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[Backorder] EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW GAMING ACX 3.0 €352.22 (~AU $499) Delivered @ Amazon France


Woah this is cheap :) An evga card, so you'll get international warranty. Currently out of stock, so a backorder and will deliver when stock becomes available. Because of this, hopefully these units are manufactured after August and won't have the heating issue.

Check Serial and Request Thermal Pads here if there's an issue

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    When do you think they'll get stock? Back ordered a couple days ago at 366 EUR, gonna email them to see if they can deal with price difference

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      just cancel in your order history and reorder, amazon doesnt charge you until it ships so you can cancel anytime before if the price drops.

      • Puts me at the back of the line if theres a long que, no? Just don't want to miss the next shipment if tonnes of people have back ordered

        • idk but probably the case. No idea how long it will be on backorder.

  • Weren't there overheating issues with EVGA cards? Have they fixed this?

    • New shipments should come with BIOS update on there + the thermal pads installed. You can check when you get your serial number, or else RMA with evga for one that has.

      • Maybe these are old stock Amazon are getting rid of for cheap

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          It's out of stock atm though. They've dropped the price of all 1070s by like 15 EUR since yesterday I'm pretty sure

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    There is also a "MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Armor 8G OC" option in stock and for EUR 349.66 delivered https://www.amazon.fr/MSI-NvidiaGeForce-GTX-1070-ARMOR/dp/B0...

    • cool good fine mate, not a bad price either, cheers

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      EVGA has international warranty, considered by far the best RMA process amongst NVIDIA AIB partners, and include free return shipping for any issues with cards purchased from overseas. Unless you absolutely need the look of the MSI, I'd go EVGA any day.

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    Wahoo finally my <$500 1070 and well chuffed it's an EVGA. Ordered

  • Good price. Just picked up a Founders Edition for $560 during the eBay 20% deal. Would of got this if I didn't need a rear exhaust cooler

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    Great price! Make sure your power supply can handle it though - FTW requires 2x 8pin power cables. Other non-FTW variants only require 1x 8pin

  • What are shipping times like?

    • Around 1-2 weeks after stock arrives

  • as per usual VAT is removed at checkout:
    Récapitulatif de Commande
    Articles : EUR 328,25
    Livraison : EUR 24,52
    Montant total : EUR 352,77

    • that translates to: EUR 393.90 Free delivery in mainland France.

      You just add to cart and back order and ship to aus, for price OP mentioned

  • Got mine for 620$ in June…. Guess all this month worth the price difference.

    Best 1070 imo, wish you guys don't get coil whine.

    • Same here - had a good three+ months of gaming bliss, I guess.

      Beware anyone looking for a small card, this is not the card you're looking for I managed to cram it into a mini-itx case (SG13), but it was a close call.

  • so tempting

  • Picked one up after just getting this one from the US store for $550, still in time to cancel it before being sent too, thanks so much OP, glad I checked back on a whim just in case haha!

  • Just ordered mine came to $522.39 I got charged $24.52 for shipping, How did you guys get it free?

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      ~$499 is the approximate conversion if you order it in Euros and pay with it with a fee free card such as 28 degrees (Amazon charges a ridiculous conversion rate if you pay for it in AUD directly)

      • oh ok thank you, kinda new to amazon is it possible for me to change it to paying in euro's? think it will be cheaper with ANZ exchange rates. Maybe ill look into this 28 degrees card. Seen a lot of people mentioning it

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          Yes, in the final page of checkout before you pay, you can toggle between Euros and AUD in the right sidebar. Many people here purchase from Amazon often so they always use a fee free card, Ozbargain has a wiki page about the cards as well.

        • awesome thank you, one thing though In regards to changing currency at checkout I have already gone through checkout and "purchased" the item, do you know of any way to change it now?

        • @barge88: you should be able to cancel it as amazon shouldn't have charged you yet. Just use the online chat and they'll help you.

          In terms of fee free international cards it's either 28 degrees and citibank plus

        • Yep, Just ordered a 28 degrees card, first credit card. What can go wrong right? :)

      • +1

        No conversion charges for Citibank Transaction plus debit card as well in case you are missing 28 degrees.
        Not sure who is better for the conversion rate, but I have seen Citibank to be better compared to the big 4 banks.

  • Finally! Under $500 and EVGA. Trigger pulled!!! Oh and free watch dogs 2 is nice too!

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    ordered with 28 degrees… MasterCard exchange rates comes to $502 for today. hope the euro go down down down… when the stock arrives.

  • Good deal. I assume it's not worth paying the extra $87 for the EVGA GeForce 1070 Hybrid from this deal? - www.ozbargain.com.au/node/279055

  • Hmm just bought it a few days ago for 370 euros delivered. Anyone know if they will price match? and/or how to speak french for less than 20 euros? ;)

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    Horri shiet good price!
    I have the non ftw edition i bought for like 530 or something like that on release,hell good card and worth it!

  • +3

    Also should come with Watch Dogs 2 if they can ship it out before the 19th of Dec.

    This offer is valid only on products sold by Amazon.fr excluding products sold by third-party vendors on the Marketplace platform:
    Buy until December 19, 2016 a product of the selection.
    You will receive an email following the shipment of your order containing a code allowing you to download your game.
    Go to https://redeem.geforce.com/ and enter the code provided by email.
    You have until February 28, 2017 to use your code.

  • Thank you! Ordered one!

  • +1

    Now this is what I joined for, good work OP!

  • Good price but still too expensive for me. I'm gonna wait until it drops below AUS$ 300 before I even consider buying one :)

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      You'll probably be waiting until the next generation of cards.

      • +1

        and probably even longer

      • Hornpub said on his post in the above, that he paid $ 620 in June for this card. Since it's not even November and the price has dropped to less than $ 500, I can conclude that it's gonna take around 5 months for the price to drop 20%. That means, I won't be waiting for too long to see the 1070 GTX's price to hover just under $ 300 and by my calculation, it's gonna happen around Oct-Nov 2017.

        • +1

          A good way to predict the future pricing would be to look at the price trend of the GTX 970. I believe the 970 only dropped below $300 once the 1070 released.

        • @akaakmdm: that's what I'm basing my conclusion on.

    • +1

      chances are by then you'll lose interest on this card and will make similar comment on the next generation card .. imma gonna wait till price X

  • Hi, guys I have an NAB debit card do you recommend me to use it for this purchase? I can c people talking about fee free cards for overseas transactions. However it's like 2am here now I don't think I would have the time to apply for a new card right now lol.. Also this deal won't last long so what should i go with ?

  • Deal over? Say €489 for me.

  • Ordered this……any one have any updates on back-order status?

    • I'm not getting an estimated delivery date yet

      • +2

        looks like this may be a long wait… probably delays with the thermal issue, oh well..
        can always cancel if another deal pops up.

        • +4

          Yeah still nothing on mine either… Positive is though hopefully they'll be ones with all the fixes applied to them.

        • it looks like all the sales have ended…..guess our best option may be to wait it out

        • @silr20: hopefully they'll get stock by Jan! If only one of us spoke French well enough to write to them haha

        • @simulacrum: You can write to them in English, they have an email for that, however they won't know about expected dates until the supplier (evga?) gives them info

        • +1

          google translate on the amazon sale page says "Make sure to deliver the 22 and 28 December by choosing Fast Delivery in the control passage" so i guess it should arrive just after christmas

        • @silr20:
          Thanks for that :)

        • @silr20:

          The 1 available stock and delivery date currently showing on the page is from another unrelated seller, not Amazon. So does not apply to this deal.
          Amazon still do not have an ETA.

  • Wonder if this will work in the Razer core

  • Does anyone have a screenshot of the price discounted? Amazon decided to lock my account due to verifications, and in the process cancelled my order. If someone can provide me even with your order page showing the price, it'd be greatly appreciated. Cheers

    • +1

      Nevermind, they agreed to refund the difference when my order is processed and dispatched

      • Did they say when they expect to ship them out?

        • Nope, they said they are still waiting on information from the supplier, and will give us more information about delivery dates as soon as they get it. I'm thinking our cards will probably arrive in january. hopefully at least by then anyways.

  • There is another listing for this card on the site. exact same model, sold and shipped by Amazon, with a stock date of 11 of Dec.
    Don't know why that one has a date… maybe because it's a lot more expensive… lol


    • edit: nvm
      Might talk to amazon and see what's up

    • Don't think they understood me; but perhaps meaningful information anyway:

      I received your message and I noticed that you want to know when the item will become in-stock.

      In order to solve your problem, I inform you that this article will become in-stock very soon may be before Christmas.

      I hope that this information will be useful to you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

      See you soon on Amazon.fr.

      • Hmm I'm not entirely convinced by that response, however I am hopeful! I really want this card for my brief christmas holiday away from work.

  • +1

    Getting lots of Christmas specials in my inbox from Amazon France but nothing about the card :(

  • +1

    I just got email confirmation of shipment - currently in KOELN (COLOGNE), DE.

    • when did you place your order?

      • Ordered on the 29th or 30th November. Timezone is a little confusing.

      • Mine says "In Preparation" so fingers crossed mines not too far behind!

    • Lucky you. I ordered 29th nothing yet.

      • Same.

        • Same.

        • @notme:
          Amazon charged my card this Friday, however nothing in my account. It is saying temporary unavailable. Guys, did Amazon charged your accounts?

        • @SunElf:
          No charge to my CC yet

        • @SunElf:

          They havent charged me yet :( Maybe jump on live chat and speak to them.

        • @SunElf: Yes - charged my Credit Card on the 9th, and was sent on the 9th. ETA for delivery is 19th of December - just in time for Christmas break.

        • @binnyboy:
          My card is in transit. Got estimated date 20th December. Finger crossed. Shipped today 12th december.

        • @SunElf: My GTX 1070 is currently in Sydney/Botany now, might arrive in Melbourne by Friday 16th

  • +1

    Just got confirmation of mine being sent, as well as my WD2 promo code! Hopefully not much longer for you guys :)!

    • Nice :)
      Hopefully for us too :)

    • Yeah, got mine too! =D The eta is 23rd Dec for delivery, whats yours?

      • Ooooh I'm getting jealous now :)

      • 23rd for me as well :)!

  • Mines now-

    "in preparation for the expedition
    Expected Delivery: We need a little more time to give you a good forecast. We will notify you by e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date."

    (google translated).

    My credit card has been charged though, so hopefully it has already been sent.

    Total charge is $513.66. I bought with citibank debit card that should have no foreign transaction fee. Did citibank change their policy on that?

    • I paid $507 with 28 Degrees.

      It wouldn't surprise me that Citibank has charged you some sort of conversion fee. With my Citibank Signature credit card they introduced a conversion fee if they seller is not Australian based, even if they charge me in AUD! How messed up is that??? It happened with my monthly Spotify subscription which has now been charged to my 28 Degrees card!

  • No CC charged. Nothing :(

  • Same deal for me…..nothing yet…..HURRY UP AND CHARGE ME AMAZON!!!

  • Think they tried to charge my citibank signature card on saturday night, but i think i'd let the balance drop below $500 so citibank rejected it. They sent me an email asking to confirm my payment details. I topped up the balance, confirmed the card and sent them an email, but got back the canned response someone pasted above. Hopefully they'll try again this week :(

  • +1

    Blah blah blah

    "Following your message, I made some research and inform you that we are not able to send you "Carte Graphique EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW " in the time originally announced, this item being temporarily out of stock.

    Your order has not been cancelled and we will do our best to get the item for you. We will send you "Carte Graphique EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW " once we have received a copy of our suppliers and will confirm by e-mail the date and mode of delivery.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience this change may have caused.

    However, If the order takes too long to meet your needs, you may cancel "Carte Graphique EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW " from your order at any time before it enters the dispatch process and you won't be charged for it. You will find more information about how to cancel an item in our Help page:"

    Give me my card!

  • I'm also at: in preparation for the expedition

    Hopefully stock isn't just trickling in! Before Christmas would be epic!

    Oh and yeah card was charged, $507 28 degrees

    • Check again - probably updated and shipped :-)

      • Yep. Correct! :)

  • Holding up my new build for this card. Could have saved coin holding out buying the other parts.

  • Nice mine was posted today. I also got the Watch Dogs 2 email. Thanks OP.

  • anyone else's watchdogs 2 code 1 character too long for the geforce redeem page?

    • Mine worked fine. It should be six lots of four letters separated by hyphens. The email should say:

      Votre code promotionnel:

  • Hoping for the rest of us, it'll be in time for the watchdogs 2 code at least. Sucks that mine got pushed back because they cancelled my order and made me reorder on the 7th.

  • lol at the newest customer review on this card on the bottom of the page…