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2 Months Free nbn (For New Customers) @ Southern Phone


Came up on my Facebook ad. First 2 month free and no lock in contact from what I can see.

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  • So one can try for 2 months and cancel before the 3rd and pay nothing?

  • It will check you credit history and leave a mark there, not recommended if looking for a home loan.

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      What about people who churn every 6 months? This may be different and your have to check the small print but there is no penalty for leaving with the non Lock in contracts

      $75 for 50 speed is more expensive anyway compared to similar plans that are $59 with$10 off for 6 months. Probably ok if you keep for 6 months but cost more in the long term. Can't imagine people will bother connecting then changing again in 2 months

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        I did one month with Mates while still in six month cooling of from aAussieBB to Superloop then to mates and back to ABB.

        The down time is like 5 mins when they are connect the NBN.

        • What's mates?

          Yes I changed from tangerine to superloop recently and the churn was almost instant, about a minute or so (HFC). Unfortunately I forgot about checking my current billing cycle and as most of the budgets don't pro rata I still had to pay the month only being 1 week in, so was all a bit pointless. Just something to consider.

          Do they all have cooling off, looking back I could have stayed with them till end of month, then swapping over. I don't think cooling off is designed to use every time to get two weeks free. I'd rather know the connection is certain. This is Ozb though I suppose. I still think it's worth churning between 3 or 4 every 6 months to get the intro deal (~$10/month cheaper for a 50 plan).

          BTW the tangerine referrals were pretty good when you get $25 off fairly often, haven't got any from superloop yet.

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            @G-rig: I’m with Mate very good nbn connection
            I pay $79 for 100/20 (currently upgraded for free to 100/40) and I just stay with them.
            I don’t plan to move as their service is much better than superloop and Kogan. I find them to be as good as Telstra but much cheaper, so no worth moving around.

            • @fozzie: Cool will have to look into them next time.
              Happy enough with ~50/20 for $60/month in general

              • @G-rig: I think theirs is $69, that’s why I have the higher as only an extra $10

                • @fozzie: Sounds alright mate, good speeds.
                  I just like $59 better :)

    • It will check you credit history and leave a mark there

      Bollocks! An enquiry against your credit file is not a black mark.

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    What is Order cancellation fee: $99?

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    • Thanks for the heads up
      Stay away!!

  • where do you find info about the Order cancellation fee: $99? hopefully it doesnt mean if you cancel after 2 months as its a no lock in contact ? I know the big RSP telstra, optus always check your credit file. What about the others like Southern Phone do they state it in their terms that a credit check will be made during sign up process? i dont remember getting hit with a credit credit with superloop.

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      Click "Critical Information Summary"

      • can't find about the credit check ? Is this the correct document ?

        • Yes, I don't think they do the credit check. If you don't pay the bill, they can disconnect the service.

          • @jimojr: Anything for two months free lol

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    did chat with them yes to credit check. and if you order the service and then cancel before its active that NBNCo will charge a $99 fee. so dont cancel until 2 months is up thus $0 cost

    • where in website does it say it will do credit check?

      • where in website does it say it will do credit check?
        At the end, when you add the service to cart. There is a tick box asking to credit check.

    • Cant we cancel it after the service is active? I wanted to give it a try for a month or two and cancel it if I dont like before paying for third month.

      • I think you have to pay and then you get bill credit when you get a bill.

        • so, is it like pay for month 1, then month 2 and 3 are free from credits ?

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            @bazingaa: From the promo T&C:

            nbn Max Plan (Get the first 2 months plan fee free. Plan then reverts to $95/mth)

            Your plan fees will be credited to your monthly bill for the first 2 months.

            So it's sounds more like they add credits to your bill before you pay and your two first bills are $0.

      • Aka you want a free 60$

      • is the third month payable? Minimum cost after two months=?

        Can I cancel on the last day of the 2nd month to avoid the third month charges ?

    • just sign up with equifax for a free credit check and put this to bed :)
      what happens after 2 months when you're moving around again? and for the next 5y?

    • I agree with the above. Also from my understand Southern Phone uses Optus to connect to the NBN.

      There also a change of line speed fee of $35 however this is free if you can't connect at the relevant speed.

      I will note since I have moved to Southern Phone my MNF voip line stop working. For some reason Southern Phone redirect all voip connection to their SIP.

      Long story cut short since MNF and Southern Phone have very bad technical support. You just need to replace the SIP with the correct IP address to prevent this redirection.

  • Anyone else getting DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN when they try to access the site? Was trying to look up the terms as it may be worthwhile for a few rural FW people I know

    • it is working now.

  • Anyone know if you can order for a future date, or is the only option to activate ASAP?

    • Would like to know too.

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        Both Aussie Broadband and MyRepublic are offering free months right now, so I want to plan it so I maximize my freebies. I know both ABB and MR do allow you to choose a future date. If I can't find the answer, then I will sign up with these guys at the end of the month, and choose MR at the end of those two months.

        • Is that on a contract or something?

          Seems like a few deals around at the moment, I think (for me) the best deal is still 50/20 speed for ~$59.95/month (incl. $10 off per month for first 6).

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            @G-rig: No contracts. When you sign up for ABB, the code is FASTMONTH. With MR it's 1MONTHFREE. You can't use those codes and get a referral credit. In both cases you can cancel at the end of the month and get charged $0.

            Exetel are doing 50/20 for $50/mo for six months, which is the best ongoing deal right now, but four months free is still cheaper, even if you pay more for the final two months.

            • @Skylex: Cheers will have to look at it again in a few months, have already just changed to superloop. Tangerine was good when you get some $25 referrals on here.

        • Please note MR terms and conditions.
          One Month Free Offer:
          One-off one month discount credit will be applied no later than on your 2nd month invoice if you enter PROMO CODE: 1MONTHFREE during sign-up. The discount applies to the nbn™ broadband base plan. Add on charges such as home phone, modems, static IP and Gamer, will apply. Offer ends 30/07/2021. We reserve the right to cancel this promotion at any time.

          Has anyone tried this discount and is it applied when you sign up or the second month?

          • @pandadude: My first invoice showed the total was $0. However I couldn't connect, and sick of dealing with their chat support, canceled. I have since had a tech visit from NBN and I can now connect to the internet with my new provider. My plan is to try again now that my NTD actually works.

            • @Skylex: MR might be worth a miss.

              In terms of Southern Phone. I called on Saturday and arranged for the service to start at the end of the month.
              They have started my service on Monday. Might be something to do with Optus.

              Has anyone else had the same issue?

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      It turns out you can order at a future date if anyone is wondering. It asks you during the signup process online.

      Edit: Or maybe not. It asks you to call when you click submit order.

  • Connected, took about 4 days to enable the service. Didn't pay a dime for the first month. Got the top plan from their list but the internet seems terrible. Fortnite lagging all the time. Will try to switch from wifi to lan (cable) hopefully it will be better.

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      Give them a call and have them change your profile. I had the same problem with serious ping lag. Apparently there are two method of connection to the NBN and both work. Something about username and password. But also DHCP or IPOE.

      Long story they have a default profile for all users and this need to be changed.

      My connection works perfectly fine now.

  • did anyone get cash back or is it for sim plans only? GoCashbackAU is 85% but i wonder if it will track and qualfiy for this deal or need to stay 3 months and pay the third to get some cash back?

  • For those that have signed up, anyone got their first bill? If so, did you get any pro-rata charges or was the whole bill zero?

  • has anyone order for a future start in next month? chat rep says would need to be completed over the phone, via calling 131464 option 4 he said It has to be ordered by today just ordered, no connection timeline

    • I see you saw my comment. Basically it does let you select a future activation date, but at the final step, it tells you to call them if you want it activated at a future date. Also, yes, today is the last day to order if you want the free two months.

  • has anyone tried shopback 80% or cashrewards 35%does it work with this offer or is it only for sim plans? ref "cashback is eligible only on month-to-month or 12 month plans.Cashback is not eligible on outright device/hardware purchases."

  • cant sign up chose delay conntect until last date possible 30 Aug 2021 but got error " Date of birth is required - you must be at least 18 years old" !
    " Error submitting form. Please complete fields highlighted above. " not impressed got cut off twice calling up may have to give up. anyone expericned the same?

    • Yes, it took many attempts to actually get the signup to work. It didn't like Firefox or Edge, but Chrome got it to work eventually. I didn't have issues with DOB but it wouldn't let me choose a future date, and when I chose to sign up immediately I'd get infinite loading on the final step.

      • thanks i may have to choose immediate sign up and not date in future. pitty as my superloop is only $26 next month if the referrals for 25mbps. i though maybe it was passport and should change to Driver license but maybe not. sales said they couldnt find my address even though website sign up picks it up then said only 2 staff and line when silence

  • very annoying trying to order this. finally got it to work after many attempts using chrome with my drivers license . i guess the dob error was for the passport as website has a bug i choose DL and it when to a credit check. I had chose to delay to 30th aug connection but their system changes it to 31st Jul 2021 at check out. very useless sales staff telling me they couldn't find address and they had to email nbn co. they when home at 5pm . im still waiting to receive my email for order confirmation too but at least i have ac number as a ref.

  • my order is still in provisioning status . called customer service they cant tell me when it will be connected nor can tech help. so un helpful they are. told them to delay connection until 1 sept he said he would email them lol. My other ISP bill is due today and i cant be without internet . how long has it taken you guys to churn to this mob?

    • how long has it been for you? I applied on 30/07 and in the same boat.

      Edit: spoke too soon. Connected my NTU and it’s all working, despite my order being still in process.

    • I got the SMS that I was connected today, although it was working a few days ago. Not entirely sure when it switched, because my previous PPPoE login kept working from my previous provider.

  • applied on 31st july still nothing . says provisioning. did you get an email confirming the order i havent yet.?

    • I got one email at order confirmation, but I didn't get to read it. I think I deleted it. It went to spam, and when I clicked not spam, I might have deleted it. Either way, it's now gone. I did get an SMS telling me I'm active. No email though.

  • i spoke too soon as i was typing they cut me off my current provider and now status is when i log in account it is Processing > 02/08/2021 . just as well i didnt pay my super loop bill due today i wonder if they even read the email to delay connect tech support sent . do i need to contact my current isp to let them know i wish to cancel?

    • +1

      Yes, you have to actually cancel. Some sneaky ones will insist you give them 30 days notice, even if they aren't providing you with any internet.

  • The countdown started from the day of my activation request, I was not sure when it activated as I was relying on another connection and just looked at the status in the Customer Portal.

    As far as I know, the status page still showed 'Provisioning' and 'In progress' before they responded to my query on whether it was active.

    That's a whole 4 days of no confirmation coming through

  • yes poor communication. no welcome email yet. got sms from superloop my previous isp i replied YES to confirm account cancellation 5 mins to midnight as bill was due yesterday. luckily superloop credited my account with " downgrade credit of $26 " so i guess i pay $0. This morning i got sms from southern telecom saying my nbn is connected, log in to my account see status changed to activate ref "Status :Active Billing Start Date : 02/08/2021Contract Start Date :02/08/2021 Contract End Date :01/09/2021NBN Technology:FTTNNBN Line Speed:NBN 100Bitrate Down Actual:0." even though i had ordered it online and checked the delay connection box to aug 30 and previously requested via many chats and phone call that they delay the connection to 1st Sept it looks like it was just ignored as they dont communicate very well amongst themselves or nbn. i was only getting 20mbps at first and the online led on modem for authentication was red. so i simply added the user name : admin and password admin into modem and made sure its set to PPOE and restarted it and now im getting 93 to 110mbps download . i noticed they have extended promo to end august 31st if i had know that before hand i would have stayed with superloop until 31st august. do you need to give notice to Southern Telecom before churning to another ISP in 2 months time? Which RSP offers free 1 month trial that doesnt do a credit check? I thinking Tangerine or ABB, mate but not sure if they do credit checks and need notice to churn?

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      Southern don't require notice, neither do Tangerine, ABB or Mate. ABB give away free months quite often, but only to "new" customers. Basically you can get a free month every six months. Tangerine's risk free trial is only 14 days, so keep that in mind.

      I ordered my next free month with MyRepublic set to start when Southern ends. If you want to use MR, their free month offer ends today, but fortunately ordering at a future date with MR is incredibly easy, unlike Southern.

      • The ad says MR promo ends on 30th July?

        • +1

          They extended it until August 3rd, which is now over. Good news though, they now have a 30 day happiness guarantee https://myrepublic.net/au/30-day-happiness-guarantee/ which is similar to the risk free trials. It also applies to gigabit.

          • @Skylex: Thanks Skylex for that. Dont Myrepublic do credit checks? is it a hard or soft hit on your file? i was hoping to churn to one that doesnt do a credit check as i wanted to apply for a home loan later in the year and dont want to many entries on my credit file. Does anyone know if ABB need notice to churn and if they do a credit check?

            • @coolsteps: No idea about credit checks, but they let you pay with PayPal, and you can remove the authorization from PayPal. So I like that. ABB do not require notice to cancel.

              From what people have said, simply doing a check does not leave a hit on your credit rating. Applying for multiple CCs would, but just changing internet providers shouldn't be an issue.

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