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JCD 8898 2-in-1 750W Soldering & Reworking Station with LCD Display US$28.99 (~A$38.86) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Cheapest price yet on this popular soldering station - Ships from their AU warehouse with one week delivery.

To get price in title:

  • Apply coupon BG0f493e at checkout.

Note: Title prices include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.


Hot air heater and welding iron 2in1 rework soldering station.
Dual LCD digital displays to show precision temperature.
Extremely low noise and space saving design.
Intelligence self-detection function features safe personal operation.
Automatic cooling function for effectively prolonging the heater's life and protecting the hot air heater.


Hot Air Heater

Working Voltage: AC220-240V OR AC100-130V
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Output Power: 750W
Temperature Range: 100°C~480°C
Temperature Stability:±2℃
Air Flow: 150L/min (max)

Soldering Iron

Working Voltage: AC220-240V OR AC100-130V
Output Power: 80W
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Temperature Range: 180°C-500°C
Temperature Stability: ±1°C
Soldering Iron : ESD design
Heater Material : Ceramics

Note: Title prices include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

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  • +1

    Soldering iron on this is poor

    • +3

      Care to explain why in more detail please?

      • The tips on these brands tend to die early.

        I have somethinf similar to this, the heating and ceramics are just fine. The tips are average at best. Fine for piecemeal work or very light use, but will degrade or chip or deform once you've put some solid hours in.

        Is it a bad deal? Not at all. For this price it's still good value.

    • Yes please explain your view

      on Banggood the set gets 4.94 out of 5 stars from 2750+ reviews!

      • Yeah, reviews looked good although confused over the issues in the Q&A's and some mentioned when using 220v not heating enough (just some and not all)?
        I ordered one regardless. Worth a punt as need a heat gun and decent price. If any issues will submit a claim with Banggood (who are good at resolving genuine issues).

        ** Dont forget to untick insurance upon check out to save the US$0.78……………I sometimes forget **

      • +1

        Gonna reply here with what I put to a previous question.

        I have something similar to this, the heating and ceramics are just fine. The tips are average at best. Fine for piecemeal work or very light use, but will degrade or chip or deform once you've put some solid hours in.

        Is it a bad deal? Not at all. For this price it's still good value.

        • +2

          One can buy additional/replacement tips. Pack of 5 variety for US$4.97. Product ID: 1763596 OR other brands (better quality) also fit

          • @Borg: Exactly the tips for that size are basically all the same unless you specifically buy different designs ones so no issue buying any brand as long as it's the same type of slip on them screw retaining tube on top.
            For price of the unit non issue only bad if something inside the unit blows up

          • +1

            @Borg: Yep that was the point I was making.

            Fyi The $5 tips are shite though too. If you're using it occasionally you'll be fine. If you're using it alot buy a decent brand tip that fits.

      • Just be aware that Banggood usually only publishes the positive reviews (comments from fellow OzBargainers have also said they've had critical reviews fail to appear)

        That said I think the item in question is fair for the price.

      • +1

        Problem with reviews is that people tend to review things before thy have gotten to know the item well.
        Not uncommon to have positive first impression that are later spoiled.

    • I bought this exact same unit from the last deal and the soldering iron worked really well for me. I have used it for soldering spliced wire and desoldering/soldering components on a board here and there, and it has worked great for me. Not sure what makes you think that it is poor, but I have an old soldering iron from Jaycar that I paid like $30 for that has no temperature adjustment or anything, and that old thing certainly qualified for the title of 'poor', but getting a whole temp adjustable unit with iron and heat for only slighlty more, is incredible value.

    • Cheap irons are never good!

      I purchased 1 of these cpl weeks back for the sole purpose of using it as a dedicated Hot-air rework (SMD) station. I have a real iron (Hakko FX-888) & wouldn't ever contemplate using a $20 iron..

      As stated already, the tips will be crap, wont hold the tinning & the element wont last long, OK for weekend warrior type jobs but not for component level type jobs..

  • Ordered one but then noticed EU plug! Hope they send AU plug.. OP any idea?

    • Travel adaptor will work

    • Even the cable is hard wired it is still quite easy to replace.
      Before throw out unwanted electrical appliance, cut its power cable. Now you have a AU plug cable. Opening the case and replace the cable is quite easy ( for skill level of a soldering station user).

      • +1

        But you need soldering iron for it. Hmmm…

        • Buy two :-)

    • its an IEC cord, same as any computer or kettle cord..

  • Hey
    I don't know if it comes with a au charger but you can buy a au charger for cheap

      • For anyone who gets a unit and is looking to buy one of these, make sure it is a 3 pin IEC, as I had a cable ready when mine arrived only to realise that my cable had no earth slot on the IEC head, and I had to run around the house looking for appliances that had an IEC with earth that didn't need it.

        • I wouldn't pay $14.95 at Bunnings. Just ask a mate if they have any old PC or Monitor cables floating about or pop into a cheapie Computer store. Should be able to pick those up for a few $$
          Links noted above are good as a visual for what one needs.

          If you are unsure if there is a Earth wire in a spare cable: Just look closely at the writing on the cable. It will say either 3x or 2x and usually followed by 0.75mm or 1.00 mm (which represents the wire guage).
          As the device is surprisingly low powered i.e. 80w, a 0.75mm or thicker core should is fine (can be used on devices up to 1200w). 1.00mm can manage up to around 2400w. Anyhow, make sure it' has 3x cores.

          • +2

            @Borg: The lack of earth is also easily spotted by the fact that the IEC will only have 2 holes on the end rather than 3

            • @mdogxxx: Do they…..haha, good point so and I didn't think about that. Thanks.

              I suppose my example is better served to taking (cutting) a power cord from another device to use elsewhere. Prior to doing this, I check the number of cores on the outer shield to ensure it's the same as they all have 3 prongs on the plug regardless.

      • Wow why is the officeworks one so much more. Is comsol 3x better

        • Just too delivery of a box of cables this morning. Worked out to $3 a cable shipped, 1.5m, new. Thanks fleabay

  • Is minimum 100 c too hot for cell phone disassembly?

    Been reading 80 c up to 100 c is the go but don't want to destroy components.

    • +1

      Just use it to gently heat it. At say 6 inches away it would unlikely be 100c as air cools the further away it is. The hard part is knowing when surface reaches say 80c. One would need a e.g. IR thermometer to determine surface temp of the glass.

  • Is it cheaper to pay in USD or use the Banggood AUD option (using a regular card)?

    • Currently BG is AUD39.73 and eg. 28 Degrees is AUD39.19.

  • I'm curious as to why the site tells me it's $52.91 AU on the item page, I add to cart, and it's the same $52.91, then when I add the coupon code the price jumps to $62.41. Where did the $9.50 extra come from ?

    Unless I've missed something obvious, that seems a little dodgy to me. It's the JB HiFi discount system.

    • I just checked and works fine i.e. US$28.99 (untick insurance).

      • Here's the store page: https://ibb.co/9bWCbzV

        Added to cart: https://ibb.co/KW9V8zw

        And discount / coupon applied: https://ibb.co/bX7wxv1

        There's something hinky happening. I blanked my address, but I live in NSW… :-/

        • Whats wrong with that……its says AU $39.34 which is correct? You can reduce a little more by unticking postal insurance.

          • @Borg: The base price jumps $9.50 when you add the coupon. So there isn't a $23.07 discount.
            I'm not saying the deal is incorrect. I'm pointing out how Bangood is increasing the base price whilst then applying a discount.

            Am I the only one who sees an issue with that?

            • @AuSlade: Yep that's Banggood for you.
              Is currently a "flash sale" item @ $52 ( ignore the strike through price)

              Coupons won't apply to flash sale price so it reverts to the normal price of $62 before applying discount.

  • -1

    It's US$38.99 not AUD, check the link or price

    • +1

      To get price in title:

      Apply coupon BG0f493e at checkout.

  • does it come with a ceramic tip? miss my $0.5 soldering iron with $0.7 ceramic tip, which I used to even do surface mount soldering.
    can I use referral credit as well and make the total as $18?

  • anyone recommend some solder from somewhere for occasional weekend small electronics/repair work?

    • Interested in knowing this too. Whats some
      good solder to get and replacement tips which fit this iron like a chisel shaped one.

  • Mine arrived today. Fired it up as had a couple of small things to do. Worked very well as had to desolder some things. The Heatgun doesn't exactly blow very fast and can barely feel the blower from a few inches away. It1s one its highest fan speed setting of 10. Is this normal for a small Heatgun? No idea as I only have a large handheld one that blows like a hairdryer!

    • +1

      Yes it is supposed to be low airflow so reduces the possibility of blowing away SMD components off the PCB as they heat up. I've had that happen a few times with a larger heat gun and once those small SMD parts fly off a PCB they can never be found.

      • Ah good stuff. Thanks for confirming and makes sense.

  • Thanks OP, have been wanting a reflow heatgun for ages.

  • +1

    Found a good free pdf on the basics on soldering

    You can put any email in. Theres no verification

    • Not bad for the basics and those new to soldering.
      Plenty of Vids online as well