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Sofirn Flashlight SP36 Pro $71.99, SP40 $39.19, SP35 $47.19, LT1 $87.99 Delivered @ sofirn-au via Amazon AU


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SP40 kit: $39.19
5% coupon and 15% off with promo code 7VY7MLDF

SP36 Pro kit 6500K: $71.99
20% off with promo code YCD9Z5AX

SP35 kit 6500K: $47.19
20% off with promo code 25I5LCQ7

BLF LT1 kit: $81.84 $87.99
5% coupon and $35 off with promo code SFI7MG3U
Original version. Newer model with Anduril 2 and power bank feature is available elsewhere.

SC31 Pro kit 6500K: $37.49 $32.39
5% coupon and 20% off with promo code BV3KSGA2

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  • Bought a BLF LT1 off Amazon for $91 two weeks ago :(

    • return it, buy this instead.

  • These look very powerful. Just out of curiocity..where/when do you guys use these? rural properties , hunting/ camping?

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      The product page suggests "Camping Hiking Fishing etc".

      I just ordered one to use in the backyard when taking the puppy out to poo at night.

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      When it's dark, I shine them in the general direction of things I need to see

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        This reply was very illuminating, thankyou.

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          I'm glad I could shed some light on the subject

          • @dav3: it wasn't exactly the brightest idea though

    • I'm using my LT1 as a backup in case there's a power outage. I twist the cap slightly to disconnect the batteries so that they don't go flat. I took it on holiday to Wilson's Prom between lockdowns but my Sofirn IF25A was more than enough. I used the IF25A walking back with my family after sunset.

  • Any diving torches?

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      There aren't any Sofirn diving torched in the Amazon Australia warehouse. It'd take 10-15 days to arrive if ordered from the warehouse in China.

      I'm not too familiar with diving torches. I'm a fan of Sofirn. They have SD01, SD02A, DF30, DF60.

      I'd recommend checking reviews and r/flashlight

      If you have one in mind, you could ask on the Sofirn AU FB group.

      • Yes the SD05 was the one i was chasing. Any deal on that?

      • I’m curious why are you marked as “associated” with Sofirn

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          I erred on the side of caution and just marked myself as "associated". I don't really fit the definition of "associated" under ozbargain's terms.

          I'm an enthusiast over on r/flashlight and I've volunteered to moderate on the Sofirn Flashlights AU Group and XTAR fans club on FB. I did receive a case and C01S for an LT1 review, and I won a RC-200 flashlight and PB2C charger from XTAR. Some might see it as a conflict of interest if they see "Moderator" over on FB and a post here.

          Vivi has asked me to post a few deals over the past year. I'm not a store rep though.

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      I picked up the SD05 last time it was on here for around $37.
      Amazing torch for scuba. Outdoes my partner's torch that she bought form Adreno for $100+.

      If diving professionally/tec diving you may want to buy a torch from a dive shop (i.e. $$$).
      The SD05 is great for recreation divers or as a back up tec torch.

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    bought another sp40, good headlight

  • What brand of emitters do these use? Cree XM-L2 was the best for pocket torches a few years back at this price point. Can't tell from the ads so thinking these may be no name Chinese LEDs?

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      I've seen Sofirn use Cree, Luminus and Samsung LEDs.

      SP40 Cree XP-L, LT1 Samsung LH351D, SP36 Pro/SP35/SC31 Pro Luminus SST40.

      They put some warm Samsung LH351D 4000K in SP40 on their website due to customer demand. They've been pretty active in the community on BLF, r/flashlight and FB. Some community members propose an idea, come up with designs, members express an interest, and Sofirn goes and produces it. BLF LT1 was one such idea. Another was a small AAA keychain flashlights C01R with a Cree XP-E2 Photo Red emitter that was later changed to Luminus SST-20-DR.

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        Fantastic thanks for the response. Sounds like a great brand to work with!

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    Bought a previous deal on the SP40. Great little headlight and came with a magnetic tail cap. The 18650 battery that came with is was quite good too.

    • Was about to post the same… got is just under $38 previously but love the magnetic tail cap, great combo of a headlamp or freestanding and plenty bright enough.

    • SP40 and LT1 (lantern) are excellent lights

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      Would recommend getting your hands on SP40 with the LH351D emitter if you can. It has a higher CRI with better colour rendering. See this [r/flashlight post] (https://www.reddit.com/r/flashlight/comments/l49v21/why_cril...) for more information.

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    Bought a LT1 lantern, excellent light. One of the underrated features is that you can make it "warm" yellow light rather than cold white. A friend had another lantern which was bright white, but the light was horrible. We use it at a property which is off the grid, when the generator goes down etc. Great light.

  • Hi..

    Are there still any that use AA batteries for the eneloop / Laada hoarders?

    • I couldn't see any Sofirn AA flashlights on Amazon but they have SF11, SP10S and HS05 on AE and their website.

      Lumintop CL2 takes 1 to 4 AA or 14500 Lithium cells. Similar to BLF LT1. It doesn't charge NiMH so I almost didn't mention it.

    • +1

      Not via Amazon but I'm a big fan of the SF11


      Great gift idea 'cause you don't have to worry about taking care of LiIo batteries.

  • Does anyone know when this promo will end?

    • Codes expire at the end of the month but it may be sooner if stock in Australia sells out before then.

  • Anything like these with an adjustable throw?

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      your only option Convoy Z1

    • Sofirn S11 zoomie on AE or their website?

      Convoy Z1 is another.

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        yes sofirn s11 too but Z1 outperforms it
        zoomies are great for some, but personally i have 1 flooder and 1 thrower.

        convoy M3-C Xhp70.2 - For Midrange Portable flooder 350m range
        Convoy M21A CULPM1.TG - For Long Range Thrower 700m-800m range
        Sofirn 3C31 Pro SST40 - For EDC easily in the pocket

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    cheaper for the sc31 pro i got it last month 30 aud delivered from ali

    a step up from the sc31 pro is the sp35, its a bit bulkier with not that much more light, but a great light still. i went for the sc31 cause it was %40 cheaper.

    Sp40 i have its the best headlight under 50 or even under 100.

    BLF lt1 Lantern is much cheaper on Ali

    a note on the sp36 variants heat issue (well talked about on BLF forums), they tend to get very hot very quick to the point of burning your hands. the thermal kicks in and decreases the light output, so it cools down but at the cost of much reduced light output. that's why i got a convoy M3-C instead as it has outstanding thermals for the same size mostly due to its thicker aluminium head and similar performance to the sp36 range.

    • +1

      Just bought the SP40 LH351D 4000K off their website. Might use the shorter 18350 tube.

      Also got a keychain C01R red light to see how it goes for night walks.

      Any recommendations for a charger? XTAR PB2S? Would prefer one that can charges NiMH if that's a viable option.

        • Thanks! Will have a look.

      • +1

        Vapcell S4 Plus if you want a large 4 slot charger that handles fairly small cells (10440) to large. It does Lion and NiMH. Current from 0.25A to 3A. AE during a sale is probably the way to go.

        XTAR PB2S is good for portability. It'll do 18650 and 21700. My one is annoying and terminate the charge at 4.175V instead of 4.20V. It doesn't handle 14500, 18350 etc. AE again. The way they list 3 or 4 different products on one product listing is super annoying… it tricks you into thinking that a VC8 might be $15 when it's actually another product. If you look through half a dozen listings on the official AE store you'll find that the same product is listed 5 times at slightly different prices. /rant

        I personally keep putting my NiMH cells in a Powerex MH-C9000 and I use the S4+ for 10440, 14500 and 18350. I bought a XTAR BC4 but it gets a bit hot for my liking.

        I lazily use a Sofirn IF25A to charge 21700.

        XTAR ANT MC1 Plus is ok for 14500 and 18350 when running at 0.5A. There aren't many portable chargers that do small 10440 cells.

        XTAR FC2 is a relatively new dual chemistry charger. 0.5 to 2A. NiMH and Lion. It says it supports 10440 but I wouldn't charge my 10440 cells at 0.5A all the time. I'd prefer 0.25A.

        Check out reviews by HKJ

    • BLF lt1 Lantern is much cheaper on Ali

      Often the case but can't see it atm . Have you included GST?

      • on it goes on sale here and there. if you are in a hurry just buy this

        • Have two already. Agree, if you can wait for Ali sales or can get a decent coupon it usually works out 10-15% better than these Sofirn Amazon promotional sales. Post from China via Ali is ~2-3 weeks ime.

          • @DisabledUser67242: What about warranty from Aliexpress? Are they as easy to deal with Amazon?

            • @Phlume: Don't know Phlume, haven't required it. AE has a dispute setup (guarantee?) similar to ebay for non-delivery, incorrect item etc. Light warranty itself is from Sofirn.

              Afaik, if you buy from Sofirn Official or Beamax Lighting on AliEx (as I have) then you're dealing direct with Barry Lee, Sofirn principal.

              Very happy customer here.

  • I’m tossing up between the SC31 pro and SP35. Which to buy?

    • I answered this above, went with the sc31 pro as the increase in price and size = diminishing returns

      • Yes you said you went with SC31 because it was 40% cheaper. Not in this deal though. Just thought maybe the $10 price difference from this deal could get me a bit better torch for a small price difference.

    • SC31 pro wouldn't be a bad choice if you spend a day or two learning the Anduril UI. Any wrong number of clicks and you could spend ages trying to get it back the way you want.

      • +1

        not really, it was my first anduril light, never messed up with it, i still have not had the time to learn it, but im using it as a beginner, on, off, hold while on to cycle up, once you reach highest, hold again to ramp down. i never had any issues but if you get stuck just go youtube and your back in action.

        • XD Nice to hear the SC31 Pro is serving you well. I was actually considering it too but got the wurkkos fc11 instead since it had higher CRI and an easier UI for a beginner. Now I want a thrower. An anduril light as well… maybe a Hank light…Ahhh Down the rabbit hole I go.

          • +1

            @SEasternCry: anduril proper thrower you say? ill save you multiple days research time, noctigon k1 in W2.2 which is CULPM1 emitter. nearly 90usd with no battery

            if you wana spend less, loose out on usb-c charging, and no anduril,
            Convoy L21A CULPM1, about 52usd with 5000mah battery from ali

            if you want something more pocketable with a smaller head which is what i got, with not much loss in range from the L21A, Convoy M21A CULPM1, about 34usd with 5000mah battery from ali! rated at 750 meter range

            • +1

              @striker5950: Oh god. My wallet is gonna hate me.

              • +1

                @SEasternCry: not yet, if you want the absolute best thrower with usable flood, sbt90.2 Lights will make your wallet hate you more.

                Convoy L7 Sbt90.2 $110 usd (with batteries) about 1320 meters range

                if portability is a factor and usb charging is wanted. go for the Can size model below
                Convoy 4x18a Sbt90.2 about 97 usd (with batteries) 1120 meters range

                • @striker5950: The convoy L7 is a great thrower and available in a few tints.

                • +1

                  @striker5950: Geez the 4x18 is tempting, I've been thinking about getting a thrower as my BLF Q8 doesn't quite cut it sometimes.

                    • +1

                      @Pixie13: $400+ vs. $96………… think I'll go the $96 Convoy ;)

                  • @dav3: check out the L21A with CULPM1 LED, thats about as good as it gets for that size 1000m range. unless you go with something with a wayyy bigger head and harder to carry. keep in mind we are solely talking about throw here, if you want throw and some spill/flood sbt90.2 is the onlyway to go, cons is its more expensive nearly twice the price, and it uses more battery power so shorter run time and it gets hotter faster, which would mean the light output would drop in almost all the lights that host it due to overheating protection. right now as it stands the cheapest sbt90.2 quality flashlights are the two from convoy I mentioned above.

                    • @striker5950: The downside being I then have to invest in 21700 stuff

    • +2

      I'd go IF25A 4000K with 21700 battery from AE:

      Bigger than SC31 Pro but smaller than SP35. I like the warm 4000K tint. USB-C rechargeable (works with my PD charger).

      • +1

        Just got my IF25A recently, really amazing torch for the size/money

  • Anyone has the LT1 can comment on it?

    • It was designed by DBSAR on https://budgetlightforum.com/node/44923

      He wanted something that didn't have heaps of glare.

      I bought the LT1 in Oct 2020. It's a bit heavy. I just use it in emergencies. I was hoping the lowest mode would lower so that I could use it as a bedside lamp but I found my Zebralight SC64c LE goes much lower.

      I like how you can shift the tint from warm to cold. I configured mine to be 2700K.

      • What's the battery life across the different light outputs? I'm still considering purchasing a LT1 but unsure on the longevity of its battery life.

        • +1

          These should help.
          Light will operate off 1,2,3 or 4 batteries.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser67242: Wow thank you so much for linking that. Quite substantial run times for the lumen output. Think I'm sold reading this.

            • @Phlume: You're welcome. There's a HUGE amount of info on the lantern, its design, and performance on the BLF and elsewhere. There are also numerous youtube videos worth watching.

              Iirc there is now work on the design of a lightweight mini lantern for bushwalkers

    • +1

      Plenty of videos on Youtube which will tell you everything you need to know.

    • It's a great lamp, you don't regret it. Only thing is figuring out the controls, but that's mostly just for initial set up.

      • Yep the Anduril interface can seem complicated at first blush but once you understand the click sequence on the chart it's quite simple. Even better, there are easily found youtube videos showing the click sequence for various functions.

  • When will Amazon get the newer model LT1?

    • +1

      The new model will arrive at the Amazon Australia warehouse roughly between late August and mid September. Shipping in mid July, and it could take 40-60 days.

    • What new features in the newer model?

      • Works as a power bank, USB C (higher wattage), and UI V2.

  • +1

    Just remembered this handy case for the LT1, ideal for travel, camping etc.

    Anyone who buys the LT1 should also consider a case such as this Twister for ~$10 delivered, or the better quality but more expensive Xanad at ~$20. The lantern and its bits fit snugly into both - even better if you use the egg crate foam which the lantern is usually packaged with.

    Wait for an AE sale or use coupons if you want to save a few $.

  • this will be my 3rd high powered torch, cant get enough of these, i like staring into them for 1sec so i get a massive blindspot.. better than getting stoned.

    • You should save your money and stare at the sun

  • It's supposed to arrive today, but Amazon shows that it hasn't even shipped yet.

  • Should I buy a SP36 with a diffuser from Aliexpress or purchase a LT1?

  • Cheers OP, got the LT1 for camping, hope I don't miss the powerbank on rev 6. Anyone had any experience with flashing anduril 2 and can comment on how worthy it is of the process + hardware?

    • +1

      It's probably LT1 rev 5 on Amazon Australia.

      I've flashed my Emisar D4V2 with Anduril 2. I modified it to lockout automatically and remember when it's locked out. The code is a bit cleaner to work on in Anduril 2.

      I haven't changed my BLF LT1 rev 5.0 from Anduril 1 to 2. I pretty much always have it set to a 2700K tint on the lowest mode and ramp up when needed. I probably won't bother upgrading it.

      It may be useful to upgrade and modify Anduril 2 for an EDC flashlight. Hybrid Memory was updated a few days ago. https://www.reddit.com/r/flashlight/comments/oi1oyd/anduril_...

    • +1

      Some people prefer the amber/orange button on the BLF LT1 rev 5 compared to the green button on the BLF LT1-A2.

  • LT1 coming up as $87.99 with coupon code now.

    • Ah, thanks. It looks like the 5% coupon has gone. Sofirn said it was $87.99 with SFI7MG3U.

    • I checked the others and noticed that the SC31 Pro kit is now $32.39 delivered…

      • BV3KSGA2 closed. SC31 Pro kit back to around $40.49 delivered.

  • LT1 coming up as $97.99 now. Looks like the coupon is only $25 now. Picked up a SC31 though, my first nice flashlight

    • +1

      $35 SFI7MG3U is still active. A $25 promo is applied by default. You'll need to enter the code during checkout and select standard free delivery if not a Prime member.

      • You're right, thanks

        • No worries. It's confusing how some promo codes are already applied but the ones posted here aren't always automatically applied. And then Amazon automatically selects $5.99 shipping instead of free.