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$20 off with $120 Online Spend @ Woolworths


Saw this 20AGAIN promotion in a banner ad while browsing a website. Not sure if ads are targeted, but i placed a click and collect order and got the $20 discount ok.

Am still seeing this ad floating around and the TandC's say the promo has been running since May and expires Aug 31. It is valid for single use only…

$20 off Terms & Conditions
*Offer valid from 00.01 AEST 10/05/21 until 23.59 AEST 31/08/21 on Delivery, Pick up or Direct to boot at www.woolworths.com.au. Offer redeemable once only (either Delivery, Pick up or Direct to boot). Discount will be activated when you spend $120 and voucher code 20AGAIN is applied at checkout, and all other criteria is met.


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    Did a test buy, working on my account. So more than 15% off.

  • Oops … just ordered today morning…

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      @acersaurus mentioned below you can edit your existing order to add the code in

      • Thanks … I think he changed it in the time window provided to change the order. My time window is already passed. :(

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    I wish I were 20 again… lol

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      Nah, you don’t really. :)

      However you aren’t 20 yet in OzB time user 509.

      • Yeah, let's go with that. :+)

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    i wouldn't mind this but i go shopping adhocly so wondering what could i spend @ $120 apart from more toilet paper to just get a $20 discount

    so asking for ideas just to get an idea

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      Meats and frozen foods? Cobram oil if on sale

    • I stock up on 30 packs of soft drink to use my monthly 10%.

      • Does the monthly 10% stack with these coupon codes?

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          Not for me

    • +10

      I reckon ad-hoc shopping saves you more in the long run as instead of overspending on a large order, you're in-store more often to see/take advantage of more sales & reduced to clear items.

      • Probably

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        I reckon ad-hoc shopping saves you more
        Only if your time and petrol are free. How much do you pay yourself per hour (notionally of course) to go and do shopping? What else could you do with that time if you weren't at the shop? Could you spend it with family or enjoying a recreation activity instead? Maybe shopping is how you escape the house and worth every penny! Depends on what priorities you have.

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        I don't think so.

        I shop online almost exclusively.

        I shop the specials - the online system lists them all, so it's easy to pick and choose.

        I have a list of all my store cupboard stuff so I stock up when on special.

        I have a list of all my normal weekly or monthly requirements, so I don't miss anything.

        I have a Woolies sim, so get 10% off once a month. I always make a profit.

        Click and collect is free, so all I do is drive down and wait for it to be loaded into the car.

        Clearance items are a valid difference, but a quick trip near closing time (when there are very few people) can be productive. I'm not that keen on almost out of date meat etc anyway.

    • I also shop adhocly but when it comes to this kind of deal I’ll just stack up food and throw them into the freezer

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        i'm gonna need a much bigger freezer, or a chest tbh

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      not sure about ur food preferences but we get seafood, meat, grab nuts for snacks, and check what pantry/house cleaning stuff is on promotion. With seafood and meat, it is very easy to finish $120

      • my filler item is their coconut water, but 120 is much higher than i'm used to spending, unless like you said i buy meat / seafood

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    Any idea on the expiry is it for July?

  • Great, modified my existing order for delivery tomorrow to just add in the code and it worked.

    • Did you get to keep the same delivery time slot?

  • +10

    Buys 22 tubs of Connoisseur

    • And they only let you have 2 because of lockdown limits.

      • Refund the rest?

    • +3

      Better not do this if you’re lactose intolerant. There’s no toilet paper available!

  • worked. thanks op

  • Thanks, working

  • +1

    anyone knows when this expires?

  • Thanks OP.

  • Great find OP. Thanks.

  • Thanks, working

  • Great way to add your own discount to buy a brand you like to buy sparingly but you know they never ever discount. Some cleaning products come to mind.

  • Thanks worked well

  • ordered!

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    Thanks OP! For those asking whast to buy, suggest stocking up on stuff you can store in the pantry - toilet paper, coffee etc.

    Moccona 400g coffee is on special at the moment. I did this.

    8 x 400g Espresso coffee $16 x 8 = $128
    $20 off from OP's voucher, plus use a 4% giftcard.
    Effective price a smidge under $104. So under $13 per coffee jar. Awesome.

    And may do it again on account #2 as well :-)

    • +2

      3.2kg of instant cofffee…

    • Yeah because people stocking up on toilet paper is exactly what we need right now…

      • Coles seem to have limited to 2 toiletry items online (presume nationally). Dunno if Woolies did similar

    • Who does 4%gift card. RACQ no longer has Woolies last time I checked.

      • +2

        Macquarie bank, Woolworths insurance

      • +1

        Yes they do. Structure has changed but still 4% off

        • Structure has changed for who?

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            @LarraineP: As in it's no longer flat 5% off Wish cards. It's 3% of Wish, 4% of various individual store cards including Woolworths

  • Thanks. Placed order.

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    Awesome. Just revised my order meant for Monday morning delivery to include the voucher. Now to trawl OzBargain to find a good place to spend that $20 I just saved…

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      Step 1: Buy lots of steak…

      Step 2: Save $20

      Step 3: Invest in 2 x $10 steak knives.


      • +1

        Woolworths "steak" in the pet food aisle.

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    This offer during a lockdown is worth it’s weight in gold! So many people are doing it tough right now and this will definitely help a lot of people out! Great find and thank you!

    • Yeah they usually don't offer any good coupons when a lockdown is in place so I was really surprised to see this one.

    • Glad to hear. It's good to know these little things can help others out. True credit goes to the Ozbargain staff for providing this great platform.

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    It worked. NSW hills area.

  • Thanks OP. Much obliged - just saved $20 on a $120.14 shop!!
    You rock.

  • Thanks. Just ordered :)

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    I had a "boost" on my Everyday Rewards account where if I spend $120 on an online order, I get 4000 points.

    I just added $141 to my cart, and added the code to bring it down to $121. Most of the stuff I got was already on special, so including the code I saved $71. Plus I get 4000 points.

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    Awesome deal. good options like
    Johnny walker double black

  • Are you able to use this more than once?

    • +4

      Just tested it again, but it only works 1 time.
      Sorry, the Coupon: "20AGAIN" has already been used the maximum number of times.

      • That's a shame but thanks for testing

      • Thanks for testing

  • Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion.

    Regional Vic.

  • Still working. Just placed an online order this evening. Shame code can't be used multiple times.

  • I just bought $95 worth of coconut water to fill up my order. Cheers🤙🔥

    Worked out to be ~$2 per Litre
    (even cheaper than Prime day)

  • Still working. Thanks OP.

    One thing is that I amended my online order and the code dropped off, so if changing your order, remember to put the code back on.

  • Thanks OP

  • No longer working - showing as expired (Metro Melbourne)

  • Still working in NSW.
    Thanks OP.

  • Still working in SA

  • Still working in Metro Melb. Used it last night.
    Thanks OP!

  • No working in SYD Metro now, it was working this morning when I test to order. Sadly, it kept saying the code expired. Thanks!

  • Didn't work for my order in Schofields, NSW, however I used code ONLINE for $10 off

  • Didn't work for me (in Western Sydney), says it's expired.

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