpriced based on a price they had in the past and not now, then that would be an incorrect way of thinking about it.

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        Successful troll is successful, gorge :)

    • good to mention that sydney house price is overpriced too? cap'n bleeding obvious.

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    last year people dumped their 2080 for $500 … 2080ti for $600 … just before the 3070 launched

    must be a mad year

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      Still living in the past.

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        Let's revisit that sentiment in a month's time.

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          yup.. there'll be all those cheap chinese GPUs that have been thrashed 24/7 for the past year or more mining.

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          Indeed, the china cypto crash is just setting in, watch the glut of used gpus fly in REAL soon.

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            @dbmitch: the person who negged you just purchased a 3070 ti for 2.5k a day ago,lol

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      I was about to dump my GTX1060 for $150 right before RTX3080 was launched but some tight arse just want to pay $100. In the end the card was regretfully sold for $300 after six months

    • -9

      Last year if you spend $500 on ADA crypto at 2c you would have $100,000 today soo umm there's a reason why graphics cards cost so much. Now.. funny thing is ADA doesn't need CPUS or GPUS to mine .. you stake ada to make more ada

      Eth was only $200 mid 2020 and it got to $5000 sitting at $3000.. that's mined with GPUs

      • Where does that $99500 come from that I pulled out though?

    • Sold my 2080 for 800 only unfortunately they’ve started to come down

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    Damn I brought a 2060 super 8gb for $430 last year these prices are crazy

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    Damn my GTX 1070 just blew up, I bought it about 5 years ago for $499 from this deal- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/279100

    I will wait and hope the prices come down before buying another card though.

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      How did it blow up?

    • Wasn't from the VRM's was it? Did you have the "thermal mod" from EVGA?

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      Prices are getting there. You can buy a new 3070ti for $1500, 3 months ago scalpers would have grabbed them all in 2 seconds. 6700xt for $1100 is almost always available and with driver enhancements and AMDs version of dlss coming it’s actually a decent price. I almost got a 2080ti off gumtree for $700 but someone else grabbed it before I got there. 2060 is in stock everywhere thanks to nvidia putting it back in production.

      It’s still bad, but there’s a light on the horizon. On a forum I go to there’s a 2070 super for $700 and no one is interested.

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      Graphics cards are way way overpriced now, I am hanging onto my ASUS GTX 1070 from 2016 and finger-crossed it won't blow up anytime soon like yours until prices come down to RRP or lower.

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        Yep, hanging onto my Asus GTX1060 for exactly the same reason. I was actually planning on building a new PC, but that's basically on hold now until prices normalise. Eh, I have four more years of Windows 10 ;)

    • Did you clean it regularly, change the thermal paste?

    • My EVGA blew up a few months back. Bought on release for $600, in 2016. Sold the broken card for $250 on ebay though.

      Been using a cheapy while waiting for prices to settle. Could be a while.

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      A good price in the current market is a bargain… That's literally what the word means.

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      bargain: a thing bought or offered for sale much more cheaply than is usual or expected.

      Sure It's more then it was a year ago but unless you own a Delorean with a working flux capacitor then that information doesn't help you now.

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        Taps Hank on shoulder

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    Shows up as $749 until i set the postcode.

    Since it defaulted to croydon SA which is out of stock.

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    Darn, this really is a crap planet. Borg cubes are cheaper than this.

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      They even changed thier motto for 2020-21

      "Resistance is Cheaper"

      • ahahaha ahahaha

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    Not bad. But not good either. I'd say this is a normalish price considering the circumstances.

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    been looking at 2nd-hand 1660s on FB marketplace for more than this

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    Do you guys think prices are going to get better soon? I keep hearing that stock is coming and prices will go down but nothing changes yet.

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      Global shortage of chips, won't coming down soon.

      $600 is actually cheaper than I can get from my supplier.

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      new market unlikely, but watch the used market closely this month, lots of used china gpus incoming from thier national ban. However, be mindful its risky, they are likely to be beat to shit from all the mining.

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      For this older stuff built on 12nm, I am confident prices are going down.

      There is a shortage in production capacity but new products will be hit hardest, e.g. rtx 3000 series built on samsungs 8nm fab.

      The biggest bottleneck is products contracted to be built at TSMC 5nm, as apple bought up most of the production before covid hit.

      Look at Intel, recently built even more 14 nm capacity as they predicted a shortage in CPUs a few years ago, now 10th and 11th gen intel CPUs are being dumped at bargain prices

  • The Rock "Michael Jackson I can smell your popcorn, I know you're in here somewhere…"

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      They sound like a teenagers dad trying to convince him about not smokin'!

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        They're also exaggerating how bad a second-hand mining card will be.

        I wouldn't pay full price for one, of course, but if it's hundreds less… for a card that'll probably be fine for years, that might be OK.

        Either way it'll bring prices down, so that's great news.

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          What I'm worried is repackaging of old cards and selling for rrp

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    Mining banned in China…

    • +3

      Good. Its a waste of electricity and contributes to global warming for no real physical output.

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      Mining was making China billions but IMHO they are more worried about people fleeing with cash stashed in crypto. Started with banning crypto as currency, currently banning mining, next few years banning ownership of non-CCP issued and monitored crypto.

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    Okay prepare your tissues for eye watering prices or table flipping wtf action but there are some RTX 30XX GPU in stock.

    $999 https://www.ple.com.au/Products/645159/eVGA-GeForce-RTX-3060...

    $1849 https://www.ple.com.au/Products/643516/ASUS-GeForce-RTX-3070...

    3070 Ti:
    $1899 https://www.ple.com.au/Products/646965/Asus-GeForce-RTX-3070...

    3080 Ti
    $3099 https://www.ple.com.au/Products/646848/Gigabyte-GeForce-RTX-...
    $2899 https://www.ple.com.au/Products/646761/ZOTAC-GAMING-GeForce-...
    $2799 https://www.ple.com.au/Products/646572/Gigabyte-GeForce-RTX-...

    $3549 https://www.ple.com.au/Products/643076/ZOTAC-GAMING-GeForce-...

    Similar situation across many retailers. prices jacked up crazy, and retailers/distributors got in on that scalping action, but it would seem they've hit the ceiling of what people are willing to pay.

    $599 for 2060 seems decent in comparison.

    • +4

      At those prices, they'll probably stay in stock for a while. When it's almost cheaper to buy a whole PC than a GPU, you'd gotta be asking what's going on though.

      • +1

        I second this. The whole Ti variants seems like grubby money grabs by Nvidia and I hope it doesn't sell well and forced to reduce prices.

        • +1

          The 3060Ti was better on release, but unobtanium…. I still have an EVGA 3060Ti XC on order from PLE for $729… Feels like hopes and dreams though, by the time it fills it's likely to be LHR.

          • +1

            @HiredGoon: Yeah I've had a $799 EVGA 3060 Ti FTW3 Ultra on order from PLE since March. I originally ordered the same model as you but switched because I saw the 'no ETA date' and decided it was unlikely those cards would ever be delivered.

            My card's ETA queue has moved 1 day forward (to 28/2) in 4 months, lol.

          • @HiredGoon: The 3060ti I think had been scalped to death by miners.

            It hashes at the same rate as 3070 while being a whole lot cheaper upfront.

            And has the added benefit of not being LHR like the 3060 originally was.

            3070 stock was better =/

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    Upvoted just cause of your description.

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    Market is dumb right now.

    Sold my GTX1070 for $550 and got a GTX1080 for the same price on FB marketplace.

  • pretty good deal for a dual rtx…

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    Good price, $20/mh so equivalent to 3070 at $1200

    • Or buy a used rx 580 for 450 and get more hashrate than this.

      • -1

        Amd is pleb

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    If no one buys, then demand drops, price will drop. It's stupid people that pay $600 for a 2060 that keeps the prices up.

  • Was going to see my dual gtx 1080s running sli to get an rtx but I think I'll wait a while longer.

    • +5

      Sell one, profit now

      Live on the single 1080

      Then upgrade from when it drops

  • Thanks bought one.

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        That's me exactly

  • OzStockPSA, hosted by the delightfully cheery daveob23.

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    how to sell overpriced goods thread…don't need 1 - cpu graphics and an xbox

  • 3080s are commonly sold for 2299 currently. Few days ago there was a 3080 + psu for 2299 shipped. I'm holding off for it to drop a bit more though.

  • +1

    3080 going down rapidly. Here is for 2299$ https://www.saveonit.com.au/product/pny-vcg308010tfxmpb-rtx3...

    • holy shit i didn't know it got that bad, a 3080 is considered cheap above 2k? wtf…

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    Good price, I just paid $650 for a 2nd hand RTX2060 2 months ago.

  • Savage

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    3060 vs a 2060 is only a 10% increase in performance so at $599 vs $999 the 2060 is a bargain

  • +2

    GPU's are going down down… I'll be back in 2 months to buy

    • +2

      I think I will wait for another 6 months.

  • Putting all smartarse comments aside, is this actually a decent card ?

    • +5

      Virtually the same as a GTX 1080, in theory it has ray tracing but why RTX is 'actually' useful (especially at this power level) is DLSS. It also has the newer Nvenc encoder which may be useful for streaming purposes. It does only have 6GB of VRAM, this is probably fine for 1440p in most cases, 1080p will be no problem, avoid 4K.


      This is in the "feels bad" category at this price, for people desperate, as in game all the time on their PC and their GPU broke, sure get this to tie you over, but it certainly isn't good value, it's just, existing.

      Cooler seems fine.


      • +1

        Thank you! The last gaming PC I've had was 970 Strix, so I suppose anything would be a lot better than that.
        Wonder if I should just wait for better cards/deals.

        • +3

          Yes. If at all possible, wait. It may still be bad for a while yet but if you're able to game and happy with your performance, these deals will look like jokes in the near future.

          • +3

            @conza: Fair enough. I am not desperate to be honest, so perhaps it's not a bad idea for me to look for Case + PSU + Storage deals for now.

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    I haven’t researched PC hardware prices since I built my PC in 2019.

    I still remember I bought my Gigabyte RTX 2060 6GB for $460.

    Can’t believe I saw this post today. I quickly googled the price of a Gigabyte RTX2060. Most retailers are asking $800-900 for this very card and used prices on eBay are easily $600+

    Makes me think I should just rip it out of my system and sell it since I don’t even play games anymore.