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Ryzen 5 5600X, B550 MB, 1TB NVMe SSD, RTX 3080 FTW3, 850W Gold PSU, 3200MHz RGB RAM 16GB $2699 (Exp), 32GB $2849 + Postage @ BPC


Edit — Was 16GB RAM for $2699 (offer expired), now 32GB RAM version for $2849 ($150 more)

This must be a deal!
For $300 more you get lots upgrade from techfast deal!

  • Ryzen 5 5600X (upgrade available to 5800/5900x)
  • EVGA 280mm AIO
  • B550 mobo (not sure model but can also source some x570 mobos for cheap)
  • Corsair vengeance pro rgb 3200mhz 32GB
  • 1TB nvme ssd
  • EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 ULTRA! And confirmed non-LHR!
  • EVGA 850 GQ 850W 80+ Gold Semi-Modular Power Supply
  • Corsair 275R Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Gaming Case - Black

Not sure why the photo is mismatched with the specs but you should get what is described!
Plus in stock no need to wait!

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                    @ransworld: No problem. It is still unbelievable to me that you can't control RGB from the BIOS or from one program…

                    • @elfelf: Yeah, surely they could have worked out some standards by now!

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                  @elfelf: thanks for the info regarding rgb software!

                  i also swapped out the AIO fans with some Arctic PWM PST fans and setup as intake. Fans are now installed on other side of the radiator. Fan noise is also quieter than the EVGA stock ones.

                  • @sabrelli: might look into that as it pretty noisy when it cranks up (compared with my old air cooler)

                • @elfelf: Did your motherboard come with wifi? Where did you get the windows 10 key from

                • @elfelf: Cheers for the info mate

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                  @elfelf: Thanks for the update!

                  Was thinking it was going to come with the MSI as they've listed in the specs, but let's see what comes through.

                  Good that we hopped onto the V3. V4 out of stock, V5 is now on Pre-Order.. with the LHR Card.

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      Nothing yet. Sent them an email and they said ETA late next week. Guess we just need to be patient. FYI I ordered at 6.30pm on 6/7 and amended my order the next morning 11am.

      • Im also waiting. Ordered around 1am on 7/7.

        Hopefully arrives mid next week! Super keen

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      I emailed again, asking about the Melbourne lockdown starting tonight. Apparently they're an essential service, so they can continue building the PCs, and they'll still be available for pickup orders.

      They must be sick of all our emails! But I would be a lot more patient if we weren't led to believe they were in stock, ready to ship (the product page literally said "In Stock at BPC Tech").

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        That in stock at BPC tech was the reason why we all ordered.

        Thanks for the update

      • Wouldn’t we only be able to pickup if we lived within 5km of BPC?

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          You’re allowed to travel further than 5km to visit an intimate partner, so we should be okay as long as we give one of the BPC staff a kiss… you’re probably right though, unless PCs are considered necessary goods or service?

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            @ransworld: For some of us, our PCs are our intimate partners..

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    Cancelled mine, 2-3 weeks ETA.. Can't wait that long when it said it was "in stock".

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      Which version is this wait for and how did you find out the delay?

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    • What date/time did you place your order?

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        12am jul 7

    • please we need to know!

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    AIO fans were set to exhaust at the front. Have swapped them around to intake.
    One of the 140mm fans is spinning at full speed, no matter the PWM % and also tested across multiple headers. Must be a bad fan connector.

    Great build otherwise. Well packaged and very neatly cable managed.


    • Would it make a temperature difference switching from exhaust to intake ?

      • Intake is better for cooling the CPU that the AIO is attached to. Exhaust improves the general ambient temperature of everything else in the case. BPC should definitely be doing intake if they're mounting them on the front and having the rear fan as exhaust.

  • Just picked up the V3 version today. Just curious did any of you get the 2 front fans that were originally part of the case? I'm pretty sure there should be 2 extra since the 2 front fans were replaced with the AIO but BPC is saying the case only comes with 1 fan.

    • It should come with three 120mm fans, two intake and one rear exhaust. Not sure if they keep the parts they don't use…. What about the stock CPU fan/cooler? And also the GPU brace?

    • only came with 2 AIO fans and 1 exhaust fan

    • The stock case fans weren’t included in mine

      Came with 1 rear fan and 2 included with AIo

      • I emailed about this yesterday and they only listed one case fan as part of the system specs, can't really argue with that.

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    hm ok, yeah so I guess its the same for everyone. They gave me all the boxes and it seems like all of the extra cables but no extra fans or the stock fan/cooler. I was originally thinking about going back to stock to see how it performed as I don't think the AIO is really necessary. I guess they must keep these parts to resell or use on other builds. Kind of annoying as I didn't realize this beforehand. Also makes selling these parts off in the future for upgrades less valuable.

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    I received mine yesterday, but I haven't had a chance to finish setting everything up. As @CrushJelly mentioned, the AIO fans were blowing out the front of the case, but I managed to move the fans between the case and the radiator without detaching the water block.
    I still need to figure out how to slow the fans down—it's pretty loud out of the box!
    I didn't receive the extra case fans and stock CPU cooler, but technically we were sold a PC with the specifications listed on the product page; not the individual boxed components (although they did give me the boxes, including all the spare cables and the retail Ryzen box without the cooler).
    Overall I'm really happy so far! Definitely worth the wait.

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      I thought mine was blowing out the front too, with the the glass panel on - with it off I can feel the air coming in through the front.
      I think with the side, on air from the gpu is being forced out the front instead of up through the top.

      Gaming temps with the glass side on -

      CPU ~55-60
      GPU ~80

      Side off
      CPU ~45
      GPU ~70

      I have left the side off for now and waiting for some case fans from BPC which I will try up the top of the case.

      • Mine was definitely exhausting out the front—I could feel the air moving from half a metre away.

        • +1

          Thanks for this, I had another look last night and yes mine was blowing out the front. I have moved the fans in between the case and radiator and is much better.

          • @elfelf: The front filter sits really close to the fans now, and I've noticed that if I run the AIO fans at full speed, it sucks the filter into the fans and starts buzzing. If it becomes a problem, I might need to add washers between the case and the fans just to give it a bit more clearance.

            • @ransworld: Yeah I noticed that too but my fan rpm hasn't gone that high (yet) with normal use.

      • +2

        I received mine today, same setup with the Fans behind the Radiator (when looking straight at the Case).

        Seems like a standard build they've been doing to all models.

        Will be removing tonight and re-positioning the fans.

        • UPDATE: Just put the fans infront of the radiator and found two broken screws, instead of the 2 fans fixed with 8 screws, they've only fixed it with 6..

          Anyone else have broken screws in their radiator?

          Will be calling them tomorrow to see what they can do about this.

          Slightly disappointed, but still stoked at the new rig.

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            @ThatOneAsian: Mine was fine but there a small cardboard box with various sized black screws in small clear bags. I used to them to install my exhaust fans

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      Thats how these AIO's come from factory, fans are installed to exhaust out

      Even the EVGA install video on Youtube, they install fans so they are intake https://youtu.be/yjLWgQqU6y4?t=81

  • Does anyone know how to change the fan speed for the AIO and case fan? I've set them both to "silent" in the UEFI, but they're stuck running at full speed…

    • Assuming your EGA 280 AIO is the same as my EGA 240 AIO, you need to use "EGA Flow Control". It should be on EGA's website.

      • Ah, thanks. It turns out the AIO fans were already at minimum speed… they're just really loud.
        Is this typical for AIO coolers? Are air coolers the only option if you want a silent PC when at idle?

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          this is my first PC in like 20 years so not sure if its normal but i replaced the two fans, set fan to Auto 600rpm and its super quiet. Even bumping it up to 1000rpm its fairly quiet compared to stock.

          • @sabrelli: What did you replace it with?

          • @sabrelli: How did you get the fan speed to 600 RPM? With the fan speed set to the lowest setting in EVGA Flow Control, the fan speed sits around 1,020 RPM. Perhaps that's a limitation of the EVGA fans.
            I'll definitely need to replace the fans—at 1,020 RPM it's way too loud.

            • @ransworld: I just clicked the Auto on bottom of slider through the EVGA Flow control app.

              Been using PC all day and its now sitting around 660rpm

              Turning off Auto and moving slider right to the bottom sets it at 600rpm

              • @sabrelli: I've tried putting the slider down to the lowest setting but nothing changes, any thoughts?

                • @Carbon Door: Does the word "FAN" light up to an aqua color?

                  What if u increase fan speed, does the rpm change?

                  • @sabrelli: it does light up, nil changes

                    • @Carbon Door: all i can think of is maybe one of fan wires is loose or something, remove the non glass side panel and double check everything is connected.

                      • @sabrelli: It might be because they are different fans? The lowest my stock ones will go is ~1000.

                        • +1

                          @elfelf: it seems like he cant even ramp up his rpm?

                          • +3

                            @sabrelli: Now it works, replugged all the cables, lowest RPM is 1000 so have to replace the fans when i get a chance

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    Update for those still waiting and monitoring this thread.

    Order 189 Finished service on 21/7, shipped on 22/7, arrived 23/7 (Sydney)

    Packed really well, foam filled everywhere inside the case and GPU safely in place. I got the WIFI upgrade which actually switches the motherboard to a MSI B550M PRO-VHD WIFI. Build was set up perfectly.

    One minor inconvenience is that the GPU blocks the SATA ports. Had to take it out to plug in SATA cables for rear mounted SSD + HDD

    Took a while to be shipped but overall really happy with this deal from BPC!

    • :)

      • Hey Team,

        I can see these are expected to come back in stock on Monday with your V5 revision. Will price come down to match this or is the extra $200 for the chnage in parts?


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