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Alienware 38" Curved AW3821DW Gaming Monitor $1299 Delivered @ Dell eBay (Start 5pm AEST)


Edit - extra stock added.

After a few requests, I reached out to Dell to negotiate the lowest price ever for this monitor. Only 200 units available at this price.

This deal will go live at 5pm AEST.

Pay with discounted ebay gift cards for further savings.

LED-backlit LCD monitor - 37.5"
Curved Screen: Yes
Adaptive-Sync Technology: NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate
Features: AlienFX lighting system
Panel Type: Nano IPS
Aspect Ratio: 21:9
Native Resolution: 3840 x 1600 (DisplayPort: 144 Hz, HDMI: 85 Hz)
Pixel Pitch: 0.229 mm
Brightness: 450 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 1 ms (grey-to-grey)
Colour Support: 1.07 billion colours
Input Connectors: 2xHDMI, DisplayPort
Screen Coating: Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand 89.49 cm x 29.35 cm x 44.97 cm

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  • +7

    Ahhh ****. Just bought for $1499 last week

    • +19

      Get another. Enjoy 76" at awesome price of $1399 a piece. Know how you feel. I was murdered by a 5950x deal. Thoughts and prayers bro.

      • +3

        Just being a little anti-climactic here, 38 inch refers to the diagonal size and you will need 4 of them to get 76 inch.

        • +1

          Just 2 on the pure diagonal? :D

    • +8

      Ping Dell and say the price dropped and can they revise

      I bought 2x 27's 4 days ago and price dropped.
      I asked whether I can cancel and re-order as it was NOT SHIPPED, and they refunded me the difference ($62) and kept the order as is

      • Dell don't usually price match with this kind of deals

    • +8

      I am afraid to buy it now it next week it is 1k lol

      • +1

        Lol. Only if the peeps below return their $1499 ones and they end up on delloutlet.

    • +1

      I bought it earlier in the week as well :(

      Just called Dell and they said they can't do the Price Guarantee because the listing is on eBay

      • +1

        You can return it and repurchase

      • -1

        Buy one of these and return it as the one you already bought.

        • they will have serial numbers.

    • Me too😡

      • Hey, I bought the LG 38 950-G last year at 2800!

        They're probably the best size/example of an IPS panel out there. Been very tempted to jump to the CX 48, though..

        • +1

          Yes, 38WN95G last year, also had two dead pixels which LG probs won't fix but Dell would. This is a steal st this price.

        • CX 48 is way too big for a desktop….instant regret with that for PC desktop use once the OLED wow factor wears off.

          This monitor looks amazing for the price,

          • +1

            @Flognuts: Yeah, came to the conclusion on the CX48 during the recent sales, but taking a likely 2k loss on my current monitor to switch over to the CX and then having to baby it (as well as potential neck/eye strain issues) wasn't worth it.

            OLED looks stunning, though. I actually think the 38 is the perfect size, I just want OLED

    • ah same,

    • +1

      Price protection if bought on credit card?

    • Buy this and return the old one for $1499 :)

    • You also would have to wait a whole year for the tax depreciation

    • +3

      3pm today awst
      5pm aest

    • +7

      yikes my b, i cant read

    • +4

      My 2070 does fine with med to high settings :)

      • -2

        Which game? Counter Strike? Lol 😹😆

      • I am surprised to hear that? are you sure your running at 144mhz in native resolution ? I used to have a 2060 Super running on the 34inch version and it didn't cope so bought a 3070 its better but still cant play on Ultra settings. I think ill need a TI version or an 80 series.

        • A 2060 isn't the same as a 2070

        • So a 2080super would be similar to the 3070 and struggle even more as this has more real estate and the 2080s is slightly less powerful?

        • +2

          "med to high settings"
          And DLSS does wonders.

          Also should have stated I run at 120hz as use the panel in 10bit

          If it makes a difference build is for video editing
          i9 9900k, 64GB ram, RTX2070 8GB and SSD for files

  • +1

    Could you organise a deal for the AW 17x?

    • I second that!

    • It’s currently part of the 20% Dell ebay deals. I ordered mine (X17 with 3070) and scheduled to be shipped end of this month.

      • +2

        We dont get out of bed for 20% :)

        • That's what mrsshortty said.

        • My bad.. didn’t read properly. Thought this is in the Dell website.

  • Great monitor… and very thick!

    • +14

      That's what she said

  • -1

    Mine just arrived yesterday… haven't even opened it…

    • +22

      Thanks for the update.

      • +1

        You're welcome.

    • +41

      100% discount would make this free

    • +10

      What, it's free now?

      • I'll take 5 in that case :D

    • +2

      Whilst your maths is wrong, I agree, Dell really screwed their original customers over, even the 2nd hand resale value has dropped because of these deals.
      I ordered this last week at $1460 then cancelled, went to an LG 38” instead for specific features, but I still feel a bit salty at this deal. Very cheap indeed.

    • +1

      What do you want them to do? Keep the price high?

      • Ummm…Maybe not set RRP to $2500 in the first place?!

        • +7

          Why not? Clearly some of you were willing to pay.

          It's tech. Early adopters gotta pay.

          • @Juiciness: Some of “you”? No mate I don’t even own this model.
            My point is it’s not outdated, not superseded but anything else, no real competition even at the $1500+ mark. Just doesn’t make sense and IF I was an early adopter at 2.5k I’d be pissed.
            If I didn’t already have a 38” I’d be all over it.

            • +2


              Some of “you”?

              People reading this thread that are upset about the price. Not exactly you you, WarriorZ.

      • +2

        sure, maths is wrong but 50% discount on RRP is just ridiculous for not even a year old tech, and you can neg all you want, if you paid 2k or close for this crap Id be salty too.
        and no, its not what it is, it was price gauging by Dell and needs to be called
        I haven't ever seen a deal on G7 since it was released btw

        • +1

          I paid 2800 for the LG 950G (which is effectively the same monitor bar some 'better' Gsync tech and faster refresh) and it is what it is. Sometimes in tech prices get slashed, and for high end/cutting edge stuff like this, that's what happens.

          What I AM salty about is cancelling my 3080 1169 PLE order from last year. It mightve been fulfilled by now :P

      • Works for Apple.

      • +1

        I've got one, paid the 1850 or whatever it was when released in that eBay cluster-f deal at the time. It's a great monitor, plus with claiming it on tax I'll get 50% back over 3 years, but the constantly reducing price will definitely make me look elsewhere for my next monitor. Plus, only one DisplayPort input is a PITA, I've had to get a DP switch so there was additional expense/cabling.

        • thanks saved me impulse buying… I definitely can't buy with 1 DP. Would drive me nuts switching PC to laptop, either cables or an extra device.
          Currently on a very old Dell 34" that has miniDP and DP - almost assumed that would be normal for them then.

  • +2

    Any 49" monitor deals?

    • +1

      49 inch way too big. I have a philips right now and going to downgrade as its too wide.

      • +1

        Isn't using 2x27" screens pretty normal though?

      • interested: what model and price, if you're selling of course, thanks

    • +1

      The Dell 49" monitors have a really subtle curve, you'd want it to be more aggressive. It'd be a struggle to use I think.

      • yeah, my ud4919dw is now collecting dust. it made my neck hurt turning my head so i'm on using this 38" now.

        i think the u4021qw is the better productivity monitor though - wish that had a higher refresh rate :(

    • yeah same - i have a samsung 35inch and love it but wanna go bigger.

      I need usb c charging though as I also use it connect a macbook.

      Currently doing 3440x1440 100mhz ultra settings with 90plus fps on all games with my 3080gtx and 5950x

      Even the Odyssey doesn't do usb c so waiting for more to come out

      • I was in the same boat. Choosing between Dell 38" with usb-c or Alienware 38" 144hz. In the end refresh rate won over convenience so purchased the Alienware

        • yeah 3 inches extra aint worth it for me. Need a 49 or 55

    • I ordered this from bing lee the other day


      Obviously it's no G9 but for the price and what I want(not a big gamer) it will do the job

  • Too bad can't get hold of a uber GPU to play it.
    S2721DGF + 3070 cost me $1500 all in, this+ 3080 would cost me $3500 min.
    Diminishing returns….
    Very good price for this monitor, just doesn't make sense at the moment.

  • Tempting… but I'm after a 32:9 one.

  • anyone able to overclock this monitor past the 144 hz ?

  • get this or wait for the samsung oddysey G9 price drop?

    • If you want the best of the best, the new Neo Odyssey G9 is just about to drop, this is definitely better value though

  • 1 report for sold out lol, seems someone can't read.

  • Quite the negotiation skills dealbot.

  • +1

    Oh fk, paid $1600 two months ago

    • How is it?

      • +5

        Probably miserable. I know I would be

  • Got one from EOFYS from dell website, it came with a stuck pixel and is being a nightmare to return it now…

    • Surprising as they advertise heavily that they guarantee bright pixels on their alienware and ultrsharp models

      • Yes, they said was a dead pixel and to return that need to have more than 8… I proved that is a stuck because is red and not black, now finally after weeks they will exchange but can take up to 20 days until I return this one and receive the new one (they wanted to send a refurbished one instead of new… LOL)

    • thats ips in general

    • Pixel density also nothing that special. If it was 5k2k 34 inch that would be special.

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