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Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer and Hygrometer $7.50 ($4.94 New User) and 4pcs $23.30 (Expired) Delivered @ Banggood


XIAOMI Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer and Hygrometer A$7.5 (A$4.94 New User) [email protected] Banggood

2 pack - $13.42
3 pack - $17.37
4 pack - $23.30 Expired. New price: AU$31.92

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    I have heaps of these flashed with ATC firmware working with BLE Passive Monitor on HomeAssistant. Good price

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      Interested in more info :) This sounds cool.

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          Your comment made me buy 5 of to these, thank you sir

          • @russbot: Cheers! Let me know how you go with them!

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          thanks for posting your blog! awesome.

        • Thanks! Finally got it working after a few hours of reinstalling home assistant in docker, waiting for HACS rate limit and restarting the rpi4 to get Bluetooth to magically work.

    • Have you got a link / tutorial on what you did to add to home assistant?

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        custom firmware, OTA flash https://github.com/pvvx/ATC_MiThermometer
        homeassistant ble monitor [hacs] https://github.com/custom-components/ble_monitor

        I extended the BLE range with raspberrypizero running HA as a secondary instance, feeding values to my main. Cost $20 for the pizero/HA extender. Runs slow but once it's booted that's irrelevant.

        • Cheaper way to do this is use an ESP32 driven by ESPHome to listen for BLE squirts.

          • @shermozle: I did, and had 2 ESP32s but the PiZero has better BLE range and looks more finished as a hub. I'll add an IR blaster or something to my ESP32s and use them as transmitters

          • @shermozle: Do you have any tutorial on this? As i don't wanna setup a bluetooth connection to the HA

            • @boomramada: Just this in the ESPHome config. Otherwise ping me privately and I can walk you through it.


              - platform: xiaomi_cgg1
              mac_address: "58:2D:34:10:C9:2B"
              name: "kitchen_temperature"
              name: "kitchen_humidity"
              name: "kitchen_battery"

              • +1

                @shermozle: mine was

                duration: 3min
                interval: 320ms
                window: 30ms
                active: true

                - platform: atc_mithermometer
                mac_address: "A4:C1:38:25:E9:1F"
                name: "Ben Temperature"
                force_update: true
                name: "Ben Humidity"
                force_update: true
                name: "Ben Battery Level"
                force_update: true

    • +1

      What about the range, How far can you keep them?

      • Depends what's between the main unit and device but I have one about 10 metres away without issue.

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        I extended the BLE range with raspberrypizero running HA as a secondary instance, feeding values to my main. Cost $20 for the pizero/HA extender. Runs slow but once it's booted that's irrelevant.

    • and what is the purpose or new feature it can get by doing those hacks and connecting ?

    • Can you use this to control a duct damper?

    • What BLE sniffer hardware are you using with these out of curiosity?

    • When you say HowAssistant, do you mean Google Home? I would like something that can send push notifications to my phone when the temperature is too hight or too low. I am hoping being able to connect to Google Home might enable that?

      • +2

        Open source https://www.home-assistant.io/ so that you're not tied into a particular ecosystem.

        • I see, need to setup a server for this… bit of work there, thanks for the info

          • +1

            @fan8956: I had mine running on a Raspberry Pi I had laying around. It was quite easy to set up following the install guide and let me get up and running fast. I am now looking to upgrade to something a bit more powerful (eg a NUC) and should be able to migrate all my config over quite easily.

            • @undocked838: Would it run/work on a Pi Zero?

              • @drillvoice: I personally wouldn't recommend it, but it looks like Home Assistant support it. Their Raspberry Pi Suggested Hardware list only talks about the Pi 3 and 4, but there are official releases for the Pi Zero (haos-rpi0-w).

                A quick google shows some people have run Hass on the Pi Zero so you can probably follow their instructions to play around with it. For me it's great these things run on an SD card because I can try whatever I like, and if I stuff it up/worst case scenario I just reformat the card and start again.

                My setup is on a Pi 3 B, so a bit old, but it still runs okay: start-up is a few minutes, and loading historical graphs is slow, but otherwise it's quite snappy; the Pi Zero will likely be slower than this.

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    What useful application can this be used for?

    • +16

      Telling temperature, humidity.

      • +6

        if you added some bold I would have thought you were JV's brother.

    • -1

      If this can be connected to Google Home, then you can make Routines using the temperature/humidity inputs. For example, if temperature reaches 30C degrees, then turn on AC.

      • +1

        Can it be added to Google home? I thought Google home only has wifi?

        • Google Home (the devices) have WiFi and Bluetooth, although neither are really accessible - the bluetooth primarily used for initial setup and external speaker connection, the wifi for the Home's internet connectivity. You can't really "connect" other devices to a Google Home device.

          Google Home (the ecosystem/app) can be connected to these thermometers via a cloud integration, which would talk to these sensors via a gateway like this one note: I have not checked that this gateway will definitely work with these thermometers, or with Google Home.

      • just use HA, problem solved.
        While you at it, try something like this, turn on the AC, when outside temp is 10C, inside is 15C and everyone home after 8pm.

  • +4

    Big fan of the first version of these, which takes a (rechargeable) AAA battery. I use with Home Assistant.

    • Do you know if these are still available? I want one for the babys room but wont touch anything with a button battery.

      • +2

        I have a few of the old ones around the house and they are great. Unfortunately I can't find them anymore … the AAA battery version is so much better (use rechargeable batteries.)

        • yeah i lost one, I know it's still there… but no idea where…
          I tried turning on the heater/ac on in certain room so I know where about it is… but still couldn't find it…

          It most probably has a couple of months of battery left before it does so its not looking good.

          they need to make a 'lost mode' with continuous beeping.

        • Why? Button batteries cost $1 each in multi packs and last a year

  • +1

    I have a the tuya wifi version because it said it works with Alexa but itโ€™s stupid. It can tell the temperature through Alexa but you canโ€™t set routines. I was hoping to turn on my space heater when temp dropped.
    This is a good price but you can get dumb temp sensors for a dollar or two.

  • +7

    I've got an older model without Bluetooth.

    It looks like this is also powered by a CR2032 battery.

    Keep out of reach of children!

    6th product photo on Banggood shows a baby sitting next to it on a wall. If the design is like the old one, you could rip the device off the wall, leaving the back attached to the wall, exposing the CR2032 battery. No screw etc for safety.

  • +10

    Cheaper from aliexpress 22.34 AUD for 4

    AU $6.91 24%OFF | XIAOMI Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer 2 Wireless Smart Electric Digital Hygrometer Thermometer Work with Mijia APP

    • -1

      Shipping additional $3.29

      • +4

        yes… the total including shipping and GST is 22.34..

    • -1

      and also +10% GST on the total

      • +5

        yes… the total including shipping and GST is 22.34..

        • Hahaha I just got my jab yesterday so the laughing hurts a bit

    • No cashback on that link whereas banggood returns AU$1.83 if you buy 4 via shopback.

      Link checker: https://portals.aliexpress.com/linkchecker.htm

  • Do I need to use Xiaomi's proprietary software in order to see the data remotely ?

    • +3

      No, use this

      This is bluetooth so you have to be in range, you can use homeassistant or equivalent to get, store and allow for remote viewing of temps with this firmware


      • Newbie here:
        Is there any way to receive the temp/humidity passive readings direct to a mobile phone without the xiaomi phone-home app?

        Or do we need a dedicated home assistant os to read it first?

        • You can view temps with that link above, but not as ideal as MiHome or HA

      • Open source too. Thanks!

    • +1

      No Bluetooth

  • Hot Price?

  • +3

    Just a heads up their humidity is not so accurate, have three in my house

    • How off are yours? Mine seem to be 1-2% out which isn't a big deal.

      • Google told me minus 10% close to the real figure, no experience of how humidity should feels like tho.

        • +2

          The google weather humidity reading is outside, the humidity will likely be different inside your house.

          • +1

            @sssx: Ahh, I meant google telling me other users' feedback where they have a better humidity index.

    • +1

      I have a dehumidifier and the readings are always within 1% of each other.

    • +1

      Yeah. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues. I got a few of these Xiaomi ones and I also a few different temp/humidity sensors from other brands. The Xiaomi ones often read the humidity between 5-10% more than the other ones. The other ones are usually within 0-3% of each other. I'm just not sure if the Xiaomi ones are accurate or all the other ones are underestimating.

      Temperature is usually quite close.

  • +16

    $17.37/3 units = $5.79/unit
    $23.3/4 units = $5.825/unit

    Thanks OP bought the 3pack.

    • +1

      You win the Ozbargainer of the month ๐Ÿ‘Œ

      • Cheers!

  • Are these suitable for outdoor?

    • if they are under cover, yes

  • +1

    I signed up with the refer link but I don't have a $20 coupon code anywhere?

    Anyone able to assist?

  • Thanks Op! got a pack

  • they offer afterpay now

  • Thanks bought 3-pack.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 3-pack

  • What's the difference between this and the round one from Xiaomi?

    • +1

      This is round two.

  • Are these any good to monitor incumbation for hatching chicks?

  • Thanks OP. Took advantage of new account discount to get one for $4.83

  • Is it the smart one and does it work with the hub?

  • would be nice if it connects to network and can be assessed remotely

  • Anything cool I can accomplish with this if I connect it to google home?

    I am kind of familiar with Home Assistant, but I'd prefer to keep my smart home setup simple. I'm not very well versed in home automation

  • I have the button battery ones. In my experience they are not (even close to) accurate at all.

    • I believe the custom firmware lets you add an offset to the temperature measurements.

      That said, I don't know enough about the actual sensor to know if the error in the measurement would remain linear across the spectrum.

  • Did anyone else order these then start reading what they do? ๐Ÿ˜

  • 4 pack deal for $23.30 has expired. New price for 4 pack is AU$31.92.

  • shipping insurance?

    any thoughts?

  • Do these use CR2032 batteries or AAA? looks like CR2032…..no good, batteries will cost more than the device

  • +1

    For those of us who aren't tech geniuses (or at the very least, don't want to spend 300 hours learning how to setup home assistant) - What does it do without changing the firmware? and what do you get in addition, when you do connect to home assistant?

  • Still able to order for a similar price (4 pack) on Aliexpress thanks to mikedenoob comment above.

  • Purchased 4 from the last sale, regretful purchase.

    • Why? Are they not so good?

      • Software is impractical, coverage is weak, and don't get water on them.

  • Are these lcd or eink?

  • Is it possible to connect this along with smart plug and google home to turn on heater if temp goes below certain degree and turn off it goes above certain degrees?

  • Without setting up home assistant, does anyone know how much temperature history is saved in the device?

    Say I have it in my car unattended and want to know the temperature for the last day of two by hour?

    Or does this only do the temperature when the Bluetooth is connected to my phone?

    Keen if it will tell me the temperature history whenever I reconnect my phone after a day or two

    • Never mind, found this deep in the descriptions:

      "Mie Bluetooth Thermometer 2 can store 3 months temperature and humidity change data, cloud storage 6 months data

      Hopefully this will work perfectly to monitor the van :)

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