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End Midnight! BOGOF | Battery Heated Socks $169.99 for Two Pairs (Was One Pair) + $15 Delivery ($0 with $249 Order) @ ORORO


Buy one get one free on our new arrival— ORORO "REDWOOD" Carbon Nanotube Heated Socks. Best price ever!!
$169.99 for one pair of socks. But now you can get two pairs with the same price.


  • Ultra-thin carbon nanotube heating elements
  • Up to 10 hours heating time
  • 3 Adjustable heating levels
  • COOLMAX® to ensure breathability
  • Machine washable
  • 1-Year warranty

Why Carbon Nanotube Heating Elements?
Our innovative "Redwood" Carbon Nanotube technology generates heat faster and more evenly with up to 10 hours of on-the-go warmth.
The heating elements are designed in a U-shape to help the heating zone get closer to your toes, which are paper-thin and minimize bulk, keeping your feet comfortable.

CLICK HERE to shop other heated gear on ORORO's Official Australia Store with 30% off.

ORORO Heated Apparel is the #1 everyday heated clothing brand in the US.

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  • +7

    Interesting!! But not cheap - I’ll prefer scotch over socks

  • +2

    Need price in title

  • +4

    $170 for a pair of socks?!?
    Tell him he's dreaming.

  • What a joke

    • shipping $15 ?
    • Free for orders over AUD$249, otherwise AUD$15.

  • +19

    Mate, you've come to the wrong place if you think we can afford $200 socks.

    • +2

      Now that's a quotable quote …

    • +4

      And yet people here seem to drop $500+ on a lego kit without blinking!

      • +2

        Not to mention the "cheap" Tesla cars regularly here. Or the investment advice - "where should I insure my 5 properties, cause I wanna save some money?"

  • +4

    How much for just one? And how easy is it to wash?

    These two questions are not related…

    • $169.99 for one pair. But you can buy two pairs now with the same price.

      How to wash them? Remove the batteries, throw the socks into your washing machine. Done! Easy job.

  • +2

    $170 for socks!? Now I've heard of everything!

    • +1


  • Can i use my eneloops in them?

    • You cant. They come with a pair of 3350mAh rechargeable batteries which ensure longer working hours. And out of safety concerns, we do not recommend you use other batteries even they are compatible.

  • +4

    They are heated socks for skiing/winter activities. You can get a pair for $100 on Amazon, but obviously a different model. $170 for 2 pairs seems like a perfectly reasonable deal

    Not sure why people are giving OP a hard time

    • +1

      Because we are poor

    • You can also get a pair on Wish for $5, so that’s probably why.

    • Not sure why youd get heated socks for those anyways, you end up sweating a lot and I can imagine these would only make it worse.

    • +1

      Agree, not for everyone, but there’s a lot of random stuff on here that seems real niche and is far more expensive (audiophie gear, luxury cars, fancy trips, RTX 3090s etc.) If it’s a notable bargain to any other price you’ll get something, who am i to judge how peeps choose which deals they buy?

  • It only heats the toe area?

    • Yep. We designed the heating elements in a U-shape to help the heating zone get closer to your toes.

  • Heated insoles from ebay running off usb powerboats works 4 me. And only $15 a pair

  • +1

    Heated insoles from ebay running off usb powerbanks works 4 me. And only $15 a pair

    • +7

      Power boats was better

      • +1

        i wish i had powerboats on my feet

  • +7

    I only came in to read the comments.

  • +1

    This is Tesla for Socks.

  • +4

    I can't afford these but for people with poor leg circulation , arthritis , neuropathy , pregnant women and a plethora of leg/feet issue's this may be a godsend.
    Considering it cost me $165 for one pair of medical compression stockings this deal is a bargain.
    Before negging …… walk a mile in a neuropathy sufferer shoes/socks……pun intended.

  • is there a cooling version? tshirt, undies etc too?

  • +1

    Low key would love to know what these feel like on.

    To the OP, the page says 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE but this is false advertising because you also say no returns.

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