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[eBay Plus] 12PK Belkin 10m Cat5e Blue RJ45 Ethernet Cable - $18 Delivered @ k.g.electronic eBay


Very good price for 12X 10m CAT5e ethernet cable
Comes around to be $1.50 each which is really good price.

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    Ebay plus only?

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    Dunno what i need these for, but a deal is a deal.

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      cheap skip rope.

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      extreme IT themed BDSM fun?

      as in "plug me into your private network right now"

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      Does it make a difference for gigabit over 10m?

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        not at all. cat 5e is fine.

  • Price error? Ordered anyway, great value.

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      I think they just over-stocked or got it from some factory liqudation sale. With Ebay Plus and Paypal, there is no need to worry.

  • If you are chasing the number, you can find cat 7 and cat 8 cables at Amazon.

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      A vast majority of home users should not even bother going above cat 6 as cat 6a onwards. Cat 7 cat 8 are 10Gb capable. You will be just wasting money on cables you won't be able to fully utilise. Now if the going rate of these cables are the same with cat 6 sure buy it. That I would doubt however.

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        If I were installing cables in the walls, I'd certainly go to cat 6/7/8. The cables are relatively cheap comparing to the installation cost. Maybe in a few years, 10GBe networking would be much cheaper.

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          Heard that 5 years ago.

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            @ozbargainer88: With the prices of 10GbE devices still way too high. and the global silicone shortage. doubt there will be any great reduction in prices of these gear in the forseeable future.

            • @xoom: That's what I mean. People said it would get cheaper 5 years ago and nothing has changed. I think the demand for anything faster than 1Gbit at home isn't there because 1Gbit is fast enough for just about anything.

          • @ozbargainer88: I'd plan for more than 5 years when installing cables. 10GbE devices are getting cheaper (recently I have paid less than 100$ for the card, was much more expensive 5 years ago), but surely still too expensive to replace 1GbE.

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    Thanks OP. This is a stupidly good price for those who are still settling on a firm home network setup. I always find 5m just a tad too short, so this is ideal.

  • OOS

  • Sold out after I grabbed eBay plus :(

  • Back in stock! Quick

    • Nevermind… Sorry

  • Surely a price error?

  • Just one of these sells for $19.95 at Bunnings!

    • These are CAT5e, the ones at Bunnings care CAT6.

  • Damn anymore?

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    Awesome deal. Ordered. This is significantly cheaper than a 100m reel of cat5e. I was just about to buy some various lengths from my usual supplier but at this price it's a no-brainer and I'll just chop and crimp into shorter lengths as needed.

  • went for lunch and missed the deal….. was looking for some cat5e/cat6 cable for home office. sad!

  • Thanks, OP! Got my order shipped. Estimated delivery Jul 8.

  • Received my order this morning, 12PK.

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