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Alienware 38" Curved AW3821DW Gaming Monitor $1299 Delivered @ Dell eBay (Start 5pm AEST)


Edit - extra stock added.

After a few requests, I reached out to Dell to negotiate the lowest price ever for this monitor. Only 200 units available at this price.

This deal will go live at 5pm AEST.

Pay with discounted ebay gift cards for further savings.

LED-backlit LCD monitor - 37.5"
Curved Screen: Yes
Adaptive-Sync Technology: NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate
Features: AlienFX lighting system
Panel Type: Nano IPS
Aspect Ratio: 21:9
Native Resolution: 3840 x 1600 (DisplayPort: 144 Hz, HDMI: 85 Hz)
Pixel Pitch: 0.229 mm
Brightness: 450 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 1 ms (grey-to-grey)
Colour Support: 1.07 billion colours
Input Connectors: 2xHDMI, DisplayPort
Screen Coating: Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand 89.49 cm x 29.35 cm x 44.97 cm

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  • +6

    Used this for a few months. Its great for gaming if you're stepping up from 60hz. The biggest drawback is the 6 local dimming zones which are the worst I've seen on any monitor. Any dark scenes will have the borders of the monitor flashing light and it happens often. Movies are unwatchable and HDR is nice but pointless cause of the terrible dimming. You also need a GPU greater than gtx 900 series or else you can't unlock 10 bits per color on a display port; coloured text on 8bpc is bad. Good price but I am much happier with a 48" oled.

    • +1

      Thank you for this, would not buying, monitor are the one that you actually use to know its draw backs, don't buy to the hype

    • I'm trying to decide if it's worth stepping up from the Xiaomi 34" which hasn't really impressed me all that much.

      • +2

        IMO anything IPS is a step up from budget VA panels. Black crush is very distracting to me

    • I looked up youtube reviews for this & it seems pretty good for media consumption/productivity as long as you dont mind almost worthless HDR support considering how incredibly cheap this is as 38” ultrawide monitor

      Sadly, it isnt good enough for me upgrading from og PG348Q especially the fact the larger panel of alienware is wasted from lack of 4K downsampling support for PS5.

  • Any left?

    • Try now :)

      • Thanks. Just got one!

  • I was a bit scared buying this with a Radeon graphics card and it not being Freesync certified, but a couple of reviews suggested it works fine.

    I can confirm Freesync works using a 5700XT. Didn’t work straight away, but updated Radeon Software and installed the AW3821DW drivers. All good now.

    Much better monitor with freesync on. Running warzone slightly under max resolution and getting 80-100FPS still. Will get me by until I upgrade my GPU.

    Coming from the 2721DGF, it’s going to take a bit of getting used to the size. But it’s impressed me so far.

  • Has anyone tried to return/ contact dell to match the price?

  • It's live, got me one woot! Cheers OP!

  • +1

    Bought one. 9th August delivery…

    • thats what stopping me from pulling the trigger =(

      • That's only 1 month away. Better act fast, 88 sold in the last hour

      • +1

        eBay isn't linked to Dell's system. eBay store orders are processed manually, it typically takes 7-15 days to fulfil order <—- that's what the rep told me a few days ago

        • Fulfil as in delivered? So I should not trust the ETA on ebay?

          • @cheapo3000: Fulfil was the exact word the dell rep used, I am not sure whether that means shipped or delivered tbh but yeah the ETA on eBay is just a placeholder. Ordered mine on 29 Jun, shipped on 7 July. ETA on Ebay still says 28 Jul - 4 Aug.

  • Bought One! OP Thanks!!

  • Bought one!

  • Not sure yet if i can justify it, but bought one too thanks OP !

  • +1

    Bought one, dont know if I should have yet.

    Buy now think later.

    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Awesome deal, came so close to buying this but after spending some time looking through reviews but just can't justify the price when I've already got the Xiaomi 34" :( ozbargain effect kicking in with 108 sold in (presumably) 17 minutes.

  • Sold! Just bought mine :)

    Shame delivery saying earliest 7th August :( . Give me some time to make space I guess!

    • +3

      And also lets me live another month before my wife finds out I got another monitor

      • looks like we have a common problem

        • +5

          the same wife?

  • +1

    Nice deal OP

    I'm holding out for a deal on the Samsung 49" G9 Odyssey 🙏🏻😅

    • Don't bother, the new Neo Odyssey has just had it's press samples sent out, so it's release is right around the corner, would go for the new one

      • +2

        Oh wasn't aware of a new model :) I'll have to check it out

        I doubt there will be any food deals on a new model, hopefully they have some good sales on the G9 once the new model is on shelves 🙏🏻

        • I'm one the same boat as you brother. If it drops around $2k sooner, I reckon its worth jumping the gun. Hopefully, Neo Odyssey has hdmi 2.1 for 4k 120fps support, I wouldn't mind paying a bit extra for PS5

  • +1

    jumped in to the "buy now think/regret/die later from wife choke of death" bandwagon .. plus my Go mastercard has $100 cashback for $1000 purchase that I would think never use

  • Can you connect a macbook and win10 laptop to this and configure to display both at the same time?

    • +1

      No it cant do picture in|by picture. This was the exact reason I went for the LG 38WN95C recently.
      Same panel, but nowhere close to this price.

  • Any recommendations for a good PC sound bar or small speakers to pair with this monitor? (since it doesn't have built in)

      • Nope desk space is no problem. Just don’t need anything big or overkill for office work

  • Jumped in, awesome price - upgrading from a U3420DW! Going to grab some extra warranty from Dell directly.

      • Would have loved the 34" Alienware monitor, but Dell stopped selling those monitor sizes.

      • Perhaps eBay/GT, or a mate. I have 5 years ProSupport warranty so it's gold for another 3 and a half…

        Other option is using it for a WFH setup (although I'd likely prefer two 27" instead for easier multitasking)

        • Agree, 2X27 way better than a 34.

  • Anyone got a recommendation for a monitor arm to go with this?

    The MSA20 is going for $171 at the dell store, but just wondering if there are any other cheap mounts that are decent.


    • +1

      Don't bother with MSA20, unless you want it for the looks.

      North Bayou F100A works perfectly with my AW3821.

      • Cheers. I'll have a look at it.

      • That's awesome to hear, been using one with my Xiaomi 34. Happy I can just swap it over.

    • The monitor by itself is below 9kg so works with most mount like the popular NB F80

      • Yeah, 7.9kg according to the manual.

  • After checking the reviews, one of note here https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/dell/alienware-aw3821... the black uniformity issue killed it for me, I only game in dark room most of the time and the bad contrast ratio just won’t work for me. Good deal but Ideally I just want a decent 32” 4k monitor

    • All IPS panels suffer from poor black uniformity unfortunately.

      • I have a Dell 27 S2721DGF QHD QHD 2560 x 1440 from a deal a while ago it's great in dark room no issues for me it reviewed better for mixed usage as well on rtings. I dunno I just can't justify the price point I guess vs what I paid my current Dell mentioned above ($398) and I got a awesome panel as well in terms of bleeding etc there is none.

    • You'd want a VA panel

      • Nah like ips to much hated va

        • Check out the Oddysey G9 or G7, faster than pretty much all IPS and TN panels, only thing that's still crap is the viewing angles

  • Thanks for the post I snagged one

  • I was skeptical at first, but I brought this 3 - 4 months back with no regrets. I love this monitor. I'm pairing it with a 970.. Yes, I know it's a waste, but I'm still able to run 100hz with a crystal clear display.

    Anyone sitting on the fence, I highly recommend this monitor for the price, and if you have a 2000 series or higher definitely worth getting.

  • Got really close to pulling the trigger but can't justify upgrading from my xiaomi 34". Promised myself next upgrade would be for a superior technology like micro-led or something

  • damn… wanted this but missed it. @dealbot any chance of getting another deal from the dell rep for this?

    • back in stock ;)

  • +2

    It's unbelievable that people who chase free $2 cash back give away and people who pay 1300 dollars for a monitor are the same people. Lol.

    • +1

      Just enough to chase few hundred times of $2 cash back to make it up $1300

    • inane comment - it's like saying people who spend $20,000 on a car should not bother with chasing cashback on their purchases.
      you can argue a widescreen monitor is necessary to one's work productivity and livelihood, as much as a car is.

      That's one valid argument and the other would be as simple as the principles behind saving where possible. It definitely adds up over time and will certainly make a difference on a next big ticket item purchase.

  • Good price… Was 2K plus like a year ago.

    • Who do you think penned that article mate?

  • I paid $1800 xmas last year. cant believe it dropped $500 in 6 months, many other appliance actually went up a lot with covid TAX.

  • -2

    More stock now they're really letting us know it's not worth the asking price….. Stop cheapening your latest flagship gaming monitor!

    • +2

      Why would it upset you? Who ever managed to secure stock before felt that it was worth the value at the time and got to enjoy many months of entertainment. For others that couldn't afford the screen at the time, the time has finally come where they can secure the screen. At the end of the day everyone wins :)

    • I disagree with your view.
      Probably they need to drive some top line sales because they would be down vs prior year like most of us.

      Also a replacement model might be on the way. The input port might hold it back also but price is great!

  • Talked to the missus and bought one as long as I give her my Dell S2721Q and sell the other 2 AOC 27G2 monitors.

    Too bad it's a 9th August delivery

    • Too bad it's a 9th August delivery

      They usually ship a lot faster but it's better to underpromise and overdeliver than it is to overpromise and underdeliver.

      • So I shouldn't trust the ETA on ebay?

  • I bought one but now I am thinking I might have to return this :( I really wanted this monitor but that 21:9 is not for my set up as I am not in PC gaming… All I wanted a bigger screen for console gaming ( XSX, PS5) on my desk, Apple TV for desk , and connect my MacBook and Windows laptop for work from home during day. I will be sad for sending it back when it arrives !!

  • Any chance of getting this still?

    • ditto, bummed i missed out

  • Anyone received any delivery information so far?

    • Na not yet mate, I'm expecting to get something in the next week or so.

      • Called Dell this afternoon and was provided with the order number in their system. When I checked on Dell website for order status, it was marked as shipped with StarTrack. ETA is tomorrow for Sydney Metro. Yay…

        • Really? That’s nuts. But you didn’t get any updates from eBay?

          • @krayphish: No, nothing at all. I sent to their eBay customer service a letter asking for order status and only got their standard reply.

            I placed my order on 02/07, the order went into Dell system on 07/07. However, it was only confirmed yesterday. Dell telephone CS told me they have plenty stock so as soon as the order is cleared by their finance department, it will be shipped out pretty soon. Dell uses third party contractors to run their eBay store, orders will only be released by their finance department until the payment is passed to Dell.

  • If I didn’t email Dell (ebay), I wouldn’t know that my unit has been shipped. They provided me my tracking details just this afternoon. Expected to be delivered by tomorrow.

  • Just got a new consignment no added to my auspost account/app from Dell (Finance). Also no email received from Dell it has been dispatched.

  • are people happy with this one?

  • Mine’s been dispatched! Being carried by DB Schenker for some reason, but at least it’s on its way yaaay

  • Nice. Just got the notification from eBay that it's been shipped.

  • Just got updated that it’s on its way via star track.

  • got the monitor today, things to note

    • can't get over 85Hz on HDMI, tried many cables and running from a 3090 so it must be something to do with the monitors, DP works fine so not really an issue for me
    • NB F80 is not strong enough to support it

    OTW looks great, looking forward to a bit of gaming in the evening

    • +1

      The specification on Dell website says
      Native Resolution
      3840 x 1600 (DisplayPort: 144 Hz, HDMI: 85 Hz)

      So it's not the cable problem.

      • ah there you go, i just assume that hdmi 2.0 should have enough bandwidth to run @120hz

  • My ETA was 9th August but was delivered today.

  • Got mine delivered today too

  • delivered today, keen to unbox after work!

  • Mine has said out for delivery since this morning, still no sign of it yet…

  • Mine arrived yesterday, but has a defect upon delivery (a 2cm-thick line runs down the right hand side of the screen)… tried connecting with different laptops and connecting via DP or HDMI and using different cables, but didn't make a difference.

    Spoke to tech support this morning and now need to wait for a replacement to be sent out… sigh!

  • mine just delivered today .. but looks like having issue connecting via both HDMI port (using various HDMI including the packaged one).. DP is ok.

  • Update to any potential buyers of this… It really is a great product, I was really hesitant already having the Gigabyte G34WC and watching/reading every review. In short I highly recommended it particularly for the price of $1299. G-Sync Ultimate vs Freesync Premium on an NVIDIA gpu is so much smoother. IPS vs VA … coming from VA im blown away by the clarity/colour pop/ and response time. 38inch form factor is incredible too. This is paired on a system with a 3090 - and certainly does it justice.

  • Hanging for another deal like this, make it happen!

  • I have purchased this monitor on the same deal when it was back in stock recently and I was wondering if any of you that crabbed one could tell if you have received your order yet? Mine says expected delivery is 2nd September and wondering how long it took for yours to be delivered.

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